BitShares Enterprise Alliance - Part 1 - Alice's Hero Hub

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Here we begin a 12-part series describing an amazing family of companies building on the BitShares network and expanding it massively, as you shall see. After this overview, I'll do a special dedicated post on each company. This is what many of you have been waiting for since Last Summer.

"You can get anything you want, at Alice's Hero Hub." - Arlo Guthrie

This whole article might go a bit more smoothly if you first played a few bars of this video - just long enough to get the song stuck in your head, but that's your call ...I don't mind.

The BitShares Enterprise Alliance (BEA)

This new Alliance of BitShares based Enterprises has a surprising lot in common for random companies whose only point of intersection was the shared improbability of having let me into their board rooms with twenty seven eight-by-ten color glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back. As a result of that brief lapse of judgment...

  • Each will be launching an innovative new ICO coin in the profoundly near future.
  • Each will be moving from Ethereum to BitShares to avoid Krypto Kitties congestion.
  • Each will be bringing millions of new customers to the BitShares community.
  • Each will be pumping millions of new dollars, some daily, into available liquidity on the BitShares network.
  • Each will be chipping in millions of dollars to build the common "Hero Hub" services they all need.
  • Each will be using a portion of their revenue streams to perpetually buy BitShares via their own Hero Endowment.

...and that Hub endowment will grow to many billions. Fortune 500 status this decade is not out of the question.

This growth will occur as a million-to-billion club member

That's a lot of endowments.
And each will be taking millions of BitShares out of circulation.

But of course, I can't give you any investment advice, I'm merely here to tell you about Alice's Hero Hub.

...Remember Alice? This is a story about Alice.

Sadly, the uncultured folks over at Hyperion Ventures, a spin-off of Cryptonomex (the Origin of BitShares and Steemit), have probably never even heard of Alice. They call it the "Hyperion Hero Hub" for some reason. But I'll cut them some slack until they get used to the idea.

Hero Hub Secret Sauce

The biggest thing about all those endowments is how they reinforce each other. If all ten companies are accumulating profits in the form of BitShares then they are all contributing to each other's capital growth by putting buying pressure on the BTS they collectively own - without coordinating or even knowing about each other. Better yet, each company can borrow bitUSD, bitCNY, bitEUR, or the Hero against their growing BTS nest-egg to fund operations and growth... just like Michael and I talked about in Hollywood last May!

Hero Hub Services

The thing we realized in developing the Hero Hub concept was that ordinary enterprises were having a hard time adopting digital currencies for a myriad of reasons. The amount of specialized knowledge needed is daunting and if they try to hire an expert from the industry the overwhelming likelihood is that they'll wind up hiring someone from the Bitcoin or Ethereum communities who will, surprise, advise them to build on one of those two platforms. Those two terminally gridlocked platforms don't have capacity left for even one of these companies' user loads.

Worse, they will be bringing their innocent millions of noobie customers into the technically inhospitable realms of cryptodom they'll have to train them and supply their own technical support. Where have you seen good technical support able to handle millions of noobie hoards who have lost their crypto passwords and begun to organize a lynch mob with shovels and rakes and implements of destruction?

Then there's the challenge of keeping up with rapidly changing technology. Even if they individually did manage to get something working, how long would that last?

So, we negotiated a deal with them. Chip in a percentage of the funds you raise from your ICO and we'll handle all that for you. You could see the palpable relief on their faces!

[Guitar strumming picks up the pace slightly...]

And the only reason I'm telling you this now is cause you may know some company in a similar situation, or you may be in a similar situation, and if your in a situation like that there's only one thing you can do and that's walk into the CEO wherever you are, just walk in say "CEO, You can get anything you want, at Alice's Hero Hub.". And walk out. You know, if one person, just one person does it they may think he's really sick and they won't listen to him. And if two people, two people do it, in harmony, they may think they're both whacos and they won't listen to either of them. But if three people do it, three, can you imagine, three people walking in doing a power-pitch on Alice's Hero Hub and walking out. They may think it's an organization. And can you, can you imagine fifty people a day, I said fifty people a day walking in doing briefing about Alice's Hero Hub and walking out. And friends they may thinks it's a movement

And that's what it is, the Alice's Hero Hub Anti-Recentralization Movement, and all you got to do to join is sing it the next time it come's around on the guitar...


Awesome stuff, Stan! Eristica is also joining the BitShares Alliance and migrating to Graphene😎

So very glad to have you all!!! :)

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Great update, @stan. I've been tossing around a biz idea to build on top of Bitshares for a few weeks now. Trying to put a small team together. Building on BTS mist be easier than building Euro Pacific Bank in the old, slow, annoying legacy financial system.

reach out to @stan or @michaelx directly i would suggest, perhaps on the telegram hero channel.

do you have an invite link to the telelgram hero channel?

Bitshares is the future!

no sorry bt I can already tell from the name and the way you said that, that it is NOT the future lol why cant people just accept Steem EOS golos Bitshres and the great coisn we alreadyhave? WHy do people on steemit like you always have to look for some NEW coin like you are someow going to make it rich reinventing the wheel? Just buy steempower, make great posts and get a piece of the reward pool that is $3 million to $4 million dollars given out here VERY week! And stop trying to chase some pump and dump coin please! PLEASE stop focusing on shitcoins and focus all your effort and time and money on GOOD coins with GOOD technology like Steem and EOS!

BitShares HODlers are the future :)

@swplnl7 ... stop promoting reliance or anything related to it. they should die out in the blockchain world. there is absolutely nothing good about reliance or ambanis. only people who get paid by reliance will say positive about them. period

Wonderful Stan :)

@tonypeacock is it possible to have a smart contract on Bitshares? Like on Ethereum. Just wondering if I should create a token on Bitshares instead of using the Sh*tty Ethereum Network.

If you are simply looking to create a token you can create a User Issued Asset (UIA). It really depends on what you are trying to do. Take a look at the following page

BitAssets (bitUSD, ... HERO) are one form of built-in smart contract. You can add others in the Turing Complete C++ language with community permission.


Ha ha cute. I just bought my first shares of BTS a couple weeks ago.

Excellent! Welcome to Bitshares!

Thanks for sharing!

Those kitties better move to Bitshares Network along with other crpyto that wanted to have a better experience of what real network should handle transactions.

Bitshare kitties

BitKitties! You heard it here first!

Already trademark registered?

Bitshares next wave eye on $2.10

Let It Rock!!

Thats great news, I think 2018 will be a big year for BitShares!

I am glad to see some coordination across verticals on this project. Bitshares Foundation should steward HERO as it's one of the most promising projects on bitshares right now.

Awesome. Mr Larimer keep us posted. Bitshares is a great platform and we have faith in you, Dan and your team.

Awesome! I love how you set the mood for your posts, goosebumps all the way <3

Good to know about this Stan. I will look forward for the details on each companies. Bitshares is one of the undervalue coin out in the crypto world.. I hope Alice can help bring it to more people.

Nice post thanks for sharing dear keep it up I follow you

Thanks for sharing on Alice’s Hero Hub!!First time hearing about this! Really new about cryptocurrencies here. Pardon for stupid question, if I understand correctly, does it mean BTS will be the coin used for exchange, like bitcoin and ethereum today after the Hero Hub concept is implemented and generalized to the whole world?

BTS is the reference coin for the BitShares Exchange Network.
There are many other coins that trade there for many different purposes.

BItshares is my number 1 crypto, it is one that I think could be worth hundreds of dollars in the future. It might seem crazy, based on where it currently is, but I think it will main decentralised platform in the future and can easily scale with the extra growth.

Oh okay, thanks! I cant see the future of bitshare yet lol. Obviously I have a lot more to read up on that :)

Nice job bro. Good luck for the future.

Nice post sir, I just bought 141 dogecoin,can i exchange it for bitcoin and how many bitcoin can i get in exchange for dogecoin? @stan

I am new to investing into Cryptocurrency. I think bitshare will be one of the coins i will bee keeping long tearm. Thank you for sharing :)

BEA all the way . This is the year my dudes!!

Nice post thanks for the sharing. Keep it up.

Bitshares can open someones minds .thanks alot stan.

I quite appreciate your efforts and interest in doing this series of posting contest, keep it up. I follow and upvote you.

@stan your hardwork pays off sir, just read your blog and it has written in a beautiful way ... cant wait for more parts of the story, i think they will come soon;

good post,, best information

Beautiful. Thanks for the share

good post,, best information

Thanks for the info. Planning to buy some bitshares soon..

Those kitties better move to Bitshares System alongside other crpyto that needed to have a superior ordeal of what genuine system should deal with exchanges.

After sharing your writing, I want to join the BitShares Alliance.. ! @stan

Wow!!! so beautiful your art i like your post i wait for your next post carry on your life all the best @bijoy123

This is awesome Stan!. A very nice piece. I follow you, you can follow me back. ✌️

Nice one,thanks for sharing

@stan This is great video and professional work
##Upvote/Resteem###and good news

This is quite informative. Guess one is got to have to look at bitshares critically and make a lifetime financial decision.

Sell your pets. Buy bitshares. Easy!

I haven't heard Alice's Restaurant in years! Thank you @Stan! Now I'll read the material :)

Good @stan
Please like me

Very clear and understandable explanation. Thanks aplenty for the information .

Thanks Godfather...

we will be attentive to all that movement


So, who's Alice? I remember your Billion Hero Campaign post from the summer. It opened my eyes for BTS. It also helped a the people who I've forwarded the post to see the potential.

Also, is YOYOW one of these 10 or 12 companies or I'm wrong?

Play the linked classic Alice's Restaurant song from the sixties...50 year's ago this year.

Happy Anniversary! :)

No, it's not THIS Alice...

Neither this one:

Amazing article. I have learnt a lot of thing from you.

Nice Post Dear Steemian. Thank You For Your Effort
Shared LOVE With My Upvote. How about you Share some Love too?
Cheers and Have a Peaceful, Profitable Year .
Keep Posting and Get Rich ;) :)

Hi! Will not be bad if you gonna made a bounty campaign . We will help to promote your project.

I like it. Nice if l can join it.

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Thanks for sharing about bitshares it may be future and got new about Hub.

Awesome, keep us up to date.

That's is real wisdom from Godfather!

Hellow steemit.... follow me please i want to grow also😐

@snobia ... lol.... why... what do i get ?

Wow, lots going on with BTS in the near and far future. Glad I stocked up on BTS already. This thing is going to be huge. Thanks Stan, great work on your part !!

how would these companies make profits "in the form of bitshares"?

very impression your post, I really like, I want to like you what is its secret?

if you wish please visit my blog, i need your support .thank you

Nice post my priend @stan

@stan thank you for the updates. Always helpful to have someone giving us need to know info. Thank you for everything you do on Steemit. I would like to invite you and all that read this to stop by and join a contest I am doing called "Together We Build" it is a great way to help build the Steemit community. Thank you.

Top 3 Cryptocurrency for feb 2018 that would change your life
1.Cardano ADA

Im a huge Bitshares fan and look forward to the future. My only question would be what's the leverage of using BTS when EOS is released, or is there a partnership in place that will turn BTS and EOS into a truly superior product?

I am so incredibly bullish on Bitshares. 2018 is going to be a GREAT year for bitshares and decentralized exchanges in general. If you made the user interface more intuitive for new users.. Bitshares would take over the world.

Great post! That is the future we see

This is an incredible update. Like most things Bitshares, I think I will need to read it another time or two to get my head wrapped around it, though!

I think bitcan share will bring something great in the future. i don't know yet more about the investment but i believe that this will bring change in the crypto market. my view.

Anyway, Tomorow is a weekend, lets go to Alice restaurant enjoying the music beat with the great story.

@stan Thanks for this update and for your groundbreaking work! I'm already invested in Bitshares and am waiting to register my second purchase of EOS when today's period ends in about 3 minutes. Within what timeframe can we expect to hear names of the big companies that are coming to the BitShares platform?

I have no doubt BitShares will play a major role in the crypto-environment.
Of course there are no easy way, and bts is in the middle of the way of companies making millions... of course it won’t ne easy. But welcome on board dear fellow bitsharians! To the moon and beyond!

BitShare to the Moon

Today, the statement related to arise bank is called the future. In addition to 1100 different locations, arise bank bitshares are claiming to log the ATMs. this claim was perfect, but from the hat rabbit will come out as we will see what will come out. As of BTS $ 0.48. I will wait. What is your idea in this regard?
"The Godfather of BitShares" @stan
giphy (1).gif

⭐ It's great to see the charts being used more often now to illustrate the most important metric of transaction performance over "maket cap" in ranking a chain or crypto.

Good 'ol STEEM and Bitshares humming along under .5% while ETH and BTC continuously run bottlenecked. Looking forward to seeing EOS in the lineup soon.

Thank you foe sharing.

Thanks for posting Stan... liked it... Looking forward to own some bitshares...

Great thing, Stan! Eristica also joined the Alliance of Beathers and moved to Graphene
It should be the best recording of 1967 !!!

I think your Post is for a big group of people very helpful!
Thx for making this Website for us!
Upvote when your in my opinion @alokkamboj

Thanks for sharing your informative post

I love bitshares, doing more and more with it.. I am so curious what 2018 bring us.. I have some bts.. each day in dubio if I need to change some steem to bts, but steem I worked so hard for to receive...

I see that Evander Hollyfield is involved in Bitshares. Do you think it's wise to hypothesize that cryptocurrencies are breaking down race barriers Mr @stan?

Bitshare is a wonderful platform, part of the future of finance! Thanks for your post

This is good news, congratulations to you, @stan and thank you for giving us this good news, I support you.

@stan I strongly believe that this will be a big year for BitShares. That's some news there. Followed you ;-)

niiiiiice. 😎

Well done Stan , thanks for the information .

Please don't let the next post be about Arise. We need news, not more "we will reveal the bank's name" promises

@stan ... i believe in bts... but i am absolutely sure on the fact that the execution and marketing is not strong here, just a good tech not gonna do magic. I would say execution/marketing efforts are little amateurish. it should be led like the way EOS is being led, by the same team or a similar capable team. please give it a thought.

Is this trying to compete with the steemit platform?

Now,Im reading your post ! Thank you so much for post... @stan

Not enough tps for world wide usage.

Nice post beautiful presented and explained. detail oriented with nice video. @stan thank you for sharing interesting pOST sir


Very nice post!!
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