The Regulators - The Fox wants to Guard the Hen House

in bitcoin •  9 months ago

The Regulators - The Fox wants to Guard the Hen House

Since December the value of Bitcoin, and most Crypto Currencies, has dropped by 50% due in large part to continued attacks by the Regulators.

It is an error to think that the Regulators have the best interests of Crypto Currency buyers at heart. They would have you believe that people will sleep better because the Regulators are guarding the hen house.

Here's a thought

so if the Regulators were regulating and monitoring Bernie Madoff - then -

how was he able to steal $65 Billion in investors money over several decades in one of the world's largest scams ever?

How safe do you really feel knowing that the Regulators are guarding the hen house? > Madoff And The SEC: The Story You Don't Know <

Don't underestimate the power of the Regulators - at least not in the short run.

Look at Gold and Silver - there are vested government and banking interests, (the Regulators), who do not want the U.S. Dollar to be replaced as the global currency. image.png

Gold and Silver should be also be valued higher. So far the Regulators have been successful in capping any significant upward valuation of Gold and Silver. > Banks Admit to Rigging the Precious Metals Prices <

Recent Actions by the Regulators >

  • the U.S. Regulators force Coinbase to disclosure customer info > Coinbase to turn over Court Ordered Client Data <

  • now the U.S. Regulators are closing the on ramp to the cryptocurrency world by trying to require registration of CCoin Exchanges - will they succeed? and will they have any impact on exchanges that Americans can access over the World Wide Web that are not home based in America?

  • Over time the U.S. Dollar must continue to devalue and over time the alternatives must increase in value.

Since December the value of Bitcoin, and most Crypto Currencies, has dropped by 50% due in large part to continued attacks by the Regulators .

The Regulators - The Fox wants to Guard the Hen House

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The US dollar value like all fiat is based on the belief of the people holding it. Once that belief crumbles in anyway it can come tumbling down very quickly.

Honestly there is no difference with the value of BTC, or any crypto, as it's all about consumer confidence in the coin. Without it the value will fall. Right now people are not confident that the government won't cripple the crypto markets and that is why we are seeing the pullback.


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