Bitshares GUI release 2.0.160428

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Summary of new features in this release of the Bitshares GUI.

The latest release of the Bitshares GUI contains a few features that I'd like to highlight:

  1. Support for DGD deposits and withdrawals using the Openledger gateway.
  2. A revamped Dashboard, now renamed Home.
  3. Use of centered content in most screens with a max width that should make things more agreeable to look at.

The new Home page includes a selection of featured markets, these are currently hard-coded but will probably be moved to a dynamic list using a Cryptofresh API for top volume markets.

Home page screenshot

If you have any feedback or requests, please comment below and I'll do my best to respond and take your feedback into account for the next release.
The full release notes can be found below, and the download page is here

## New features
Enable OPEN.DGD deposits and withdrawals
Add 'Featured Markets' to Home page, change page layout
Add timestamp to backup names
Enable the account selector on the Deposit/Withdraw page
Restore Deposit/Withdraw to AccountLeftPanel, add 'Advanced' subheader
Always show header account selector
Account selector icon is now clickable and takes you to the account
Always show 'Home' button in header

## Bug fixes
Fix Safari load issues
Chinese translation updates
Fix InitError dropdown not displaying correct entry
Chinese translation updates
Fix TotalBalance tooltip when borrowing small amounts
Replace n/a with 'No price available'
Fix Asset popover title color, adjust some text
Tweak some light-theme font colors

Thanks rainman....
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Hey, @rainman please share in what cryptocurrencies you invested?

P.S it's very interesting to know where smart people invest.

I'd like a .dmg for mac.

I do have a Macbook so I can look into compiling a .dmg for the next release.

why ? for mac

I worked on a movie called "Rain Man"...

Really nice work. Like the look very much.

Any plans for an app version? If so, would be cool to do a user journey animation. I'm an animator, so if in the future you consider this, I could give you tips and suggestions.
Love the bit world !

Back then I knew it was a good choice to invest in BTS :)

Thanks @rainman for the upvote, nowhere else to thank you! Great job!

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