Waiting For The Bulls...

in #bitcoin5 years ago

Waiting for the bitcoin bull run
Is like waiting for the return of the holy son
So batten down the hatches and cock the gun
There's a good chance the first one will actually come

And whilst we're getting all religious
Our community has it's very own bitcoin Jesus
If you don't know yet then look up some lectures
By the brilliant and insightful Andreas Antonopoulos

Done with religion, now down to business
Crypto just has temporary sickness
A smell in the air of revolution
A hodlers dream, a sound solution

Remember sick gains and lambo times?
To moon we fly, despite scams and crimes
Sure, when things crash, we're in rekt city
But the dips on good rides aren't supposed to be pretty

Rocket fuel could be just round the corner
Or another 12 months so best to warn yer
Do you believe and are you ready?
Stay on the boat and just hold steady

We've barely even scratched the surface
So in five years you'll know this was all worth it
Now strap in tight before we next go up
Because the next bull run is gonna be crazy as fuck

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what are waiting for actually ,i mean i know waiting the bull...what actual thing happen than we will know the bull is coming

I don't think we'll know it's coming, we'll just know when we're in it, when all of a sudden bitcoin is 20k again in the blink of an eye and we'll be telling ourselves "I should have invested earlier"

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The bull will come when institutions invest very soon. The crypto environment is a developing situation and getting better every day.

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