STEEM exchange that almost always have Deposits and Withdrawals Working

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Yesterday we had a little pump on STEEM and there was panic - you couldnt deposit or withdrawal anywhere.

This exchanges are mostly good so if you dont have account there - make them, you never know when wallets are open.

The more accs you have then better.

Poloniex was down as always

Bittrex is Now UP - But Wasnt

HitBTC Down

LiveCoin Down but Up Now

So those are exchanges that i use with STEEM/SBD (just not Poloniex) - REGISTER TO THEM NOW!

..but there is one less known thats almost ALWAYS working.

What is it ?

OpenLedger - Decentralized Bitshares Exchange

It has different prices because its still not super popular (but most popular decentralized exchange though!) and has some really good deals from time to time. Its also made on Bitshares, code that was forfked to make STEEM.
So next time you dont know where to deposit - that is the place.

All STEEM Markets

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I've been in crypto a long time, it is only a matter of time before any given centralized exchange fails. I have been using the Bitshares DEX for close to three years and am very, very excited by all of the recent development and projects that are underway. Crypto needs a solid, liquid DEX and Bitshares is it. Once Bitspark starts pumping liquidity there will be no turning back...

Around two months ago I moved to bithsares as I felt it was foolish to trade on central exchanges. But I have been disappointed with the volumes on these exchanges which lead to a large spread. It is very troublesome to check the prices on other exchanges and then decide whether you want to trade of bitshares or not. I was invested in Bitshares as well but sold my stash recently. I will be investing back once the volumes pick up.

Volumes on all DEXs are low right now, too many people still need the fiat on/off ramps of centralized exchanges. Having said that CNY volumes on Bitshares are in the millions now and climbing.

Over the past 4 years I've bought and never sold Bitshares. I think the next 4 years will be even better... :)

preach it, brother john!

I'm also pretty new to the crypto world, but I agree with @johnsmith that BitShares is the real deal!

Great article @matthewdavid Very good insight to have multiple outlets which to purchase. We all have traveled the hindsight road.

@johnsmith BitShares all the way!

It's good to hear your perspective @johnsmith

I'm relatively new to crypto and I've recently become interested in Bitshares. I read about Bitspark and their news of switching from Bitcoin to Bitshares. I also think that could bring big changes.

Im glad to see everything is up and working. is the #1 Cryptocurrency Exchange!

The US government is moving to regulate exchanges residing in their jurisdiction. Once that happens, expect restrictive controls. This will then spark the move to decentralised exchanges.

Brittrex now requires personal information to be registered for ANY withdrawl of funds now, crypto or fiat.

Hello, all, this is my first post, I'm French and also Swiss. Double nationality, I'm sorry i don't speak English correctly, I do my best without translator 'cause I'm not a robot. So what I wanna say, it's as a Swiss, many person ask me why a live in France and also if I have an account in Switzerland, so the answer is : I never decided where to born and secondly if you are not a Swiss resident it's very hard to have a Swiss account with less than 50,000€ (about 65,000$) also if you have some money in a French bank (less than 14,000€) you can earn 0,75% a year (a shame) but have little money in Swiss it's you that pay bank to keep your money (bigger shame) this is also the reason why gold grown up .... many Swiss resident change their money into gold and put it under the bed !
Finally the conclusion and what I really wanted to say is .... all bank and all gouvernement are going to do their best to keep an eye on our money in order to give us many tax to pay.... we are living in a world of bank in' capitalism. And little person like me with less than 1 bitcoin on bittrex will never be rich, my only solution is like ants, I made my house myself and alone and finish to pay my credit (46 years old) I owe nothing to anyone, but I work in Carrefour as an informatif seller everyday (for those who don't know Carrefour it's the European Wall Mart, in fact just after Wall Mart in capitalization) well and at the end all gouvernement and all bank are going to sign a chart to inform each country about every account the have of each person in order to prevent golden paradise. We are all going to pay.... so for me, poor little worker, giving my identity card to bittrex was only a proof of this.... if when day I become rich, I will certainly come here to post again and ask you if you find a solution to keep money paying less taxes but I don't think so when I see the evolution of the world. Sorry again for my bad English, sorry if I disturb anyone in posting here, but never imagine that you can escape from the MATRIX ;-) . And never spend more than you can loose and remember that health is your life, not money ... kindly Totoff.

enlight me master

A good example of teamwork. If each member of the castle becomes an expert on a small handful of altcoins, one can imagine that keeping track of promising investments becomes easier.

Centralized exchanges are dangerous places. get in and out fast and us Bitshares if you can!

I sincerely do not understand why steem deposit and withdrawal should be disabled in poloniex for such a long time. This does not help the price of steem in anyway. I think it is high time steem development team reaches out to polo to know what their problem is and possibly assist them surmount it.

highly agree smh

why do these exchanges have issues with deposits and withdrawals? its almost like a conspiracy.

It's hard to monitor and manage hundreds of coins chains and daemons. Some of wallets will always fail, some chain hardforked and all these events have potential of losing clients money.
Also business processes on most of the exchanges are more like amateur than enterprise grade.
So it maybe wise to block a coin and then begin to find out what's happening. With such a policy and steem often hardforks it's not a surprise than it gets perma-blocked.

Thanks again for the valuable information, that might explain why one of my buddy couldn't get his cash from Quadriga. Namaste :)

A good example of teamwork. If each member of the castle becomes an expert on a small handful of altcoins, one can imagine that keeping track of promising investments becomes easier.

Well said! Namaste :)

merci frere j aime

Its such a pain so many of these exchanges are down for steem anymore any ideas on why its happening it has to be something with steem and not their systems one would think since it happens so often and to so many different exchanges.

This kinds of new causes panic to many holders but at the same time can be an opportunity to others :)

I can't deposit or withdraw steem or sbd currently on bitshares.

A good example of teamwork. If each member of the castle becomes an expert on a small handful of altcoins, one can imagine that keeping track of promising investments becomes easier.

use Bittrex is better and faster with no issues.
I hope I can see $100 million trading volume of steeem before the end of this month.

Ha! comments like that always make me laugh. I'm new here too but I want people to upvote me for liking who I am, or the time I put into putting my content up, or that they see that I am devoted here...I don't get this upvote for upvote thing or cheap things along those lines.

$2 isnt too far away again. lets do it

A good example of teamwork. If each member of the castle becomes an expert on a small handful of altcoins, one can imagine that keeping track of promising investments becomes easier.

I use mainly bittrex but openledger Looks interesting

cant hurt to have 2, bittrex rocks for sure

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Thanks for sharing:) Nice info!

A good example of teamwork. If each member of the castle becomes an expert on a small handful of altcoins, one can imagine that keeping track of promising investments becomes easier.

Nice content ! :) @africa for news about cryptos

I've been using Bittrex to store most of my coins but I don't really keep my STEEM there because it seems like 2 days out of the week at least the wallets are down due to "maintenance".

I haven't withdrawn anything I've earned here but I do make deposits to my steemit wallet through block trades. I usually send some BTC or ETH to my bittrex wallet and then use the block trades exchange / deposit function to send the currency to my steemit wallet. That way I don't have to worry about my STEEM getting stuck on bittrex during wallet down times.

I was curious what might have caused that little bounce in STEEM this week. Seems like the same thing happened a week or so ago due to wallets being down on most of the exchanges.

And speaking of open ledger, im planning to create an account there this week. I've seen a few other people who really know what they're doing in the crypto game mention it and it sounds like a good idea to have an account with open ledger.

Okay, it's clear with exchanges. But why I can't exchange Sbd and Steem on blocktrades now? Seems like I can't buy Steem Power ):

Use the steem internal market, i will give you a better price than blocktrades anyway

Great post and very valuable information to know. While it's great to know Open Ledger is always open for Steem depost/withdrawals, I'd much prefer to have whatever issue the exchanges are having with Steem get resolved. Steem will never find a real true market value if it's not accessible 100% of the time on the exchanges. It will simply have it's price be artificially suppressed b/c of this issue.

Bittrex is better than Poloniex, HitBTC. They have good customer service too.

A bit of fun! Why did the eclipse terrify Yanet Yellen? Hahah! Enjoy!

low volume and less people, i don't trust too much those kind of unknown exchangers.

How about bittrex? Steem and SBD deposits have been working to it fine. Withdraws probably work good also.

poloniex still doing bad things for us, they collect money and dont give us steem, they have right now 28 million of $ value and still collecting in year they might have 100+ millions and then they can control value of steem because they have a lot, i hope we will somehow fight it , or we lose control of our crypto

For me it's a big surprise that they have any trading volume at all.

It's OK if they control the value as long as what they're doing will be beneficial for steem holders.

good luckl invertwarrior

I am going to have to look into using bitshares. I use bittrex and while in general they are great the steem wallet has been down at some critical times for me. Part of me wonders if there is some strategic reason they go into maintenance mode when they do. also works...why no one know this market? Second time I have to write the link in a kind of same theme post... Talking about alternatives to Polo and Bittrex...

With Blocktrades you do not even need to make a user, it is like Shapeshift.

Hope this help many new people and I think I will do a post about it...

Edit: Self up-voted just for visibility so more people can see it

blocktrades is an exchanger not a market

Well if you just need to change Steems or SBDs to BTC or whatever coin you want it is perfect. I though that was the idea of the post, looking for places to exchange Steems or SBD... but If what you want is to play in the market yes, you should use one of the markets in the post...

Edit: And since a long time is the only one with the Steem or SBD wallet online all the time.

I see your point. In the title he did say exchanges. Based on the chart at the end I think he meant market but who knows.

Also literally, the basement of @blocktrades house was the place where Steemit was born, they were one of the first to help in the development of Steemit. I knew this in the Steemfest 1 ;) So I will use it as much as I can normally.

Yes, it is very good, but with exchanges you can get better prices if you have time.

Yes, this is true... But many of the Steemit user do not want to play in exchanges, they just want to have the fiat or the BTC after getting the Steems or SBDs rewards... it is a fast, easy and "anonymous" way to do it ;)

Indeed, you are right about that!

I saw it and totally agree! Easiest way to do it!

Blocktrades has my vote for reliability.

it is powered by bitshares and built into it actually so it's quite similar.

Blocktrades is down too, and most people know about it....... it is the absolute worst way to do an exchange, terribly inconsistent rates. Bitshare Dex ftw

my entry to steem was $2 - so I'm way under

I hope it not gona stop till $10

Thanks. OpenLedger was also down (init error) this morning as well. Anyone know if shapeshift will process steem again or not?

I'm getting used to OpenLedger but it seems messy to me. I like Bittrex's simplicity, those wallet maintenance though...

Yeah you're right. I look Bittrex too. The interface is easy and even a newbie can easily grasp how to trade on that platform.

Bittrex is the best in my opinion man

oh imo too but sometimes wallet can be down

Ha! comments like that always make me laugh. I'm new here too but I want people to upvote me for liking who I am, or the time I put into putting my content up, or that they see that I am devoted here...I don't get this upvote for upvote thing or cheap things along those lines.

Just read that a person can setup escrow with the BitShares system. So that's a neat facet of this exchange. And also one can set up Multi-Sig schemes.

This looks appealing. Thanks for giving me a "heads up" on it.

I really hate that exchanges can just decide to freeze transactions on a currency if it pumps, it's totally unethical when you think about it.

Worse still is the fact they always come up with some bull$4;t story about "currently experiencing problems".

Funny how these problems only occur when they are in the exchanges financial interests...

Thanks @kingscrown for the info regarding Steem and the exchanges. And yes, BitShares all the way!

Whats up with the super high fluctuation

OpenLedger rules! :)

BTW you can always get a higher price at HitBTC for your Steem, so making an account there, only makes sense, yesterday they went as high as USD$1.83 which was a sweet deal...I realize they always have a better price

Yesterday I bought some steam unfortunately I cannot withdraw it and send it to my steemit account from Bittrix.
If we don't have a reliable wallet and good service in terms of transaction , steem will not be and a better position .
I hope that I can withdraw today and send my Steem to steemit.

Thanks @kingscrown you have been doing a great job both on the surfaces and underground. However, I appreciate the fact that you brought the real issues regarding steem exchange platform to the light based on its instability yesterday. Thanks and please keep it up.

Totally missed that. What are the real issues regarding the issues with Steem and the exchanges? I've often wondered what the real issue is.

i was reading somewhere here on steemit that its because of the way the steem chain and transfers work... exchanges cant create individual wallets for all the users and need to mess with memos instead of just using addresses...makes shit difficult for em... apparently... but i know nothing... wish they'd sort it out though...makes steem look a bit broken when all the exchanges keep freezing it out...

The other cool thing that Open Ledger is working on is the launch of Ocash which is a payment card solution for crypto.


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Thank you

Great article that answers a lot of questions. I personally use Bittrex and have no problem trading Steem tokens. My adivce is to keep your eye on the margins though as the spreads can be quite large on there at times.

If steem is ever going to raise up for real, we need to be able to buy and sell it easily.

will they never fix poloniex :( i heard its pretty much steem says its they're problem and they say its steems... i dono. I got some on there before it got stuck

Does anybody remember MtGox here? Those who do learned the lesson ^^ Don't keep anything on exchanges

ATS token i.c.o offering free 75 tokens worth 10 $ , here is the link

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Thanks for the Information! I'm only familiar with Bittrex and Poloniex. At least now I have other options :)

excelente I repost.... saludos.

Bittrex so good man..

Oh I see, I should make an account with OpenLedger.

Thanks for sharing such a valuable information about cryptocurrency

Great post
And you just confirmed what i heard about others
i 'm a newbie in this crypto world but i take my time and i like it
I created an account theres 2 weeks ago
Bitshares has very interesting commission prices, very low
and is a very secure plateforme , clear and easy to use

Thx for sharing this post. It is good for me to know more about Steem.

Always one of the best. Resteem @kingscrown

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Personally, I had bad experiences with Openledger support. If they do not improve, people will not use that gateway.

I find the UI very confusing, seems to have the price numbers reversed when you pick one crypto to another. Also there is very little volume on some pairs such as ETH/XMR etc

I say - Let's panic ! :-D

I have been waiting on STEEM from Poloniex for weeks now.. They are still down on my end.

thanks for the precious information...

I use mainly polonex but open ledger Looks interesting

Thank you so much for the information !
I will try there .

I am pretty new to cryptos, and the few times I have signed on to Poloniex I have been quite disappointed. Overall though, the entire thing seems quite volatile. Any suggestions for a newbie?

good post
@upvoted+resteemed please back [email protected]

my account banned in Poloniex until now i cannot open.

Okay, hope openledger will survive for like 0,5-1 year, when I'll be able to exchange my cents xD

Decentralized exchanges are the future of crypto trading as governments begin to regulate, tax and shutdown different exchanges. Not to mention all of the internal corruption from employees or owners.

very nice analysis ,steem coin will be like a ETH coin one day

Steem deposit and withdraw is so easy and fast way.

goood luck nice post

Thanks for that!

Bittrex works great, yesterday however i had to go thru Blocktrades to exchange Steem for BTC and that way deposit on Bittrex. Fees are high on Bitcoin transactions thou, do you think that Segwit will bring fees down for BTC or Bitcoin Cash will takeover when they'll develop infrastructure around it ?

The idea of cryptocurrency is catching up very fast and many people are quite optimistic. I am also new to this but since being decentralize it can have its own ups and down. I believe that all the Cryptocurrency should come under one centralized platform where one can trade and as per demand and supply the price can be fixed accordingly.

Thanks for sharing this information with us

It's sad that POLO is constantly having isues with Steem and other exchanges too have issues with Steem from time to time. Thank God for blocktrades, and Bitshares ( @officialfuzzy and @dan are the founders ), that we withdraw and convert Steem. I wonder when will these exchanges fully adopt Steem. Seems our management has to push more........

i always like bittrex .its always working

Very nice!

Excellent Article. Thanks for this sharing

Steemit is the new big thing in social media.

First of all i like to inform you dear that i have not reach even $1 so when i will reach then i will make a withdraw or exchange then i will understand about that but i'm thankful to you for sharing it

Thank you for the update! :)

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Thanks for your information
Very important , i like your post
Sangat berguna

What you mean Bittrex is now up but wasn't?

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Thank you for informing us, I am really lost in this area but will go and look.

Any opinion on BitFinex?

At the moment Bitfinex doesn´t support Steem but if the Steem community and platform grows and get more users I think they will add it. This will likely happen to other major exchanges too like Kraken.

Great! Hope you enjoyed it
i see u in mirror

I don't mind if STEEM comes back down in price it just means I can buy more.

Good job guyd. Keep it good work

Whereas I like OpenLedger, the volume just never seems to be there... which can make it very difficult to trade, simply from a liquidity standpoint. I suppose if you have plenty of time, that's OK... I just wonder what it's going to take for the exchange to become a little more widely used.

thanks for your post , you are really a invester!

Which market is the best for STEEM? Poloniex or any other?
I do want trade with STEEM, but I am worrying which one will work and how the verification process will be done? Is it safe to give your ID number there?

I love Openledger,but prices are low there... :(

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