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RE: Interesting Bitcoin News Today (Electrum, BitPay, Blockchain.INFO, Kraken)

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The problem is finding an exchange with enough liquidity to trade larger amounts without a ton of slippage. I have a serious amount of STEEM stuck on Polo right now and I am not happy at all.

Apparently poloniex has like 600% gain of new users in the 1st quarter of this year so there tickets are backed up hench why they removed the troll box and got the moderators to help with the tickets. Warning to any new poloniex users .. it's will probably take you ages to verify your account for any withdrawal so beware!!

Perhaps they should raise $40M just like to upgrade their organisation.

I'll recommend the Open DEX It may not have the same liquidity, but it's secure.

The interface looks the same as BitShares. Are these two related?

They are. If I'm not entirely wrong, bitshares is the platform while openledger is a DEX that uses the bitshares platform.
Openledger has many UIA like the Open.GRC, Open.BTC etc.

Please correct me if I'm wrong here anyone.

they prolly get that in trading fees in a week

Perhaps there's some other alternatives compared to Poloniex? All the exchanges seem to have flaws.

I feel like there should be a kind of company that should handle that kind of stuff... would make things so much easier and faster!

@johnsmith I don't have any STEEM so i'm even less happy :)

What exchanges would you recommend?

Bittrex is a nice exchange, simple and has a lot of altcoins!

their withdraw limit is really low

Bittrex is a good alternative and their graph layout and tools are awesome.

on my opinion ..just go for paper wallet . as i dont trust exchanges ...

The trouble is: paper wallets do not exchange very easily.

I like paper wallets, but it's for long term hodling, not if you want to easily trade.

Poloniex if you can get the level2 verification but that takes ages!

thats how i know u aint been in crypto for more than a cpl months

I think Bittrex or Coinbase

i use bittrex as well. not super intuitive at first but works well once you figure it out. if you've been using other exchanges already it may be easy from the start. i haven't had any problems with my trades or anything else.

What is another alternative?

polo is best alternative....

unless your withdrawal ends in limbo, which can anytime happen, e.g. Siacoin - it took a week (but finally all worked out)

I have heard that Poloniex maybe a scam and people aren't getting paid seen a few Youtube video's on this of other complaining that it's a major scam. Many people I know cannot withdraw they either have a bug in their system or it could be possible right that it's either a scam or going scam, but don't take my word for it because only time will reveal.

I have not had any trouble withdrawing my funds and the transactions have been very fast. But bittrex is a good exchange as well but it´s a bit messier

Yes, I agree bittrex is messier but a good exchange @amadat

I have not used it much but it works flawless. I am not sure how competitive the traders are. That is usually not my concern when trading with I use this site because it is a convenient currency exchange. It is not really a traders exchange.

I use kraken and polo for most of my trades. They have replied to all of my requests. Works fine. I promise

interestingly one of the quick way to be a millionaire these days and something normal people will ignore, is to participate in cryptocurrency. think about how much it has increased since few years back.

Ive quit that exchange over a month ago :)

Woa, but what's the alternative then. Bittrex, OL?

yep, bittrex is great! or, if you are wanting to sign up and get verified try I was signed up and verified within 2 hours! I applied at kracked the same day and am still waiting, that was over 3 weeks ago. of course remember the first rule of crypto.. never leave large amounts of coin on any exchange ;)

Poloniex wanted an id proof from me just for depositing crypto. Is that anywhere else common praxis?

Not at Bittrex

In Poloniex the strange takes place, all transactions are suspended

There you Go!

Thanks for the insights @teamsteem! I appreciate all you do to keep everyone informed and educated.

what about bittrex?

The video version of why you shouldn't use Poloniex for Steem:

Everybody is saying that people shouldn't use this or that exchange... First Bitfinex, Poloniex, Kraken...

What we need is decentralized exchange!

Thanks @sauna.
Also check out my new posts...;)

Yeah my SBD got lost on Poloniex and never went through. pretty sad thanks for this article

post support ticket they will help you today i lost my etherum w while exchanging so i raise support ticket and within 2 hours my all etherum in my wallet good luck