Aussie Summer Arrives - Breaking BitShares News

in bitshares •  10 months ago

Ok, you heard it here first. Last night I gave Crypto Connie the Scoop: an overview of what we will be announcing in the next few days and weeks. We are releasing it here first before passing the story to the Big Media outlets, just for the benefit of the long term faithful. This is the first wave of the news we have been hinting at since the words "This Summer" became a meme when Steemit was first released. These are the first five Whale Powered Assets I wrote about in my first Steemit article. Better late than never!

Crypto Connie Willis Breaks the Story

The recurring theme is that all of these industrial partners are going to be bringing new customers and revenue streams dedicated to buying BitShares spinning off massive numbers of new HEROs via the "Hero Transmatrix Engine"

Those of you who have been doing your homework will know what I mean by that immediately. If you haven't been keeping up with two years worth of my posts, you'll have to wait for a few more news cycles to run off the clock before I explain it for you.

This built-in delay is my way of rewarding those who have endured 18 months of my teasers looking forward faithfully to This Summer and the Second Coming of BitShares. Let this serve as a mere shadow, a Type, of a far more important Second Coming that will also surely arrive one day. Best to be sure you are really ready for that one.


Stan Larimer
The Godfather of BitShares

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Getting very excide. @stan is one of the company's you were talking about in the interview?




Ah, I wish I knew enough to ask-darn... However, @konelectric did and you were there for him-excellent!! Taaa-daaaa!
~ Bluerocktalk🖖


My senior pleae vote steem82 don't forget

If you read between the lines here and get Stan's meaning I thinking he is hinting now is really really really good time to buy :)


I don't think he could make it any more obvious without putting BUY in big bold font in the headline.


Lol, thats true!
~ Bluerocktalk🖖


Lol, agreed! I will have hi on next week, with his TOP TRENDS of 2018
~ Bluerocktalk🖖


I have been buying Bitshares through out this week both for both myself and my friends who cared to listen to me


Well put @ogochukwu. I will have another video of @stan in this next week. His Top Trends of 2018!
~ Bluerocktalk🖖

Great job @stan . I listened to the BlueRockTalk..... It will be interesting to hear more developments in the coming months. I did a post yesterday on all the search volumes coming out of China for BitShares and that was just from Google. A lot of the Chinese use other search engines like Baidu


Thanks for listening @brianphobos. I hope you subscribed to the show. I have a lot more with @stan and others to come!
~ Bluerocktalk🖖

Sounds important

Thank you for adding me to a soon to be, if not already, historic post!
Happy to know you and help get your word of Bitshares and it successes out to the world!
Thank you @stan for trusting me as well.
~ Bluerocktalk🖖

Looking forward to this! Thank you for the update @stan.


After joining and learning about Bitshares concept, I love it. Thank my Godfarther

Great news Stan! Time to stock up on Bitshares.

I see that she knows to raise up, God willing
Just patience it with the patient
good luck for everbody
Welcome to my page. I hope you like my postings

Ready for both

Go straight on Stan, we are here and ready for the next coming future with bitshares!!

.. and Thanks for all!!


"Second star on the right and straight on till morning."

Truly exciting times.

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Need 100,000 bts says @haejin. CANT WAIT

So in Russia we are waiting too))

Stan, I'm going to be hosting a Crypto Growth Forum on January 27th. I'd like you to attend. Would you care to join us from 11am-1pm EST (1600 UTC).

I can be reached here:

I'm so excited!

Cryptocurrencies are the future and thank goodness that we are part of it..good post

If you read between the lines here and get Stan's meaning I thinking he is hinting now is really really really good time to buy :

Just Going to check the link now! Can't wait!

This is great news! I have started to follow you because I hate missing out on all of these crypto news events and the jumps. I will try not to be too late to the party from here on out!

Sir pleaech vote steem82 don't forget