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RE: HELP @haejin from these SNEAKY DownVoters!! Steem Power UP & UPVOTE!!

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The back and fort along with this latest campaign to dump rewards at the last minute is just too much for me. Before finding @haejin on Steemit, I was only an investor in Steemit and not a participant. I've learned so much about trading and Elliot Waves from Haejin that I'll forever be grateful. Now days, I look at the charts and then confirm my analysis against his posts. If he leaves, my number one reason for logging into Steemit every day goes away. @dan @ned @steemit, there has to be something that can be done to protect valuable contributors to the platform from bullies. We need active moderators or unbiased representatives that can provide support in cases like this where those with power abuse their "early adopter" status to lord over the rest of us. It's especially galling when people like berniesanders complain and spout obscenities against us while stirring up drama with posts attacking content creators and their supporters. How is it not "raping the rewards pool" to post a rally post attacking one user while collecting thousands of rewards and essentially doing the same thing as the target of your attacks.


There should be some kind of Steem court instead of this Hang'em first, ask questions later business.

I think we need to think outside the box here and go outside Steemit to alert people as to what is actually going on - Writing about this on Steemit is ineffective for multiple reasons...I will investigate this today, and I urge other @haejin supporters to do the same(come back with suggested solutions).
This is a battle of dark v light which is actually intensifying all over the planet but so obvious here on @haejins blog... Dont worry @haejin , the love for you will win.

YOYOW uses the same tech as steemit and many of the team had worked on Bitshares. There is also upcoming TRON. Keep an eye on them. Also SMTs might even be able help. Until then, upvote, upvote, upvote. That's how we counter the flags.

The b e r n i e s a n d e r s mafia is stalking me, downvoting my posts, and everyone who has downvoted- look at their wallets- $25,000- no blogs, no posts, being funded by whales. Steemit is totally gamed at this point.

yes its true- and I see that you have figured out if you spell it correctly , you will attract them like flies!

Very observant, Oliver. I may be old, but this isnt my first rodeo. They crave the abuse, thats why they have employed a new lackey, who is repeatedly attempting to antagonize me. I remain unfazed, I thought this shit had blown over.

PS I just confirmed that this post written by k r y s e c yesterday is in fact, written by one of the mafia... Steem is 100% gamed. and this one too- @haejin and others, can you please bring attention to retweeting my tweets please, if you agree?

Your idea of "going outside Steemit to alert people" must have resonated in my subconscious, as I wrote the following today before coming back to this post to see additional activity.

Specifically, this comment, in which I mention creating e.g. in order to put content there which cannot be modded to invisibility.

They know that if they can make something invisible, then future stumblers are far less likely to read it, due to the extra click required and ominous text "hidden due to low ratings."

Do you know that your comment is COMPLETELY INVISIBLE TO ME unless I go through my own feed of replies to my comments (then it mysteriously appears!)?and there is no text saying"hidden due to low ratings, just gone ! Anyway this is very informative to know what key words in a script will have certain actions- Actions that bernie is clearly using with his bot army (so why shouldnt we try to beat him at his own game?)! Well, I would like to know how you linked your comment, because I would like to bring your attention to this new blog post (I actually recognize the name of the poster, but cant place it??? is this a hint?): ...I have commented there and had to upvote myself to move it to the top...but I cant link it here for you because I dont know how... The post puts Randowhale in a positive light, rating him 5/5??? (hmmm... I recognize the name of the blogger from somewhere, but I only stay on @haejin s posts! ), which gets me thinking... ANywho, I have gotten many views and a few engagements on my tweets so I hope it has helped in some way(although some people just dont get it and the tweets could use more support).
edited out a comment that I am not sure about..

AGAIN Everything under my reply ending in "the love for you will win" is invisible, including now my latest reply to you! It goes completely invisible after I post it! The only way I can access it is to go through my own account feed of replies! Is this normal, how is this happening exactly?? (there is nothing to say, "this post is not visible because it has been flagged" , or something like that..just everything gone up until some messages down below..So no one can even see our conversation? (not sure , but it appears to be so). it appears as normal- not sure what happened with posts disappearing like that..

Addendum: CONFIRMED! The post I linked above is actually written by a Bsanders bot ( r y sec )

Have you checked "" (similar to Steemit without the down votes)?


@haejin, heard your a guy that like math.. read this..

Article Link:
Did Bernie photoshop an image to deceive his followers? The curious case of the missing comma

Perhaps not all as it was made out to be, and perhaps an image was altered to incite hatred toward you. But you will have to read the article to find out.

Also I poke fun at everyone equally...:) I'm not biased by any means in my articles and they reflect that as you peruse my blog..

I'm actually a member of the club now as I have been downvote attacked for the article mentioned above..

Take care, I still think your rewards are excessive, but that is the system we have here. You used it to your advantage and I applaud you for that...

Have you noticed that STEEM/USD and STEEM/BTC could need a correction on the charts. Chart and prices (mirror of sentiment) before events and news. Haejin leaves, more than 5k leaves and maybe sell Steem, the price goes down in a (healthy ???) correction. Just a theory, could also continue rallying, in that case I hope haejin will stay :-)

You are amazing!!!
Have you checked "" (similar to Steemit without the down votes)?

I made a Steemit account to upvote Haejin. I bought steem to upvote Haejin. I will sure as the sky is blue be gone from Steemit forever if he should leave.

Couldn't have said it any better decay....cheers friend

Maybe they should bold and italicize the little "beta" under the Steemit logo?

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