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Ether Kingdoms is releasing one of the first cryptocurrency games with in-game mining. On their website they are calling it POS mining, but it isn't quite that. Their in-game token IMP is currently available to trade on Mercatox or ForkDelta, but on ForkDelta it appears to be listed as EtherKingdo. Ether Kingdoms will allow you to bring your virtual character into fights with other players and earn more coins in order to buy more collectibles with IMP tokens. The collectibles(shields, etc.) you buy will help your monster succeed in battle. You will then be able to use your collectibles or sell them on the Open Sea. Open Sea is a decentralized marketplace where you can sell your rare digital items and in-game collectibles for several Ethereum based games.

“Players can earn significant mining rewards (up to 1% per day). To get to 1%, players will need to send the maximum number (10 000) of imps to the mine. To achieve this, players receive a kind of game master node that guarantees them a constant profit.”-CCN

Ether Kingdoms also allows you to join clans in order to fight or even take on boss battles. Ether Kingdoms is essentially free to play if you get on some of their free airdrops happening via Telegram or Discord. Also, 75% of all tokens will be available for playing/mining. The game is extensive as it is currently 120+ levels with over 25 unique artifacts to collect/purchase throughout the game. Ether Kingdoms has just finished their Beta and is available to play when you sign in with MetaMask. Just be careful with Metamask as you shouldn't sign in unless you trust the website you're visiting.

Ether Kingdoms:

IMP on Mercatox:

IMP on ForkDelta:!/trade/0x48ff53777f747cfb694101222a944de070c15d36-ETH

Ether Kingdoms digital items:

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What a great idea mining in game. I would like to play @the4thmusketeer thanks for sharing with us keep growing

As always something cool something new. Sometimes I wonder how you find such information earlier than others. Gald to follow you ☺️

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Thanks, I'm just quick on a computer, and I'm really interested in the future of crypto. A lot of exciting things to come.



I believe the same. Block chain and crypto are the future ☺️

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Initially this airdrop giveaway more byteball,but now it drops so much

Neat! Good of you to include that heads-up on meta-mask btw.
Upvoted and re-steemed!

The game looks a lot fun. Surely wanna try this out.

Mining while playing--fun stuff and smart.
Thanks for the info.

Looks great to me @the4thmusketeer.

Thank You for sharing.

I used Bitcoin buying hosting same thanks for sharing this beautiful crypto

This looks pretty cool!
Going to check Eth Kingdoms out :D

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The concept is really awessome. getting paid while having fun

Thank you for the updates. Glad to peer you posting again.

gaming while mining and make money... what could be better than this.??


striving ,and building upwards towards your dreams and passions. and not waste time on someone elses investments, if it does not help you grow in any way.
or this is this too radical for you?

I hope to see more real games on the blockchain and not just ponzi schemes :)


Would you say this coin is a ponzi scheme? I don't think so but I guess it's early. It will definitely appeal to the younger generation and maybe even an older generation so it will probably retain players.

It will be very adventures and interesting also by playing game we would be able to earn money......

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This sounds great. I would love to learn more about your project and discuss this in more detail over e-mail. Thanks! My current e-mail address is I will e-mail you soon.

Willt trade CryptoKitties for some Shields :-)

very good collection

is it more profitable than going out in the open and gather apples then sell them? if yes then people should be playing these games if its not. then . who needs this?

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Very cool post...I also seen a racing game that is built on the ETH blockchain earlier today. But it don't have mining while playing included....I love crypto this tech is going to change everything about our world! Great post!

king trading?

This is one of the best blogs for those who are new in the crypto market and they don't know about the best trading exchange option.

Thanks for sharing this. It will benefit many who are into cryptocurrency. Players can earn rewards. well done.

It is always amazing to see games integrating crypto.