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November was a very hectic month for me. I will be wrapping up a job in the next couple of days and will turn my full time attention to implementing a block producer failover algorithm, which was interrupted by high priority local issues. Although I haven't yet implemented the automatic failover protection, I am more carefully monitoring the nodes until I do.

I was told someone here on steem has published code that implements an automatic block producer switcher for failures, so if any of you are aware of that please post a link to it (or them?) in the comments below.

I have updated all nodes to the latest release of bts_tools with improved feed support. I also subscribed to professional feed source bitcoinaverage to help improve feed accuracy and reliability. According to a post on Telegram by wackou, he intends to separate his feed producer code from the rest of the bts_tools. That will require an infrastructure change to my nodes, but I think that will be straightforward. I have also updated all but 2 nodes to the 2.171105a release, waiting for green light + clean operation to update block producer. Looking very good so far, I don't see any issues and the RAM use is greatly reduced now. Way to go Alfredo & core team!

I am very happy to see more people becoming aware of the infiltration of Bitcoin development by the banksters + Blockstream. I am only waiting for more merchants (in particular vps / dedicated server vendors) to adopt Bitcoin Cash, Dash or any other crypto and I will stop using Bitcoin in favor of a better, more freedom supporting coin.

Starting today I will include BCH in my witness reports. I just did a quick search for merchant adoption rankings but found very little. IMO merchant adoption is an extremely important metric that is rarely given the attention it deserves. With that here is the market summary since last month: (all prices via CMC): BCH=$1,424.84, BTC=$10,702.50, BTS=$0.144, STEEM=$1.05, PPY=$3.75.









Block Producer (witness) node:


And the testnet server for BTS:


Your vote for witness
is greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time and attention


You're the best!

No, you are :) Thx for the support my friend, greatly appreciated!

What does the green shading signify? Is that just a style thing or does it indicate something else?

That's above my pay grade :-)

In other words, don't know .

I don't know either, but I see it moved to your most recent comment, while your first comment no longer has it.

"Green" with envy?

When you look at this article's comments is it only the last one that is hiighlighted green? In other words, my last comment? Do you even see the green shading? If so where do you see it?

The only time I get a comment highlighted in green is when I click on "replies" in my account. It takes me to the reply I click on and it is highlighted in green.

good work. thanks

thanks :) great graphs :)

btw I am using my own failover script but I think we have discussed the potential pitfalls previously. Sofar it has saved my ass once or twice, especially one time when I was in a plane on a long distance trip.

Thanks for the complement and the link to your github repo Roeland!

How did that script save you when you were on a plane? It looks like it only notifies you (doesn't switch automatically). Has xeroc's python-bitshares been superseded by his pybitshares or are those separate libs for different uses?

Also, even if the edge case we discussed before is possible, and I still believe it is, I think enough time has elapsed with several witnesses running auto-failover scripts to show double producing is too rare an occurrence to be of practical concern.

I appreciate you sir, thx for stopping by!

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