Roger Ver, The World's First Bitcoin Investor Is Now On Steemit!

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Hello everyone, 

I'm Roger Ver,  the first person in the world to start investing in Bitcoin startups, and current CEO of

I've been involved with Bitcoin for nearly 6 years now, and somehow ended up with the nickname Bitcoin Jesus in the process due to my spreading of Bitcoin. 

Recently I have become frustrated by Bitcoin's slowness in being allowed to scale.   I've also been hearing about Steemit everywhere I go, and even gave the interview that led to the  #1 trending post on Steemit a few days ago, so I decided to join and give it a try myself.

A few of the investments I made in the Bitcoin space were:

Bitinstant (The founder Charlie Shrem is now on Steemit as well)

and many many more.

More recently I've invested in:

Arcade City

Bitcoin Hive Mind



Proof that this is me:

I look forward to interacting with all of you.

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So cool. I joined Steemit yesterday. Now I can brag that I was ahead of Roger Ver on at least one really amazing thing.

lol he can still brag about the fact that it only took him a few words to earn more then most of us did in the last few weeks/months :P

true. A good way to think about it.

welcome 👻

I can honestly say the same thing, Steemit is changing the game. I am so glad that I am part of the future of social media!

Yes really nice!

It's great to have you here, Roger! You are a hero to many. Welcome to Steemit. I have a strong feeling here that we are all on the same team, whether from Bitcoin or other alt coin communities or the many people who are just discovering crypto for the first time through Steemit. There is less tribalism and more sense of community than I have seen elsewhere in crypto these last few years.

@donkeypong stamp of approval means quite a lot here. I hope you find steemit to be completely different than most other social media platforms. It's exciting to see a lot of well respected cryptocurrency enthusiasts come on board, and I have read about you and your beginnings with bitcoin in many different articles (I follow a few major news curators for bitcoin and blockchain technology and you are quite the legend there). Feel free to reach out to any users as it may be a little confusing as you first start. I am bendjmiller222 on steemit chat if I can be of any help to you!


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@bendjmiller222 I always see you write good and meaningful comments. I seriously believe you deserve to be rewarded more for your contribution to this platfom. I mean I see a lot of people commenting but your comments always seems to be well though and well written. Maybe they get ignored because they are too long, but thats just unfair if that"s the case. I always appreciate your detailed comments, It brings a change from those " hey nice article" " hey your right" lol

Thank you. As much as I appreciate upvotes, a simple thank you from a fellow user is just as valuable. In time the system will decide whether or not my comments deserve to be paid more for. Right now I am more interested in making steemit fun and respecting the authors of articles by actually reading their work and engaging with them.

I will be following you, since I feel that people that can recognize the value in others often make valuable content themselves. I'm here for the long term success, so in all honesty while a whale upvote is nice for the wallet having people follow my blog and being able to help them along on their path means a great deal.

A month ago if you would have told me that there was a possibility I could be a blogger I would have laughed it off. While writing heartfelt content usually comes easily to me, I wouldn't consider myself a "great" writer by any sort of english teachers standards. What I lack in tense and sentence construction I try to parry with heart, raw emotion, and humor.

Once again thank you! You have made my day!

Oh man, I'm following you for sure!
Jon Snow wouldn't have said it better. ;-)

This platform seems very legit. I will definitely be using this a lot.

Thanks so much. I'm glad to be here too. I'm tired of arguing over Bitcoin.

👍welcome @rogerkver , nice u here

And you intend to achieve this by re-hashing the same self-aggrandizing, inflammatory topic you did on reddit when you started getting the recent 'unwanted attention' (since the last goxxing ,really, which put you in a dim light mind you) for obvious self-interested tirades on matters that the network has already dismissed as useful at this point?

Because I honestly fail to see how that is your aim at all.

I'm arguably for bigger blocks, too, but this is a consensus based system and you have bemoaned this point for long enough already. So, sorry, Ver, your whale status can't get you bigger blocks and the classic fork by Hearn and Andresen has already proven its an unfavorable option at this time, so give it a rest already.

If nothing else take solace in that Bitcoin did what is was intended to do; which is to not favor any single individual with a large stake but instead relied on the validity of all those who mine, run nodes and hold or use Bitcoin/Core.

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You must have accumulated enough bitcoins by now. Good work keep it up

I had to dedicate Todays episode of Roger & Snorre to your arrival @rogerkver :)

Great to have you here (finally) - Please come on SteemSpeak and talk with us as soon as you can :)


PS: What does the "K" stand for?

K is the first initial of my middle name, Keith. Some imposter already registered RogerVer as a Steemit ID. Thanks for the comic!

Cool name! An imposer, huh.. Well, that is how I learned about steemit, someone published my work on here and made shiploads of money and steem in the earlier days. Had to join just to protect my property.

" There is less tribalism and more sense of community"

Wow, ain't that the truth? I mean, coming from Reddit to here - it's like night and day in terms of how respectful people generally are towards each other. Sure, there are still some disagreeable troll-types, but it's nothing compared to there.

rogerkver Roger Ver tweeted @ 19 Aug 2016 - 05:26 UTC

"Time to End the Block-Size Blockade" is now on @Steemit /
Thanks to @Anarchast @DragonAnarchist @SterlinLujan @BTCTN

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.
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TomZ, Bitcoin Classic architect and coder joins Steemit too! Let welcome both of them together.

Welcome Rodger, glad to have you here on Steemit. I look forward to following you.

Hello, @Rogerkver, exciting to see you, here! You're the reason I, a hopeless technophobe, got into crypocurrencies in the first place!

Briefly, I'm an Egyptian-American thinker, the author of 7 books and fairly new to Steemit :) I hope you might visit my blog for some cultural, philosophical, poetic musings:

Wishing you continued success,

Welcome! Great to have you aboard and looking forward to reading your blog. Steem on!

Welcome to Steemit Roger Ver.. :)

Exciting news, welcome aboard! Namaste :)

Welcome to steemit. Glad you took my little suggestion on the IRC seriously and found the time to do your intro.

Should I expect you to invest in Steemit too? -east

Hey Roger =]

Jesus, it's about time!

Hi @rogerkver! Finally on steemit!

Did you plan to invest any BTC is Steemit? It's all nice with free STEEM, just for introduction, but somebody need to buy some.

I don't invest in things I don't understand, so I still have a lot of learning to do before I would consider investing in STEEM.

Your goal to come on Steemit has to have a reason @rogerkver....I don't think without a moto in your mind you must have joined Steemit. And well they call you Bitcon Jesus. 'Bitcon is god, Steemit is the beautiful creation of god' it is said by an awesome publisher @craig-grant on Steemit. We are excite to have you and curious to see what changes the frame of Steemit.

@rogerkver you are already invested in STEEM. From those potential $7,000 SBD that are currently showing on this post (due to the upvotes of several whales, namely @ned @smooth @berniesanders and @tombstone), 25% will go to the upvoters and 75% will go to you. That 75%, let's say potentially $5,250 Steem Dollars you won't cash it immediatly as SBD. You will cash 50% as SBD (potentially $2,625) and the other $2,625 will we paid to you in the form of Steem Power at market rate (currently $1,47 SBD/STEEM), that means about 1,785 Steem Power.

So you basically by virtue of this post are already an investor in Steemit with about $1,785 Steem Power that can only be divested over a 2 year period.

Now the question is if after learning more about Steem, you are going to divest ("power down") your STEEM or if you are going to use your SBD (Steem Dollars) to buy more STEEM ("power up").

PS: Also I wonder if I ever would reach $1,000 in Steem Power, but anyway will keep working hard to reach my goal :o)

Thanks! Your post has enlightened me a little more in my first week here.

Welcome to Steemit @rogerkver! Great to see you on here! I reached out to you a while back about participating in a Bitcoin video -- just wanted to let you know that we shifted the details of the production around greatly and decided to put it together without any interviews.

It should be coming out in the next few weeks and I'll be sure to send it to you. @jjepic and I would still love to interview you for another video in the near future! (We're actually building a whole media studio & we hope to continue funding it with crypto! Steem looks promising!) Cheers!

I look forward to seeing it once it is out!

Thank you for joining @rogerkver Your participation here is going to have a psychological effect on the bitcoin maximalists and ethereum true believers who are all hoping that @dan did not hit a homer here. I think he did. Steemit works. Here we are. First to market with a social network on a blockchain.

Nice to see you on here. It been a long way since you started and wish i had met you when you were giving away btc lol :P


Coll Stuff Roger Ver and Trace Mayer , two heavy Bitcoin weights at the same day on Steemit ! Keep Steemin everybody!

Welcome to yhe community Roger. Steemit is an open market solution for everyone.

Probably more like 20 seconds though.

Hi Roger welcome, I share some of your Bitcoin concerns too.
don't you think the Lightening Network and BitCache (Kimdotcom's project) will help solve the scalability problem in Bitcoin?

Several years in the future, yes. We have a giant capacity problem today that is driving people to use things other than Bitcoin. If this keeps up much longer, Bitcoin will loose its first mover advantage and its network effect will be overcome by something else.

I think they can and will help several years in the future. We have a major scaling problem today.


@rogerkver on Steemit

first 100k $ post on steeemit

Here's lookin' at you, Steem.

When I first got into the Cryto World, YOU were one I turned to for advice and information. I have been part of the Steemit World for a few weeks and I can say that I was involved before Bitcoin Jesus. Nice....
Steem Me Up...@rogerkver

This is what I feel fence sitters have been waiting for, a "crypto-legend" to validate steemit. Now that you are here @rogerkver they will surely be flocking in!
I hope to have such a following for what I'm passionate about one day....

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FINALLY ..a high-profile newcomer I can trumpet and be proud to call a fellow STEEMer ..a true pioneer and very good guy!!!

Things are really going to start taking off now

Wow Roger, i'm a really big fan of yours. Hello and welcome to Steemit :) Can you please make a post on your initial thoughts so far after you've had enough knowledge about it. It would be nice to know your insight about it. By the way, i love those beautiful drone footage you take. It's beautiful and that drone looks badass :) The video quality is amazing. Anyway welcome again :)

I'll gladly make that post once I know enough to have a worthwhile opinion. I'm glad you liked the drone footage!

Wow. First of all, thanks for replying. Thanks to technology, the internet and Steemit to be specific, I'm able to directly communicate with someone I've been following for a long time. It's amazing. Thanks for the playlist link of the drone footage, I'll definitely catch up on the ones i haven't seen. Thanks again Roger :)

YES :)

Sweet! :)

Welcome aboard! The work you have done to impower the individual is amazing. Thank you for all that you do.

FYI your twitter link text is correct, but the hyperlink is

No sure if you did that on purpose.

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Glad to see you here. welcome to the club, Bitcoin Jesus and soon to be Steemit evangelist.

@rogerkver happy happy !! I wish I'd bought BTC at $0.25. Argh!
I first bought btc in June 2011. For about $20 off eBay. Bought 6 of them.
It crashed back down to $3 a month later. :^( A year later its up again.
Spent them when they hit $150. I thought "no way this is staying this high!"
Happy to see you here Roger!
Please when you gain so much Steempower you can change lives with your up votes, please do so.
Since its not coming out of your stash, up vote and don't hold back.
If you agree with somebody, simply up vote.
Don't become a greedy oligarch. :^)
And peace be with you Sir

finally! nice to see you here with us @rogerkver and welcome to steemit! 8]

Welcome to Steemit Roger. Glad to see you here. Looking forward to see what you will bring to Steemit.

Agreed, glad to see you here! Another all star joins in.

Welcome to steemit! Thanks for help making crypto-currencies a legitimate monetary system. I would be honored if you would read my blog about an idea where we could use the Article 5 of the US Constitution to End the Federal Reserve and replace the Federal Reserve notes with crypto-currencies? Maybe even printable crypto-currencies?


Dude! Titus! This is great real estate right now on SteemIt!
Great Vision Bruv!

Bacon Inner Eye.JPG

Welcome, Roger! Upvoted and following! Can't wait to check out future content!

Welcome Roger.. Welcome to our world of Steemit...looking forward to learn from you a lot about your interest and achievements as we move present I am interested to know what make a blockbuster person like you join Steemit and what are you planning to contribution to this platform?

lol this make my day

LOL good one bro!!

Welcome Roger!!

Hi, let's invest in an good idea :)

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As long he has money he's famous from the people is been known. No matter how much rich you are, it matter how much your richness helps others.

You mean Jesus?

Your picture reminds me of this:

I'm glad to meet you!

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edit... oops... flag removed just in time

Welcome... Today's my birthday!! 29 =)

If you have any questions about Steem, please leave them here:

(Or just answer this comment and I'll add them to @ned's post.)

You are intelligent and know a lot of blockchains so you can probably ask a lot of important and relevant questions.

What are the things you would like to know or have clearly explained if you'd heard about Steem for the first time right now?

Are there any complicated things that are not well explained in the whitepaper or elsewhere?

Good to have you here.

Nice. I bet I could last at least 2.5 minutes of grappling before you submit me.

Bitcoin Jesus = SteemIt Bono

You know you have something special here when the visionaries are coming on board! Welcom @rogerkver

@rogerkver You just made $2,077.50 for joining, now that's something to smile about!

Reading your investments list, Arcade City seems the most interesting as of now.

It says something about the concept of steemit when you see all the top names in crypto joining in on the action. Welcome to steemit @rogerkver. Be sure to do a follow up post in 24 hours with your thoughts on the project.

That's who I most wanted to see here. Very cool man)

So cool =)
Welcome to steemit @rogerkver.

I've been seriously thinking lately about putting some of my "hard" earned money into the plattform as an investment, but i'm still a bit skeptical about the evolution of steam value in the market and also about the fact, that beeing some sort of public shared company, steemit's blockchain ist not regulated by law.

I'll appreciate your comments on that.

Welcome onboard!

Great to see you here!

Jesus has entered the building

I really enjoyed the interview you did recently with a fellow Steemit member. I figured it would just be a matter of time before you joined as well. Welcome. :)

Welcome brother! thank you for your support

I joined Steemit today. It's wonderful and I think it has the potential to change the world for the better. At least a little bit.

Hi Roger! So nice to see you here! Finally the crypto-separatism has an end! Greets from Berlin and hope to see you again in Acapulco! #unitedforcrypto

Good to see you here!

I have enter on steemit few days ago, and im investing my time believing in this alternative to create a new economy, that you joined us make me feel like im in the right band.

What's your first instincts about the direction that this community/platform COULD go? What direction do you think it SHOULD go?

If you are asking about Steemit, I don't know. I'm still learning about it.

Great to have you here I heard all of good things about you lon time ago let's hope you can play apart of bringing steemit to the wide audience and support's of yours.

Welcome! The Twitter link is not working properly.

Nice, I love Kraken, it was my first proper exchange; I wish they would get better looking charts though! :-D


it's been a pleasure working with you Roger. Great to see you say hi to steemit! -gavin

Welcome @rogerkver! It is great to have you on here. Awesome!

Nice man welcome!
I remember seeing all of your stuff over in Asia where you got in some heat because they didn't like your support of bitcoin :/
Good to see you on hear brotha :D

Welcome Roger. Met you in Acapulco this year, nice to see you on Steem. I look forward to your future posts

I would like to hear your critical analysis of the steemit ecosystem and economic model.

I don't know much about it yet.

The Whitepaper is still the best thing to read although things change fast here (hard forks are routine, not a quagmire of politics like in Bitcoin).

Then I would recommend reading @dantheman's postings especially the latest one. You will see the main developer's agony to make this system fairer and how he listen and communicate.

Well then I hope you get up to speed quickly Roger, many here would love to hear your perspective of this platform including me.

You have made investments in many crypto projects. How involved are you with them now? The last one I am aware of was, which I learned about on the Daily Decrypt. I ask b/c being a user of for 9 - 10 months now, I see the need for UI improvements which are minor to implement but really help new users. I don't get the impression any development or bug fixing is going on with now Also, I see the need to publish and synchronize and Amazon policies. One minor example is how orders that include "Add ons" (items too inexpensive to ship but my be "added onto" other orders) are handled.

Anyway, despite its flaws is a fantastic service. I hope Amazon doesn't crush it with a few changes to its' policies. Would love to see the same type of thing done for ebay too.

So nice to have you here!

hi.. Roger, nice to meet u here

Welcome in new world @rogerkver.. We hope you ill enjoy.

I was wondering are you worried that blockchains seem to be only in bitcoin and social media and even then they seem to be in pretty obscure areas.

Welcome Roger, its very good to have you here! I look forward to reading what you have to say.


nice to see u here :)

welcome to steemit!!! I am new here too

That's really inspiring. I am posting on Steemit for a while now. I really loved it so far and now inspired more when I found out First Bitcoin investor is on Steemit too ;)

nice to see some big names coming over to Steemit

Hi Roger, I don't know why but since the early, early days, I'll always remember you as the guy on a boat with a very skimpily clad, and very attractive Japanese girl.

Roger Ver, you saw bitcoin and took it up. It became a revolution. and now you are into steem. I think we all know what to expect about steem .

Welcome to Steemit. I am curious to learn what you are trying out on steemit? What key insights are you looking for or is it to see if you can make more money on steemit than with your bitcoin startup investments? Have you consulted any guides, posts before on steemit? What would you recommend? Lots of questions....hope it is okay. I am newbie.

Invest in Steem and justify the investment this community is putting into you by upvoting your introduction

Blockchain technology doesn't stop surprising, I wonder what gonna come next, decentralized Youtube platform? I am very excited about this....

I don't understand why people are upvoting this stuff. "First BTC investor", so what? Does it gives you a very useful information? He is not Albert Einstein. Very crazy and this happens and happens again. A lot of trending trashy posts with huge upvotes. People think what you are upvoting!

@rogerkver can anyone invest on arcade city?

I know they are looking to raise more funds, so I would suggest contacting them in their Slack channel:

This guy is a hero in my book and the story of bitcoin! Roger that, we have liftoff :D

@rogerkver Welcome to Steemit Roger ! Great to have you here. Would love to read your comments after reading the White Papers. Looking forward to your involvement and participation in Steemit. Again, Welcome.

Welcome, Roger! I look forward to learning from you. Your few words were powerful according to the numbers!

Good to see you here @rogerkver ^_^ This is turning out to be one hell of a good week for Steemit.

Right who's next?

Great to have you here, welcome to Steemit!

Awesome news. The more credible people that join, advocate and use the platform the better.

riiiise, steem, riiiise. Just watching this intro blow the fuck up, I hope. I voted somewhat early. yasssssss