ICO Beaxy: review of the first "All-in-One" Cryptocurrency Exchange

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The sphere of cryptocurrencies has developed very much lately and any user can perform various actions. Exchange, purchase, sale, transfers and other - everything has been functioning for a long time, but many users constantly complain about the limited use of cryptocurrency? The thing is that the infrastructure itself is too separate.

  • Do you want to exchange quickly? Go to the exchanger!
  • Do you want to exchange profitably? Go to the stock exchange!
  • Do you need mobility? Look for a platform with your own mobile application!
  • Do you need cryptocurrency for fiat money? Buy through exchangers, transfer on the exchange, and then exchange to any cryptocurrency.

This situation in cryptocurrencies makes them inaccessible to new users, and also complicates the work for those who have long been in this industry. The solution to this problem will undertake Cryptocurrency Exchange Beaxy.

Beaxy: "All-in-One" exchange of the new generation

If analyze the state of the exchange market, it becomes obvious that the number of resources and platforms where you can change your funds is constantly growing. Talk about the deficit is not necessary. The biggest problem lies not in quantity, and in quality. Most new projects are clones of already existing successful platforms without any fundamental innovations and opportunities.

The developers of ICO Beaxy decided to move away from the concept of copying - they create a completely new format of the all-in-one exchange. What is its essence? Everything is quite simple - to combine the operational capabilities of cryptocurrency in a single exchange platform. If earlier you had to "jump" from one exchange to another, from one exchanger to another, depending on your needs, then Beaxy will become a universal option for performing any operations.

The new platform will combine a simple and intuitive interface, as well as a wide functionality, which will make trading and use cryptocurrency more accessible.

Among the key advantages of Beaxy are:

  • Technical support 24/7.
  • Ability to work with fiats money.
  • The presence of a mobile application for iOS and Android.

Also, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the comparative table, where Beaxy is compared with other cryptocurrencies exchanges:

Exchange Beaxy - absolutely for everyone

Let's talk in more detail about what the Beaxy exchange can be useful for users and the industry as a whole. Let's start with the global - "all-in-one" exchange will simplify the entry into the cryptocurrency for new users. As the developers say, in addition to the familiar and understandable interface for all, on the platform useful materials will be placed, which will allow understanding quicker the industry of digital money and also to join her use.

If we talk about more experienced users, then, due to the availability of a large number of trading tools and favorable terms of exchange, Beaxy will become a useful resource for both traders and miners.

One can not but note the fact that, together with Beaxy, every user can start earning on cryptocurrencies.

The following awards programs will be provided in the system:

  • Loyalty program. The Beaxy exchange will reward those users who will keep the internal BXY token on their accounts. The reward will grow in proportion to the amount.
  • Stacking program. The exchange provides a program of discounts for "freezing" tokens BXY. To pay a smaller commission, you need to choose the amount and term of the freeze - the maximum discount amount will be 25%.
  • Commission discounts. At the payment of the commissions at the exchange internal tokens of BXY, you save up to 50% of the initial sum on the commissions.
  •  Referral program. By helping the exchange to grow, you can receive additional discounts or bonuses for attracting new users. 

Thus, the Beaxy exchange will be useful not only for those who need simple and affordable exchange transactions but also for those who want to start earning on the cryptocurrency.

Brief information about ICO Beaxy

The pre-sale of BXY tokens will begin on June 1, 2018, and the main stage of ICO Beaxy sales is scheduled for June 15, 2018.
Within of a token-sale, the team plans to collect from $5,000,000 to $30,000,000 (soft cap and hard cap respectively) for the project.

If you are interested in ICO Beaxy, then more information about it can be found on the official website, where the WhitePaper project is also represented. If this is not enough for you, you can search for information about Beaxy on Bitcointalk.

Telegram Beaxy
Bitcointalk Username: CapnBDL

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The project has an interesting idea! Thank you for article!

I believe that cryptocurrency is undoubtedly the economic salvation of the world in the not too distant future! excellent post. Greetings from Venezuela!


Greetings from Moscow;) Crypto currency will make a great coup in the world financial system.

Неординарный подход, выглядит это всё весьма интересно, надеюсь это будет также и удобно. Спасибо за обзор!


Пожалуйста, это будет одна из лучших бирж я считаю.

Good article, thanks!

Мне нравятся проекты, где есть поддержка 24/7


Помимо этого есть еще много плюсов!

Nice Post. Looking forward to read your next post.

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Thank you.

Слышала про этот проект, теперь прочитала, много прояснилось.

Отличный проект и очень интересный для меня.
Я порекомендую это своим друзьям в социальных сетях.

This project will simplify the exchange of crypto currency for fiat money!

Подписался и проголосовал!

Хорошо написано! Автор молодец, так описать - это талант, сам участвую в данном проекте и уверен в его успешном завершении!

thanx for your article, project really has high chances to get hard cap!

Очень крутая идея, а главное децентрализованная биржа, а то нынешние уже надоедают со своими временными регистрациями, нововведениями)


это точно, не знаешь чего ждать


Полностью с вами согласен, а самое страшное это безопасность наших с вами средств. Тут же все будет в полной безопасности и мы выдохнем)