Gridcoin BOINC on Raspberry Pi & Picking your Projects - Episode 14

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A lot has happened in the crypto-sphere over the last few weeks, or days. In these markets days seem like weeks so I'm not even sure when my last post was, but I wanted to provide an update. I had to double-check even what day it is, and apparently it's Sunday.

With BTC going through the roof, I needed to distract myself with projects on how to accumulate a more diverse set of alts for when the great transition happens. It's so ironic that I hate to see BTC going parabolic, but at the same time encouraging to see so much new $ move into the space. It has to move to alts, because BTC is archaic, forked to oblivion, and the fees are too high. It might take a year for this to happen and alt fans will be squeezed until they drop out of the market, but those that stick it out, and are parked in the right projects will be rewarded.

Moving on.....I had an old Raspberry Pi that I was tinkering with back in 2013 or 2014 that I got out of an old storage box, but I quickly found that the technology has progressed so much that mine was obsolete.


I needed to invest in a new raspi3 so ordered one from Amazon to test out. It was $35 but had to add a new power supply, and 32G memory card, so around $60 total.

When you are checking out which coins have the highest stake reward, there are several but the raspi world isn't defined very well yet, so Cloakcoin, Gridcoin,Navcoin, Hyperstake, Stratis, and a couple others stood out. Neo and Gas were on the list, but I have to shrink my world to smaller projects or I would get overwhelmed. My goal was to brush up on my CLI skills from back in the day, so I can be ready if there is a new project that comes along.

Well, I ended up with Gridcoin running with the BOINC server and was crunching Seti, but quickly discovered that is not feasible on a Raspi as it runs too hot and causes shutdowns. So instead I got the gridcoin wallet running and added Primegrid and Moowrapper. I'm also running TN-Grid, and Amicable Numbers on my Intel box. I'm earning GRC on the Windows box, and staking on the Pi. Or at least that is my goal. At first I thought the project was dead and couldn't get anything running, but this is the concept others like Golem, and Sia are going after, but it actually works on Gridcoin, and there is a good marketing story in Seti. If GRC can get above $.10 this starts being viable.

I have had 2 revelations over past few weeks.


There are only so many hours in the day, so I need to pick my projects and coins that I want to focus on. Also, you have to customize to your unique situation. For me, I have crappy Internet so I can't be too bandwidth intensive. I'm also low on funds. If I had unlimited funds there are a ton of projects I'd invest in.... but that is not my situation, thus I need to get involved in projects that can not only stake, but also earn.

Steem is a good example. I can blog and upvote and resteem and what not and earn Steem power. If I have some extra fiat laying around I can buy Steem and convert it to Steem power, but I don't need any Steem to get started. I'm part of the generation in the middle and has been shafted multiple times. There aren't any pension opportunities. You have to sell your soul to get and keep a good paying job, and not a lot of loyalty from companies. This is an bigger topic for another time, but automation, and short term revenue objectives squeeze employees, or burn them out etc.

I got wiped out in the 2001 US financial market crash, again in a bigger magnitude in 2008, and now again in the QE money printing market where 8 people own more than the bottom 50%.


I'm shorting the market for obvious reasons, am getting squeezed as the robo-buyback market keeps it afloat, 100m are out of the job force making the numbers look significantly better than they are.

Long story short, I've got protect myself, cut expenses, and setup passive income that generates multiple revenue streams. This is a complicated subject that deserves more elaboration, but that's the simple outcome.

Enter Gridcoin.


I don't have the funds to have multiprocessor servers mining masternodes, but I do have a laptop, android phone, a couple raspberry pis, and my girlfriend's old laptop that I can put to work. The math doesn't make sense right now but if Gridcoin increases in value >$.10 it might start to make sense.

Anyways, that's what I've been spending the last week or so on, and I have it up and running, and now am looking for the next project. I need something that is POS and stakes 6% or higher, and is easy to install on the Raspi, and doesn't use too much memory. I was intrigued by CloakCoin, but couldn't get it running yet.

Ok, on to other things.

Vincent Briatore apparently spent the last 6 weeks in jail. I appreciated his candid Youtube about the subject. I think the morale of the story is stuff like that can happen to any of us. Wrong place wrong time, too many cocktails, a few weeks in the slammer. Sucks


Dan from No Limit Coin continues to give great insight into the overall mindset of the crypto-market that is SO different from what traditional fiat market makers might think.

It really is a we don't give a fuck. This is happening. How do I get ahead of the curve. Making money is hard, you have to pick your projects, and the stakes are high. You can easily lose it all by being stupid. At the same time, there is tremendous life changing opportunity by being methodical and actually putting in the work and research to find real projects.

Dan only invests in projects he understands, to which I agree. Here they are in what I think is the order of viability

BAT, EOS, Civic, NLC2, SYS, QTUM, and more risky PayPie & Mybit

I'm adding Gridcoin, Steem, and BTS to the list with my mad money on SAFEX for whatever stupid reason. Maybe because it was the first coin I got interested in.

Information seems to bubble up to the top, from Twitter, Discord/Slacks, or Youtube. I never heard what Teeka's picks were, but the buzz was that it was SYS and Ripple. Ripple sucks, because there is NO way that banks will use the Ripple coin to transact vs creating their own Ripple clone. I can create a WAVE or BTS coin on my own for the equivalent of $5 that has identical characteristics, so I think they will get burned. Anyways, I didn't mean to go off on Ripple.

I'm looking for my next project, so if you have a good idea, please let me know in the comments below. Peace out.


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