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RE: HELP @haejin from these SNEAKY DownVoters!! Steem Power UP & UPVOTE!!

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@haejin, heard your a guy that like math.. read this..

Article Link:
Did Bernie photoshop an image to deceive his followers? The curious case of the missing comma

Perhaps not all as it was made out to be, and perhaps an image was altered to incite hatred toward you. But you will have to read the article to find out.

Also I poke fun at everyone equally...:) I'm not biased by any means in my articles and they reflect that as you peruse my blog..

I'm actually a member of the club now as I have been downvote attacked for the article mentioned above..

Take care, I still think your rewards are excessive, but that is the system we have here. You used it to your advantage and I applaud you for that...