BEOS Launch Delay

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DISCLAIMER: The following represents the current thinking of the BEOS team and is subject to change without notice. Nothing should be interpreted as a statement of fact or promise to do anything. It is released here for community discussion purposes only.

Terradacs tells me they are ready, technically, to launch BEOS, but are still waiting for the legal team to complete the corresponding organizational paperwork.

They will launch as soon as this work is completed.

Stay tuned, for further breaking news.


Have you seen BSIP 56 yet? It'd be an interesting future rainfall target which shares the same purpose of locking away BTS for a set period of time, but without requiring the escrow service. No criticism, just theorizing future sharedrop methods. Don't worry about delaying the launch, no need to rush 👍

I do not know what BEOS is, but thanks for the reminder. Now I got curious.,

Legal team and banks. My problem too. Good luck.

Nice art work. Who did it?

Thanks for the update Stan :)

Thanks for heads up. Where can we follow?

Thanks for keeping us informed.

I'm thankful to our LORD Jesus to see your health improving. :)