Craig Grant's deleted videos after BitConnect closed: 1/4

in #bitconnect2 years ago (edited)

After the scam he promoted for so long came crashing down, Craig Grant, one of the main promoters of this scam, quickly put out 2 videos. The videos were so hated and downvoted that he deleted them in a matter of hours and put up 2 new videos, with likes/dislikes disabled and only approved comments (most likely from his own accounts).

He even went as far as to tell people to hold on to their BCC, because it will be back up to its old value ($400+, the coin is currently at $15 and dropping fast) in a matter of months and that this information was coming direclty from BitConnect! This is most clearly a lie that he wanted to quickly cover once he realized nobody was stupid enough to believe it, so he took them down.

He later even took down the next 2 videos, the ones with all the fake comments. Fortunately, I saved all 4 of them, anticipating he might quickly take them down, and I will upload them all here so his lies are not forgotten, and maybe he will someday be held accountable for what he did.

This is by far not his first scam. You can check out another example from another Steemit user with proof here:

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im not able to watch this video please!

Try refreshing. I tested it on another computer and it works fine.

The second video is up: