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Stox (STX)

Current price: USD $1.32 / 0.00009202 BTC

Buy recommendation: $1.20 - $1.65

STX is a 'blockchain prediction market platform' that launched in August 2017. It is currently very undervalued with a great team and a very low market cap. It is this extremely small market cap that allows it to have such great potential, offering up to and possibly over 1000% gains. STX has a dream team of management and developers who are constantly developing their product as well as streamlining their platform. Due to its constant development and activeness in the community STX has gained more traction then ever before and is available on numerous exchanges. It is an excellent time to ascertain STX and add it to your portfolio with some current momentum, however it is still well undervalued after the crypto market dip. I am not a financial planner nor advisor and you should perform your own diligence before buying any of these recommendations.

Stox (STX)
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Very interesting - will be sure follow. Our pick is ERC20, let us know what you think!


I think ERC20 has huge potential and is also greatly undervalued considering the amount of people and projects that use its platform. Strong pick.

Well I hardly trade currencies that are above a dollar but will check it out.


You shouldn't base in on the price, but rather the market cap and circulation/total supply.

Up voted, I am in on this one. Will follow you for suggestions and tips !


Thanks mate and good luck to you :)