Circle buying Poloniex and why it's making STEEM price go down temporarily.

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This week Circle purchased the alt-coin exchange Poloniex for 400 Million USD.

At the time of this post there were 50 million USD worth (14,479,783 STEEM and 471,577 SBD) stored at Poloniex account @Poloniex

  • was one of the large exchange allowing STEEM and SBD trading.

  • Poloniex's STEEM wallet has been neglected / "Under maintenance" for more than a month.
    (Last outgoing transfer was on Jan 27th)

  • Circle is a Goldman-Sachs backed company thus will have stronger commitment KYC/AML regulations.

People trading cryptos prefer to be anonymous so a lot of accounts might be registered with fake identities. There is a very high chance that the new administration will want to strengthen identification requirement and freeze some account awaiting of further verification.

Transition risks, When exchanges change ownership and change operation team members there is an increased risk of major fuck-up like insiders hack and crypto theft.

Right now the only way out of Poloniex for STEEM holders is to SELL their STEEM/SBD and withdraw through functioning cryptos like Bitcoin.

For as long as Steem wallet is offline and the transition is happening I expect prices to be be lower at Poloniex and for other exchange to sadly follow Poloniex prices.

On the good side, the extra cost you'll be paying at other exchanges will most likely turn out to be a great discounts once "Poloniex 2.0" fixes it's Steem wallet and improves overall.

Brighter future:

Given how bad Poloniex customer support was, how little improvement they made to their exchange and the very few new coins support I think it can only get better.

Circle has a very solid banking relationship. If they enable Fiat on-ramp it would make STEEM market much more easily accessible to outside investors.

If you have STEEM stuck at Poloniex, I'd be interested to know why (after so many outages) and what do you plan on doing with it during the transition?


Goldman is not getting into this game to simply allow a substandard entity to continue that way.

The big question few seem to ask about this deal is why is Goldman doing it? Many seem to think to get into the crypto learn who has tokens...etc...

I think the answer is profits. Goldman wants them. There is a lot of money to be made trading crypto and this is what Goldman seeks. Their trading department is one of the most profitable aspects of their business.

I didnt know about the STEEM wallet...thanks for that information. I am not too concerned about the price of STEEM...I just posted an article how Steemit was in an article yesterday on Bloomberg's site. Publicity is starting to come.

Selling pressure is never a good thing if one is looking long. It might take a while for this situation to clear out. Of course, right now, it seems the bigger bear in the room is the fact that BTC is stalling out. That is still a main driver for all the crypto world.

As a long term holder of STEEM, for me, development is the most important thing. The ones who are hacking away at code are the ones creating the magic.

Thanks for this post.

Trading profits will not help them saving their business model, once it gets disrupted. Not too far in the future, trading will anyway take place on decentralized exchanges and even peer-to-peer. And this for all assets, not just crypto. I´m not sure wether they grasp that already.

I agree with you @shaka.

Of late, I am on the decentralized bandwagon. This is what we need to promote to the masses. Most of them buy into what the MSM tells them which is driven by the banksters. They are going to be warned about how dangerous decentralization is with no authority to oversee the bad players etc.....

As for them grasping it, I do not believe the banksters have any clue. Their arrogance gives them a bling spot. Plus, every threat in the past 100 years, they were able to legislate or buy their way out of. Why would they think this time any different?

Of course it is...which means they will be caught totally off guard.

Decentralization is simply too powerful for them.

The truth is that, after trying to understand this, I have realized that it is something that revolutionizes all forms of human communication. Right now we can create decentralized companies, States through lines of code, return to remunerate those artists who were left without digital rights after the Internet boom, reinvent unions ... and much more.

A couple of examples that could be implemented on this structure in which society would radically change the way it works ...

The first type of organization I can think of would be a company through which I can join with other people to create wealth and share the benefits transparently.

The second would be the classic State, but with decentralized voting systems and the owners of the State would be its shareholders, and could even negotiate the services that the state provides them and the commissions, which are no longer imposed.

I hope you correct me if I'm wrong about something after reading them to you @transisto @ taskmaster4450 @shaka
Greetings from Venezuela

I will go you one further with the company idea.

How about forming a company on the blockchain that has nobody running it. That is a DAO 9or DAC). It is purely code that makes decisions according the the decision tree programmed in. The company is overseen via consensus.

Steemit is somewhat in that form although not totally. But we can see that in the future.

As for the state, look up Estonia digital citizenship. It is already starting. At some point, we will see countries that arent established via geographic boundaries but by digital ones. Could steem be a country where people work, interact, shop, and play on it? We might see things forming around the digital realm as opposed to geographic.

Following for reference. Fascinating insight presented here. I was invited to try out Steemit less than 3 months ago and it has already become a positive in my life, even producing a well discipline I'm now exercising. Steemit presents a new lucrative venue for myself to produce a passive income stream to support and promote my artwork. In this way, Steemit has far exceeded my initial impressions, my expectations have elevated to prospective business plans.

I'd say leaving faith to following the former route when the way changes so much, there's too often lost of opportunities to those caught up in the terrain.

Have either of you picked up on @steembasicincome or @earthnation?

Time is Art. In Life, all we have is Time. Why not make Art all the Time?

I am a proud @earthnation Steemit Guild Community member!
Thanks to their loyal support, I am able to create a passive income stream that funds my creative output and delivers this original content directly to YOU.

Yup, selling STEEM when the prices go down wouldn't be the smartest thing to do when you think about all the potential it has. Since more and more people start to notice STEEM it's bound to be much bigger than for what it is right now...

We just gotta maintain a positive mindset and HODL our precious STEEM for the long term! I never even look at the prices of STEEM, because I don't care if it goes down a bit, because it will be worth much more in the future :)

You read my writings...I dont have a problem with a positive attitude about STEEM and dont think anyone else should either. It is one of the few givens in life (as long as the developers produce what they profess they will which I have confidence in them achieving).

I think too many people really overlook the nuances of what is here. The fact that STEEM is going to make all tokens created on here liquid means a vast amount of it will be pulled from circulation and put into the exchange pool. The fact that more than 60% of STEEM is held is SP means a great deal at reducing the liquidity of STEEM on the open markets...another thing to drive the price up..

Or that bandwidth is used in lieu of transactions fees...and that is priced in STEEM.

Haha, there's just so much to look at when it comes to predicting the price of STEEM in the future, it's almost impossible to remember and take into consideration everything that is already here and what will be added in the future... I'm very excited for all that is to happen on this Blockchain!

Yeah and then the technological shifts that we both know are taking place over the next decade.

What happens when unemployment due to automation starts to his with any degree of force? What are people going to do? Since nobody is talking about that now, turning to the government wont work since they will be too slow to react.

STEEM really is a great answer, especially for those who get in early like we are.

Powering up now will pay huge dividends in 6-12 months.

Yes, exactly. Technology is not going to slow down and we'll see a lot more automation and this will lead to more unemployment. Obviously STEEM is probably the best answer to solve that problem!

Yes. THIS is the mindset I also share.

Power up up up and destroy my slave debt, while building a sustainable life without the help of gubberment.


@biffybirdcam do you think people who agree with government would share that view of technology?

Development and a community that backs and uses it is what should give cryptos value.

Yeah, it totally should. But this has not really been what has been happening with cryptos in the last few years, so hopefully this will change. Steem has a great utility value, and I expect the market to catch up with this at one point, and then we hodlers will have a nice time :)

Goldman Sachs are a bunch of crooks who profit from others' misfortune. These guys send stocks plummeting by bad mouthing the company, then turn around and buy the stocks while they are down. I really don't get why anyone listens to these evil people anymore after the 2008 financial crisis. I certain am not happy about them delving into the cryptocurrency game. They are already pulling their usual crap; one minute saying that they wouldn't touch BTC ever, and now they buy an exchange. Slimy!

Agreed. I just see it as a good time to buy - it's almost asif it were summer 2017 again!

I agree STEEM is along term investment and BTC needs to lead the way. I think sideway action on BTC could be good since it ran so much.

GS is doing it to crush cryptos and protect the primacy of the USD. It's currency war.

Goldman, JP Morgan et al. realized the threat that crypto imposes on their businesses. Meanwhile they stopped to ridicule crypto, now they take action. They can't control the blockchains but the entry points into the markets. And they will check with great interest who these crypto-holders are.

Thanks for information

I learned my lesson and won't go back. Took almost 2 months to get my 3k STEEM back. I've never seen a company with worse customer support. To me, that shows a complete lack of respect for their customers who provide all the value they enjoy.

Thank god bittrex was up around that time. Poloniex was too complex for me as newbie.

I agree with you, @lukestokes. I don't get why a company would think that it is okay to freeze the funds of customers for almost two months. This is even worse than PayPal, which is arguable notorious for having a bad costumer support, yet it seems better than Poloniex's!

At least this buyout can only make Poloniex better, because it's not like they can get much worse at this point.

I was really worried, given the poor customer service, that this was a sign of really poor management and that poloniex was going to get hacked or have some sort of meltdown. This would have sent the cryptomarkets into a tailspin given poloniex is such a large exchange. I am more positive now with the new management.

I'm really glad your worries did not turn out to be true. I can only imagine how badly this would have hurt the entire crypto community.

The new management certainly has a big job with improving the reputation of the exchange, but I'm sure it can be done. While I'm not a big fan of the exchange right now, I certainly wish them well, and hope they are able to succeed with their mission to improve :)

I never use Poloniex myself but seeing your c0mparision with paypal gave me some insight.Paypay robbed my more than $10 K just because I wasn't from USA.

Yeah, never liked Poloniex and I sure wouldn't like it any better with Goldman Sachs getting involved in them.

It was only a matter of time before the banksters started moving into cryptos. Way too much money being made here for them not to get their taste!

I think poloniex steem quantity has out of balance.

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very, awesome idea for a profile @tts Could you do that to some of my post too?

This is an amazing idea!

@transisto good one, I made a post on this topic as well, please check it out!

okay, thank you that's a good observation for whats going on

I have steem stuck in poloniex, and have written a ticket. However, there is no response, that make me very disappointed at Poloniex. Considering that the trading volume of POLO is much lower than before, perhaps I won't use it in future.

Waiting to see steem pump to moon

I never got around to messing with Poloniex, and now I am glad I didn't. They might make a resurgence with the new owners, hopefully. No one is ever thrilled with increased KYC/AML regs, but that might be the new norm for exchanges going forward. Totally sucks. Hope everyone eventually has a good outcome with their trapped STEEM and SBD...

On the other hand, I'm glad I was already on Polo and got verified to a high tier. Opening a new account and getting verified to high tiers may get harder. In that case, I'm glad I had it done when it was easier!

Nice point...

Likewise. Out of curiosity, what is the benefit of keeping Steem on an exchange?

Never keep your crypto on an exchange. Keep it in a wallet where you control the private keys. The exchange could get hacked or the wallet could go into extended maintenance and then your trapped or worse yet you lose all your crypto...

That's how I feel too.

And, the exchange goes up and down at will. Cash out when it's high, sell when it's low. But don't keep it on there.

The only benefit is that you can trade it for other currencies pretty fast. Steem is already a very fast and free blockchain, so it's not really needed here at all. However, it can be beneficial to hold currencies such as ETH or BTC on exchanges, because then you can trade it for other currencies without transferring it from your wallet, and therefore don't have to pay transaction fees.

Yea though I noticed once that blocktrades didn't give me as good of a price as some of the exchanges per coin, according to coinmarket cap. But I really like the ability to buy directly not through an exchange, enough that a small price difference doesn't matter. One of the nice things about the Steemit platform -- it's really easy to get into.

What is interesting is that not too long ago cryptos were laughed at by high level people as being some kind of fake monopoly money. Now more and more they see the value.

Not one bit worried about steem!

We need other exchanges!

I never used Poloniex and don't plan to, but why should the low volumes there should have an effect on the STEEM price?

As a whole if we see, this acquisition of Polonix is good for Crypto Community as it will encourage more investors to jump in the space but yeah not good for steem price.
I hope steem price rises again

Great analysis to both bts rise on one side and steem down on the other side.
How low Do you think this price of steem would get?

This is bad for the price for sure! Thanks for bringing this to light! Once it gets straightened out, I would assume that could provide some upward pressure on STEEM! Thanks again for the post!!

I don't keep STEEM in Poloniex! So, never had this issue so far! But I like this KYC process, so it might have actual users only!


What do you like about it?

A good way to handle multi accounts and scamers + hackers! (Hackers, I am not 100% confidence)
KYC - Know Your Customer.
Poloniex has that option, but with this acquisition, I think it's a must and it will make more legitimate type of business as well!


I sold my Steem and SBD and transfered everything out of there with a day or so before I heard Circle bought Poloniex. I moved my trading to OpenLedger for now.

I'm anxiously awaiting BarterDEX to finish up too. These are both low volume, but I hope a lot of traffic starts heading to more DEX platforms and away from the KYC and bank traders.

Interesting times ahead for Steem & SBD...:)...


and there's me thinking the price of steem was just reflective of the general weakness of the alt markets.

What is the issue exactly with Poloniex and Steem? Is it bandwidth?

We may never know but for sure we will keep our steem because we believe in it. We will buy more if we can or if not just continue with business as usual on the platform. Steem is here to stay so we will just go about building the community.

I don't know but it's for sure not bandwidth. They have a 2000 SP worth of bandwidth.

They should be able to do thousands of transfers daily with that amount of SP, so it surely cannot be bandwidth issues.

@stef, thats the exact question on my mind.

It will be interesting to see how the crypto markets develop as the Goldman Sachs of the world enter to space.

Although I hate to see crypto's fail the ultimate mission of uncensored decentralized markets... the big financial companies should bring a lot of money into the market. I suppose more crypto profits will make us all happy hah.

Wait until SMT's come out with many SMT's being traded on the Steem blockchain... ;)

Clever theory! But I do not see much difference between Poloniex and other exchanges:
The last time they had their wallet closed for more than a month, steem there was cheaper by 10-15%

Steem is good in holding in long term

Thank you @transisto for sharing this info with us.
I didn't know that Poloniex stopped STEEM withdrawals because I don't like using Poloniex since their service quality went down several times in 2017, that's why I was using Bittrex or the better exchange Binance.

But, I think Circle team will enhance Poloniex support service and bring it back to the normal mode but as you mentioned with real and serious Identity verification only.

That's why I guess Poloniex traders number will be lower than before.

And the best thing is STEEM started to go more popular in many new Exchanges like Upbit :)

Thank you again for your analytics about Steem and Poloniex info :)

Thank you so much, for telling me that, I didn't know that before abouy Binance.

I have steem stock in poloniex, i chose to leave it this way because I felt it's a temporary disable any will come up soon. I believe in the future of steem so I prefer holding it.

My account on poloniex is verified so I don't have any issue with the transition, I won't trade my steem for anything low.

Interesting your comment....... @samiwhyte

Price dip?? Fine by me...
This just means more time to earn while Steem is majorly undervalued ;)

Another exchange that is holding STEEM transfer on maintenance (longer than Poloniex) is Denmark based HitBTC. The effect is quite opposite, STEEM is on sell for premium ($4.34). I hope somebody will buy HitBTC too :)

This sounds like good news to me... I can see them drastically improving the exchange, which in my opinion is the easiest to use, but there were issues with freezing and customer service (the freezing seemed to stop a while ago). Since this is connected to the banks, if they were able to open up a fiat gateway and implement it directly into the exchange, this is very bullish news for crypto.

Interesting! Upvoted and followed!!

Overall there is a positive sentiment about circle buying polo. I dont think their userbase is going downside because AML/KYC strengthening . Goldman has long business experiences and they know how to cater customers (sadly this was the worst part with poloniex). So i see polo getting a revamped improvement soon.

Regarding price action on steem, i think the outage at poloniex withdrawal is temporary and almost anyone knows it too. This sort of tech outage creates arbitrage options but here its not the case . I think very few will try to sale out polo steem . Hence there will be little or no dip (thats just my opinion) .

Thanks for your article .

Don't like Poloniex and haven't been near it for months, in my opinion, a rubbish exchange.

Not surprised at all that Sachs is getting involved, at the end of the day they trade and are missing out on lots of $$$ in the crypto world and these fat cats want apart of everything.

Didnt know about the Steem wallet so thanks for that :-)

Hopefully now they can improve their customer services which have been woeful for years.

I hope you are right and this event is better for crypto in the long run!

This is very interesting! So you can only sell Steem for BTC but not withdraw? This happened to my friend. Time for some good discounts on Steem :D

" was one of the large exchange allowing STEEM and SBD trading."
It had pathetic trading volume. It had nothing to do with the price.

Interesting article. Would love to see Steem keep growing on improvements as that would naturally buoy prices. I would love to see the community reward good articles beyond the 7 day period. Plus, if you find an article you love it would be nice to categorize this under a favorite but I guess you can do that with browser bookmarks.

I stopped keeping shit on Polo after all the issues in Late Nov DEC.

Steem and sbd price down and down and down . That not good news all steemit user. I am used poloniex . Good post @transisto

Poloniex should have left the wallet operational

Very interesting take on the situation. If what you say is accurate it's a great time to load up.

so its a buy then?

I have used Poloniex over the years, it is a great exchange, like you said, I think this can only lead Steem to better prices in the near future as Circle may bring in a new change, like you mentioned exchanging directly to crypto, even if they do not make exchange open to all coins, it would still add great value to Steem being it is also on an exchange that does accept fiat. Just hope that through the process, Circle learns from what other exchanges have done, and makes improvements, and does not fail the customers.

okay bro very nice article i use bittrex for exchanges

Poloniex blocking steem wallets is manipulating the price. Hopefully Circle can help something because Polo sucks.

thanks for the post

He is an adventurous world that can win and lose

I really hate Goldman Sachs so much. The bash bitcoin, then they buy an exchange. They bash stocks and send the price crashing (presumably to buy them cheaper). They profited big time from the 2008 crash. If any company needs to be shut down by the Govt. it's GS.

Circle has raised nearly $140 million in Poloniex funding from Goldman. We all know that Circle Internet Financial is a company backed by Goldman Sachs. It’s kind of funny and I laugh at these hypocrites while being backed by opposition of crypto and at the same time investing in company that has to do only with crypto. It seems to me they are completely confused abou blockchain technology especially cryptocurency. Anyway, This is big news for Circle since they used to be best way to buy Bitcoins from 2015 to 2016. They had a popular app on the app store similar to coinbase but they didn't charge any fees. Obviously they lost a lot of support while they stoped selling BTC through their Circle Pay app. I hope they will help growing blockchain technology including crypto even with Goldman Suchs backing.
I definitely believe Steem price will eventually get to at least $20.00 because of its supply to customers ratio. I think with Steem price at these levels, it’s even greater opportunity to either work harder to earn Steem or ad Steem to postfolio by exchanging for other cryptocurency or for crashing fiat money.

Haha, yeah it's quite a funny situation when they are being backed by opposition of crypto and then they invest into this... Whether they are confused or not, it's gonna be interesting to watch how will this all pan out. It's worth following the progress...
Steem is definitely going to hit that $20, but I think 20$ is only the beginning. It's gonna be worth way more than that in the near future!

Over the automated market maker, what will happen, is that STEEM will be locked to generate the liquidity. If you include to that the process of burning steem with every new user signed up thanwe've a perfect storm for massive upside in the price of STEEM to the point where being a Top 20 crypto is easily imaginable. Circle buying Poloniex is a great news. I hope this means a change to NY residents as well since I live here, this exchange is not allowed to accept New York residents because it lacks a state license to operate a cryptocurrency exchange. However some New York residents did get around it and had claimed that they lived elsewhere, so they were able to trade on Poloniex. Clearly, people can get around things like IP restrictions, and other restrictions, and people do it all the time.

Yeah people can get around things like IP restrictions and so on, but who knows what they'll decide to do. They might as well add even more restrictions that you couldn't get around, well at least not easily.

I didn't know Poloniex had a large steem volume?? I can imagine however it will be a decision that Circle will not regret

Why are payouts and upvotes lower when the prices of steem is going down? Shouldn't it be the other way round?

Oww wond... thats realy nice...thnx

I can't imagine the bigest exchange in the world now being owned by globolists , coz this is what we are seeing here , everything is not going to be ok , kyc is going to be tighter .

Well, it could indeed make everything not ok, that's what I was thinking about as well... The possibility is there, but it could also make things better. There's no knowing what their intentions are in the end...

I have a bunch of Steem locked up over at for the past 3 weeks.

Their response to my inquiry was "sorry for the inconvenience our steem gateway is temporarily down."

They provided no clue as to when the gateway would be working.

Anyone else enjoying the same service from this wonderful company?

I hadn't given how the circle poloniex deal might affect Steem, so thanks for the insight. I honestly can't believe people still use Poloniex for steem trading with the perpetual wallet issues they have had. Seems like it creates a nice buying opportunity for steem believers. Plus if poloniex really does add a fiat ramp that would be huge for the Steem economy, and maybe it would break the BTC/LTC/ETH dominance as the entry point to alts.


a very good discussion about your boss bitcoin explains it very wellunnamed (1).gif

What an insightful post, I will be checking your blog for further update.

Great analysis! Definitely a positive and hopefully most suppot issues get worked out. Poloniex still hasn't credited my account for the Steem i sent a month ago!

Poloniex could take huge market share if Goldman Sachs created their own tether coin with a legit audit. I was wondering why banks were not doing this before.

I defiantly taking advantage of the dropping price. I just dropped another thousand on it this morning

I'm on your bright side buddy :)
This will make steem more liquidable 👍

Hello, @transisto I was Impressed on your article about 'Circle buying Poloniex and why it's making STEEM price go down temporarily.' and I want to shared your article to korean...

Now, this expains why steem, sbd and other cryptocurrencies has been going down.
All i can say now is HODL


strong hold :D

Hold or hodl?

HODL :) The capitalization matters. :D

Have not use polo in a while. Hopefully I will pay them a visit when everything cools off.

Talks with a very good topic. It is very useful for ustenor.gif

Thanks for sharing, I've been busy lately and have not been able to keep up with Crypto currencies/ and exchanges as much as I would have liked. I also hope it turns around as Poloniex has been sub-optimal for sometime now, especially their API.

Instead of fake identities, people are there anonymously (without any identity documents.) Fake identity is a crime but remaining anonymous is not.

Yeah, the customer support was pretty shitty at Poloniex and a lot of people struggled when it comes to sending Steem and SBD.
Hopefully this changes and we will see better customer support in the long run.
Obviously, if this is driving Steem's price down, it can be a good opportunity to get in at lower prices, like a discount!
Oh this would be so great if they would make it easy to exchange your crypto's to FIAT! So many people actually struggle with this part...

I think it was temporary . In the end price of steem will skyrocket in the near future. Also it could be the step towards big money pouring in at a flood like rate of flow. So for them, I feel like they stole that exchange. I just wonder if people will leave it due to it now being bank owned/backed, or if more will go to the exchange. Lets see what happens , my guess is we will moon .

Haba got, sagoe nyan kiban?

This sounds like uplifting news to me... I can see them definitely enhancing the trade, which as I would like to think is the least demanding to utilize, however there were issues with solidifying and client benefit (the solidifying appeared to stop a while prior). Since this is associated with the banks, on the off chance that they could open up a fiat portal and execute it straightforwardly into the trade.

I already was holding about 1000 STEEM on poloniex but sold it about 45 days ago.
In fact it wasn't sold for another currency that time but made a withdrawal to my steemit account and then sold it for BTC when the steem price hit $9
the most beautiful thing is that I bought this 1000 steem few months ago at a price of $0.5 so it was about 1800% profit in few months
that's it catch your profit and run then wait like a fox for the next chance
that's is the world of crypto

knowledgeable article, I do however question the viability of an on ramp long term. My personal opinion is that it wont be long before the underlining infrastructure governing these type of exchanges will be integrated directly into blockchain, inevitably rendering the necessity for the intermediary not only unnecessary but also expensive.

Price is going down after news on proposed ICO probe by SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). Bitcoin and all other altcoin's price is also going down in last 24 h. I don't think Poloniex is involved in any sense here.

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We do not know about cryptocurrency many times. In view of some posts we can find many important topics,
Well know about polonix and bitcoin and otherwise @transisto

Sound interesting but i dont know about that , i'm new here.

Thanks for this cryptocurrency news providing.....I appreciate this bitcoin.

yes thank you

very exciting ,,, the work is beautiful and very professioanl, im glad for that sucess , could you tell me the secret of all thoese upvots thats really impressive , im having a hard start i need some encouragment and i belive in this beautiful community

This is an event that is very importance to crypto's future. There will be many more big guys step into the crypto's world

Thanks @transisto, something positive and useful postings for us this is for us who just joined this @steemit who also still need info - info to work on @steemit.
Hopefully you always post info - useful info for all members of @steemania this.
Thank you very much from me @leozulkifli.

"Under maintenance" for more than a month.

Poloniex has very bad support service .Poloniex do not solve my ticket for 1 months and they don't respond. So its better to withdraw you crypto for now because you cryptocurrency could stuck for long due to change in management. Thanks for alert @transisto

Their customer service does suck!

When I open your profil then I read this "This is a funny account of mark zuckerberg" I can't stop laugh