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RE: STEEM exchange that almost always have Deposits and Withdrawals Working

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I've been in crypto a long time, it is only a matter of time before any given centralized exchange fails. I have been using the Bitshares DEX for close to three years and am very, very excited by all of the recent development and projects that are underway. Crypto needs a solid, liquid DEX and Bitshares is it. Once Bitspark starts pumping liquidity there will be no turning back...


Around two months ago I moved to bithsares as I felt it was foolish to trade on central exchanges. But I have been disappointed with the volumes on these exchanges which lead to a large spread. It is very troublesome to check the prices on other exchanges and then decide whether you want to trade of bitshares or not. I was invested in Bitshares as well but sold my stash recently. I will be investing back once the volumes pick up.

Volumes on all DEXs are low right now, too many people still need the fiat on/off ramps of centralized exchanges. Having said that CNY volumes on Bitshares are in the millions now and climbing.

Over the past 4 years I've bought and never sold Bitshares. I think the next 4 years will be even better... :)

preach it, brother john!

I'm also pretty new to the crypto world, but I agree with @johnsmith that BitShares is the real deal!

Great article @matthewdavid Very good insight to have multiple outlets which to purchase. We all have traveled the hindsight road.

@johnsmith BitShares all the way!

It's good to hear your perspective @johnsmith

I'm relatively new to crypto and I've recently become interested in Bitshares. I read about Bitspark and their news of switching from Bitcoin to Bitshares. I also think that could bring big changes.

Im glad to see everything is up and working. is the #1 Cryptocurrency Exchange!

The US government is moving to regulate exchanges residing in their jurisdiction. Once that happens, expect restrictive controls. This will then spark the move to decentralised exchanges.

Brittrex now requires personal information to be registered for ANY withdrawl of funds now, crypto or fiat.

Hello, all, this is my first post, I'm French and also Swiss. Double nationality, I'm sorry i don't speak English correctly, I do my best without translator 'cause I'm not a robot. So what I wanna say, it's as a Swiss, many person ask me why a live in France and also if I have an account in Switzerland, so the answer is : I never decided where to born and secondly if you are not a Swiss resident it's very hard to have a Swiss account with less than 50,000€ (about 65,000$) also if you have some money in a French bank (less than 14,000€) you can earn 0,75% a year (a shame) but have little money in Swiss it's you that pay bank to keep your money (bigger shame) this is also the reason why gold grown up .... many Swiss resident change their money into gold and put it under the bed !
Finally the conclusion and what I really wanted to say is .... all bank and all gouvernement are going to do their best to keep an eye on our money in order to give us many tax to pay.... we are living in a world of bank in' capitalism. And little person like me with less than 1 bitcoin on bittrex will never be rich, my only solution is like ants, I made my house myself and alone and finish to pay my credit (46 years old) I owe nothing to anyone, but I work in Carrefour as an informatif seller everyday (for those who don't know Carrefour it's the European Wall Mart, in fact just after Wall Mart in capitalization) well and at the end all gouvernement and all bank are going to sign a chart to inform each country about every account the have of each person in order to prevent golden paradise. We are all going to pay.... so for me, poor little worker, giving my identity card to bittrex was only a proof of this.... if when day I become rich, I will certainly come here to post again and ask you if you find a solution to keep money paying less taxes but I don't think so when I see the evolution of the world. Sorry again for my bad English, sorry if I disturb anyone in posting here, but never imagine that you can escape from the MATRIX ;-) . And never spend more than you can loose and remember that health is your life, not money ... kindly Totoff.

enlight me master

A good example of teamwork. If each member of the castle becomes an expert on a small handful of altcoins, one can imagine that keeping track of promising investments becomes easier.

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