Billion Hero Prize Hits First Milestone

in bitshares •  10 months ago

Back in June we set aside the Billion Hero Prize, a million dollars worth of BitShares when the price reached 33 cents. That was 3 million BTS. The goal was to grow the value of that prize to a billion dollars when BTS reached $330 dollars.

Sounded impossible, but we've already doubled that prize money to 2 million dollars at the Winter Solstice peak of 66 cents.

When we reach 70 cents, we will have grown by a factor of 200x THIS YEAR.

We are now much stronger than we were back in January. Suddenly that 1000x hurdle doesn't seem that intimidating.

Yes, the Billion Hero Campaign is still on! We just got slowed down a bit by the Great Nickel Depression and our need to divert manpower to land some of the projects I mentioned a few days ago to Crypto Connie as Aussie Summer Arrives.

But now we have new wind in our sales.

Game on!

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Who's going to write your "I told you so" speech for you Stan?


can I ....?

I look forward to $330 BTS :)
Keep up the great work Stan, Dan and Family
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

steemit-have a good day-kitten.gif

I'm just hoping for BTS to reach $25. $330 I won't know what to do with all that money. Buy a plot on the Bitshares island maybe.


Love that little marina in the middle of the island.


ill live on this island

With you all the way Stan :)

This campaign is such an incredibly huge deal. A billion to charity will certainly send media outlets across the world into a frenzy --> BTS blockchain becomes the crypto darling of humanity --> humanity demands the $700 trillion derivatives market be moved to the publicly auditable and over collateralized bitshares blockchain. Bitshares wins. Humanity wins. The FED and its "business cycles" lose. Thanks, Stan. Keep on keepin' on. Cheers!

This is amazing and good too...
How can I get bitshares?


Hey Micky. The other two replies with notes and getting set up with an account at are a good place to start.

Let me know if you have any questions about Bitshares.

Truly amazing @stan

wow!!!!i am totallly amazed.what a profit!!!!!
god bless you with bitshare

merry christmas

Amazing. I didn't even know about this. I did, however, know about Bitshares (of course). I mean it's Dan Larimer...come on. lol'

You have a new follower.

I like how you anticipate the future. Game on!

What a coincidence with Haejin Lee's forcast. He predicted BTS will be $342 by technical analysis.

Wow! Simply amazing... We re already in the future... Thanks @stan

Merry Christmas @stan :)