Bitcoin Latina just announced a special deal for BitShares...steemCreated with Sketch.

in bitshares •  10 months ago

Sheesh. The timeline on this is so hot, I'll post this first before writing about what it means:

Read this and we'll talk about it later:

Why the BitcoinLatina Foundation chose BitShares

Here's the key quote:

"Anyone who purchases tokens on BitShares before Saturday night will receive double their total purchased coins shown in their wallet at midnight on Saturday the 10th PDT. Here is a link to the BTS/BCL pair on BitShares:"

This is another cool project I've been able to talk into moving to BitShares. They were so happy about it they included me as a founder and gave me some Latina which I have donated to their Bitcoin Latina Foundation.

I'll be back in a few hours with an analysis of what this means to the BitShares community.

Connie got the scoop directly from John Gotts!

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awesome work, @stan. Keep the updates coming for ppl moving from Bitcoin to Bitshares.

Btw, are you interested to come on my podcast (@libertyepodcast)? I'd love to chat Bitshares with ya. I've done a few presentations recently on it, Steem and EOS.

Check it out:

PM me (that's a joke). I've already emailed ya.





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Good work @stan keep it up


Bitcoin Latina is a great opportunity to diversify your holdings.... But I would like to take this occasion to avoid you a too large deception. First never invest more than you are willing to loose. I will invest ZERO because i dont know the PRICE.... the possibility to DOUBLE my BTS sure....!!!!! but there is NO MARKET for now and no buyers. If the airdrop distributes 10 Bitcoin Latina to each of us 700 000 bTS holders then you can be sure that it will be dumped to the ground.... Everycoin taht you get for free you throw away for nothing.... so be cautious... I would take only a little at 65 as I dont even know if the price will be .65 next week.... My feeling is it must go to almost ZERO first......

Is Bitshares Latina or John on Steemit?

Great news. Upvoted and resteemed.

This is great news for bitshares. The more that the platform is used, the greater underlying value and that should feed into the price of bts.

This is great news. A bitcoin foundation on Bitshares....

Am I the only one who sees the irony in that?

Great job helping to get them to see the light of the advantages of BTS over BTC and ETH. I am sure it is great to be able to meet with people knowing you have a Ferrari of a blockchain while they are operating at the Pinto level.

This is one of many more I am sure. Keep up the great work.

You are part of the reason I keep buying BTS every opportunity that I can. I love that you are fully committed in your belief of this having a 1,000 fold possibility.


I'm concerned that they've named it Bitcoin, but it has zero to do with bitcoin, as it's built on ETH. I might like BTS, but this project needs work... from the actual Latin American community.

I like the idea of project but word Latina in it's name will limit success of project in my opinion. Same like JEW coin...

Bitcoin Latina is a fantastic project. Shared about this yesterday on my LinkedIn profile also.

That's great.
And they have included you as a founder.
You deserve it man
Thanks for sharing this
I'll be waiting for the analysis


BitShares is about to explode. My prediction is that it will pass the $1 dollar mark by the first week of February.

chain zaanyas tapail .... :p


Well its a 2nd week alredy:)


There were 3 words u cudnt understand... That is deeep :p


I have no idea what that means. Any translation?

Thank you @stan . Thank you for the updates bro. Now everyone must be looking to start investing, reason is defined because everyone is looking to multiply. Thank you sir, keep posting.

good job..keep it up :)

The Godfather of Bitshares for a reason :)


Woah, fantastic news, I'm really excited for the future of BTS. Does this mean we can just keep our BTS in the wallet and receive all of these coins that are using BTS? If so why is no one yelling "Buy BTS!(also this is not financial advice!)" from the rooftops


Think of it as a buy-one get-one free sale on BCL.



sounds like exciting things are about to unfold for bitshares. I'm a long term holder of the coin but wondering why only BTS remains in the <$1 per coin while its siblings Steem and EOS already increased tenfolds. Any price projection would be appreciated.


Guess i have to sell my whole property today in order to get multiplex in return tomorrow......thabks for the info.....thats what GODFATHERS DO.....😘

Wonderful news. Good work stan. Appreciate your hard work.

What a deal yo. That is epic stuff.

This sounds impressive. Even more so the fact that you donated your BCL right back. This is a huge reason why I respect you so much @stan


I heard about Kodak Coin Kodak One platform coming out in 01-31-2018 info from 2018 CES. A platform made for photographers filmmakers it sounds kind of interesting.


Yes I have heard of that as well. I have not had the chance to read deep enough for a thorough understanding though.

This is actually cool. I wouldn't mind getting into bitshares too. I await your update sir.

Wow this is awesome i am still doing more research about bitcoin.i will post my results here,steemit will soon move to a higher place

Exciting stuff, will spread the word!

What is the price for BCL?


70 BTS

This is good news,they even included you as a founder,bitshares is the future.

Ooh very cool! I presume the "claim your coins" on the site are only for folks in those countries, but I will happily receive ten for being on Bitshares! :) This sounds like a great project!


These guys have made huge efforts on US compliance. Haven't heard of any restrictions...

Glad to see more projects coming. BTS exchange dashboard has improved as well. I sent you an email. I am looking forward to your reply

Bitcoin is the best


This coin has zero to do with bitcoin. They simply forked ETH -- the name is all marketing bs.

This word latina and bitcoin seems quite beauty with money ......should we all start buying bitcoin shares we go then......thanks always keep helping ......

But how do you buy bcl with bts on the bitshares dex, i just send bts to my bts wallet in bitshares, but when i press "exchange" the bts is not there for me to trade with.. huhh? how do i transfer my bts from my wallet there to my exchange wallet on dex?

dont you think incomplete knowledge is little dangerous... hehe


Suffered with that condition all my life...

· are godfather of this game....may be you have lived with these conditions but have also cleared out all of are our hero @Stan .......


who is responsible for that... Surely not you


Hi Stan! Thanks for the good work! how do you buy bcl with bts on the bitshares dex, i just send bts to my bts wallet in bitshares, but when i press "exchange" the bts is not there for me to trade with.. huhh? how do i transfer my bts from my fundingwallet there to my exchange wallet on bitshares dex? i tried to search in help but didn't found answer there..


For now, the community relies on a network of volunteers that hang out on these forums:

This is where all the experts hang out.
They love to help people. Try asking your questions there.
► BitShares on Telegram:
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Was a firm believer in BTS, until John Gotts started promoting this trash "BitcoinLatina" that's built on ETH. Sponsoring church groups? A team without actual people from Latin America? Completely tone deaf to the sentiments of this community. Everything about this stinks of taking advantage.... charity my ass, this about power.

Pls how do I get bitcoin latina