Why it will take months to get your money back from Coinbase..

in bitcoin •  last year

Anyone having an open ticket at Coinbase, where it is about getting your money released? Or transferred within accounts? Or a missing transaction from your bank account? Have you been waiting for ages?

You will be waiting for a looooooong time.... Why? It is pretty simple... When Cryptos where valued much higher  last December, Coinbase hat to buy lot's of BTC (etc..) back. Now they will block your money, till prices are in their advantage... They will try everything that they don't have to sell the coins for less they bought it for...

Conclusion: When you wait for money from Coinbase, you will wait until BTC might be back at USD 15k... 

Good Luck !

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

When you wait for money from Coinbase, you will wait untill BTC might be back at USD 15k.
It should be until instead of untill.

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