HELP @haejin from these SNEAKY DownVoters!! Steem Power UP & UPVOTE!!

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The below listed users are actively DOWNVOTING your UPVOTES AWAY!! Your PRECIOUS UPVOTES which you gave to @haejin, these users are furtively; SNEAKILY going to the 6 day blogs before payout and DOWNVOTING them to zero!! HOW SNEAKY!! HOW MACLICIOUS!!

IF THIS CONTINUES, I AM CONSIDERING TO LEAVE STEEMIT and GO PRIVATE!! More to COME on this DECISION to LEAVE STEEMIT!!! Going PRIVATE will allow FULL AUTONOMY but more importantly, keep these VIPERS powerless! Details of this possible direction will be announced in early January. It's amazing how SILENT the COMMUNITY is OVERALL!! Fear drives this type of SILENCE. Fear of repercussion from the likes of @berniesanders!! It's a sad state to see bloggers being driven out by the likes of @berniesanders who's uncouth and tyranical behavior runs unbridled.

WHY STAY AT a STEEMIT COMMUNITY THAT IS SO HURTFUL, ATTACKING, JEALOUS of OTHERS' BLOGGING SUCCESS and PAYOUTS? It's TWISTED to see the RECEIVER of UpVotes get ATTACKED with unprovoked vulgarities, false accusations of bot usage, false accusations of multiple accounts usage; etc. just because @haejin was rewarded by UpVoters who gave per their whims!! How does the accountability of that lie on the receiver?? IS THIS HOW THE STEEMIT COMMUNITY IS BETTERED? IS THIS WHAT DAN LARIMER, founder of Steemit, would ADVOCATE? No, DAN Could NOT have seen this as the true STEEMIT community!!

I joined Steemit in June and my primary objective was to help and do no harm by sharing my Technical Analysis and market calls and forecasts. However, I'm seeing more and more that Steemit, as it is now, is not yet conducive of a community but more of a bully ridden schoolyard racket where these bullys are uncontrolled and are not held accountable.

All the UpVotes you've awarded are being pissed away by the downvoters listed below. They are DOWN VOTING and don't want to be seen so they try and kill your UpVotes on @haejin's blogs that are 5,6,7 days old!!

Know this: What goes around...comes around!

@randowhale is leading the charge....he's spending the SBD sent by innocent Steemians who think their SBDs are being used to UpVote them; but no, @randowhale is using those SBDs to DOWNVOTE @haejin.

THESE USERS are Actively Selecting the Just about to be PAID OUT Blogs on day 5,6,7 to DownVote @haejin:



The back and fort along with this latest campaign to dump rewards at the last minute is just too much for me. Before finding @haejin on Steemit, I was only an investor in Steemit and not a participant. I've learned so much about trading and Elliot Waves from Haejin that I'll forever be grateful. Now days, I look at the charts and then confirm my analysis against his posts. If he leaves, my number one reason for logging into Steemit every day goes away. @dan @ned @steemit, there has to be something that can be done to protect valuable contributors to the platform from bullies. We need active moderators or unbiased representatives that can provide support in cases like this where those with power abuse their "early adopter" status to lord over the rest of us. It's especially galling when people like berniesanders complain and spout obscenities against us while stirring up drama with posts attacking content creators and their supporters. How is it not "raping the rewards pool" to post a rally post attacking one user while collecting thousands of rewards and essentially doing the same thing as the target of your attacks.

There should be some kind of Steem court instead of this Hang'em first, ask questions later business.

I think we need to think outside the box here and go outside Steemit to alert people as to what is actually going on - Writing about this on Steemit is ineffective for multiple reasons...I will investigate this today, and I urge other @haejin supporters to do the same(come back with suggested solutions).
This is a battle of dark v light which is actually intensifying all over the planet but so obvious here on @haejins blog... Dont worry @haejin , the love for you will win.

YOYOW uses the same tech as steemit and many of the team had worked on Bitshares. There is also upcoming TRON. Keep an eye on them. Also SMTs might even be able help. Until then, upvote, upvote, upvote. That's how we counter the flags.

The b e r n i e s a n d e r s mafia is stalking me, downvoting my posts, and everyone who has downvoted- look at their wallets- $25,000- no blogs, no posts, being funded by whales. Steemit is totally gamed at this point.

yes its true- and I see that you have figured out if you spell it correctly , you will attract them like flies!

Very observant, Oliver. I may be old, but this isnt my first rodeo. They crave the abuse, thats why they have employed a new lackey, who is repeatedly attempting to antagonize me. I remain unfazed, I thought this shit had blown over.

PS I just confirmed that this post written by k r y s e c yesterday is in fact, written by one of the mafia... Steem is 100% gamed. and this one too- @haejin and others, can you please bring attention to retweeting my tweets please, if you agree?

Your idea of "going outside Steemit to alert people" must have resonated in my subconscious, as I wrote the following today before coming back to this post to see additional activity.

Specifically, this comment, in which I mention creating e.g. in order to put content there which cannot be modded to invisibility.

They know that if they can make something invisible, then future stumblers are far less likely to read it, due to the extra click required and ominous text "hidden due to low ratings."

Do you know that your comment is COMPLETELY INVISIBLE TO ME unless I go through my own feed of replies to my comments (then it mysteriously appears!)?and there is no text saying"hidden due to low ratings, just gone ! Anyway this is very informative to know what key words in a script will have certain actions- Actions that bernie is clearly using with his bot army (so why shouldnt we try to beat him at his own game?)! Well, I would like to know how you linked your comment, because I would like to bring your attention to this new blog post (I actually recognize the name of the poster, but cant place it??? is this a hint?): ...I have commented there and had to upvote myself to move it to the top...but I cant link it here for you because I dont know how... The post puts Randowhale in a positive light, rating him 5/5??? (hmmm... I recognize the name of the blogger from somewhere, but I only stay on @haejin s posts! ), which gets me thinking... ANywho, I have gotten many views and a few engagements on my tweets so I hope it has helped in some way(although some people just dont get it and the tweets could use more support).
edited out a comment that I am not sure about..

AGAIN Everything under my reply ending in "the love for you will win" is invisible, including now my latest reply to you! It goes completely invisible after I post it! The only way I can access it is to go through my own account feed of replies! Is this normal, how is this happening exactly?? (there is nothing to say, "this post is not visible because it has been flagged" , or something like that..just everything gone up until some messages down below..So no one can even see our conversation? (not sure , but it appears to be so). it appears as normal- not sure what happened with posts disappearing like that..

Addendum: CONFIRMED! The post I linked above is actually written by a Bsanders bot ( r y sec )

Have you checked "" (similar to Steemit without the down votes)?


@haejin, heard your a guy that like math.. read this..

Article Link:
Did Bernie photoshop an image to deceive his followers? The curious case of the missing comma

Perhaps not all as it was made out to be, and perhaps an image was altered to incite hatred toward you. But you will have to read the article to find out.

Also I poke fun at everyone equally...:) I'm not biased by any means in my articles and they reflect that as you peruse my blog..

I'm actually a member of the club now as I have been downvote attacked for the article mentioned above..

Take care, I still think your rewards are excessive, but that is the system we have here. You used it to your advantage and I applaud you for that...

Have you noticed that STEEM/USD and STEEM/BTC could need a correction on the charts. Chart and prices (mirror of sentiment) before events and news. Haejin leaves, more than 5k leaves and maybe sell Steem, the price goes down in a (healthy ???) correction. Just a theory, could also continue rallying, in that case I hope haejin will stay :-)

You are amazing!!!
Have you checked "" (similar to Steemit without the down votes)?

I made a Steemit account to upvote Haejin. I bought steem to upvote Haejin. I will sure as the sky is blue be gone from Steemit forever if he should leave.

Couldn't have said it any better decay....cheers friend

Maybe they should bold and italicize the little "beta" under the Steemit logo?

hey bro i have had the same problem whith litleboy i hate him he downvote al my blogs what can we do against this problem

Can't we all just get a long?

move to discord

PLEASE RETWEET these in support of @Haejin if you agree- Calling on Steem supporters to bring attention to the bullying that is going on here..

@heajin I can fully understand your frustration, yet I would encourage you to stick with steemit for the time being.

Obviously, there is a very suspicious powergame going on, that's a big problem for the whole platform. It would really be sad to see the unreasonable bullies win, and let them have their say.

I believe that the steemit ecosystem should be strong enough to handle cases like this, as the argument seems to be clearly on your side. (In case it can't at least we know that there is something crucial to be fixed.)

I think the best thing to do is to document the organized downvote campaign carefully, and seek the attention of the wider steemit community. If a successful content-creator is targeted by specific wealthy users, for dubious reasons, this is a massive problem for everyone trying to use the platfrom properly.

I believe there are enough virtuos whales that simply aren't aware of the problem (@ned, @dan, @steemit...). If they became aware of your case, they would be highly incentivized to support you, as this is about the success of the entire platform in the long run.

Everyone reading this should feel compelled to spread the word in some way. The whales of course, can do alot by voting themselfs or delegating SP to others.

So @heajin I encourage you to be patient for a little. There is something shady happening on steemit, and it may be a great win for everyone if this can be exposed.

Of course this is merely an encouragement and you can do whatever you like. :)

Finally, please be ensured that you have many many supporters, that will do their best to help where they can! We are way more in numbers, than those attacking you.

Guys what if we can turn the table around and flag all those downvoters??? What if we retaliate???

The way to retaliate is to gift @haejin with litecoin or bitcoin----- and quit buying steem power! Pay the man directly- anytime there is a middleman involved- the true recipient gets screwed over.

PLEASE RETWEET these in support of @Haejin if you agree- Calling on Steem supporters to bring attention to the bullying that is going on here..

I'm surprised that there hasn't been any official post about this so far.

Simple solution really, in two steps:

  1. A vote is a vote, all worth the same
  2. No bots

By the way, for those who think Haejin's payouts are too high, check out the posts he made for months all receiving single digit payouts at best. If he is getting more now, it is a payoff for the early efforts that were unrewarded.

In my view, as a Steemit user for about 8 months, Haejin is the only reason to return. The site offers nothing that can't be found elsewhere, other than Haejin and the community of his followers/

@cannonball6 Precisely. You summed it up to the letter--the content on this site is nothing that couldn't be found a dozen different ways elsewhere online. The UI and UX on Steemit are rubbish, and the power of the voting system is obviously broken. So why would I buy 'steem power', in affect putting more money into the platform? Nooooo thanks. I see no value in propping up a broken system.

The moment Haejin goes elsewhere, I'm leaving Steemit and never looking back at this mess.

Ditto that, happytank Heres haejins site------>

NAILED IT! I think we should all gift @haejin with bitcoin or litecoin--- and STOP purchasing steem power. This will defeat berniesanders and his minions and teach the steem managment a lesson!

I hope you do leave haejin. This platform is beyond stupid. Who makes these payouts? Steem? Perhaps these accounts that are voting you down are by the same people who are supposed to pay you? Perhaps it is more cost effective to vote you down than to pay you out?

If you go private I would GLADLY pay $5.00 per month subscription fee for every crypto I wanted to see your analysis.

You could put all of your content in front of the pay wall but make it 2 or 3 days behind. Paying subscribers could see your analysis in real time.

I admire and respect what you are trying to do here but like they say "No good deed goes unpunished"

I don't know for sure what is the motivation for this nonsense but it is just that, NONSENSE!

If you do open a pay as you go site please post the details on STEEM as I have no intention of getting involved in any other blogs on STEEM. If this is how it works, NO THANK YOU!

I hope you do leave haejin. This platform is beyond stupid. Who makes these payouts? Steem? Perhaps these accounts that are voting you down are by the same people who are supposed to pay you? Perhaps it is more cost effective to vote you down than to pay you out?

You don't understand Steem payouts. The pool for any period is constant. If Haejin gets paid more, others get paid less. Haejin getting more upvotes doesn't lead to "them" paying out more in total.

@haejin works for his posts. why should he be penalized for those who do no work? They are digital shoplifters, plain and simple.

everyone who posts works for their posts as well. that is why it is a community reward pool

everyone who posts and gets upvoted is in effect mining STEEM and is just as entitled as anyone else to a fair (not necessarily large) return.

All it takes is for one person to shit himself in the "Community pool"-- and everyone jumps out- for sanitation reasons. You can swim in it as long as you please, just remember- thats a turd, not a baby ruth candybar your munching on.

LOL!! Ill never swim in a community pool again!

some day you may make some sense but today isn't it.

You'll note I never said anything regarding Haejin, I just corrected misinformation in the comment I replied to. As such, your comment seems out of place, as if you're replying to the wrong person, or a strawman.

Im replying to a nitwit with a hollowed out watermelon rind on a cats head.

I really don't care how it works. The entire premise is stupid. Haejin could make far more with a subscription service instead of wasting his time fighting these astholes.

This place has become a big pile of steem.

I really don't care how it works

See, that is the problem right there. Haejin and his followers acts like they dont care about community. Dont expect the rest of the community to like this.

I see someone is triggered with something here...

To @kwaman:
Steem comes from a philosophy that I agree with which is basically rewarding people by the content they make, directly, without relying in advertisement and such methods.

This comes with its problems, has some people, like @haejin are experiencing right now. People have always to mess with other's wellbeing and have a way to prevent other's success in any platform or website, etc.

As being @haejin able to make more money with a paywall or other monetizing method, I agree that he would probaly make some more bucks with a paywall short term, but I think he would be missing an opportunity to build an audience and to be paid directly by it.

To @haejin:
I hope you don't leave, I think you add value to Steem and its community and I also think that this is still very new, with relatively few users and that if you think long term you will see this being quite rewarding, not only financially.

With this said, you do whatever you feel you should do.


Problem is, it is WAAYY too complicated. Make a vote count as a vote, no need for multiple tokens, just stick with STEEM. Steem Power would be irrelevant if you could not power up, and there would be no need to do so if a vote was worth a vote. Steem Dollars are not an effective pegged asset. Get rid of both of those, and you have a huge improvement. <------ Steemit needs @haejin. @haejin DOESNT need steemit. Im going here now, to hell with this wailing over upvotes. Please inform others.

I really don't care how it works.

This place has become a big pile of steem.

I mean, spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories, and then saying you don't care how things actually works is how you get there.

You'll note I also said nothing of the Bernie-Haejin fight, and just corrected you spreading misinformation.

Again, I guess I don't care enough about this nonsense to seek out the details. Life it too short.

Again, I guess I don't care enough about this nonsense to seek out the details. Life it too short.

I joined just so I could up vote haejin because he said it was important to him.

Now, I will not up vote anything on this platform. I don't like the way it pits people against each other and I find it to be non productive.

I check it from time to time just for train wreck curiosity.

As far as getting paid in Steem. I could not care less. It means nothing to me. So you all can down vote me all you want if it makes you feel better.

Like I said, I won't be voting on any posts anymore. Not even haejin's because I don't like the premise of this platform and I will not support it or those that exploit it.

I am going to follow suit, Kwaman, and gift haejin in litecoin or bitcoin. For a few months, I felt I had finally escaped the melodrama of facebook, only to have this ordeal rear its ugly head. Is there a place where rational adults can gather and be freed from this counterproductive nonsense?

PLEASE RETWEET these in support of @Haejin if you agree- Calling on Steem supporters to bring attention to the bullying that is going on here..

I hope you don't leave @haejin! I have been following you and upvoting you for months, your wisdom has helped me so much.

Please power up yourself too and let's all fight this. You have a real community of loyal followers around you who will not back down, and together we have quite a lot of Steem Power, and you are gaining more followers every day.

If you keep growing at the same speed you have been, very soon nothing will be able to stop you.

Together we can make a difference. Someone has to stand up to this, we've been given a kind of freedom by the Steem blockchain that doesn't exist anywhere else, we can't just let the haters win!

But if you have to leave, then wherever you go I will follow you!

This is how you really make money in crypto!

yeah , i haven't lost a penny on his calls . He saves us from coins that are prepumped and are about to fall .

How much Steem Power must i get, so that there is an effect of my UPVOTE ?

I think we need to think outside the box here and go outside Steemit to alert people as to what is actually going on - I will investigate this today.
This is a battle of dark v light which is actually intensifying all over the planet but so obvious here on @haejins blog... Dont worry @haejin , the love for you will win.

Hi Haejin. I believe I speak for so many that we hope you do not leave. Not only have you provided us vast insights, but you have taught us a great deal. Many individuals have sought great profits due to your generous work. Although you may think it is being taken for granted, I can assure you that many of us are with you against these haters.

Once you become a leader and successful ..haters will always appear from under the rocks. Please do not leave and let them win.

Together we can get rid of these malicious users

STEEMIT really need to get this sorted. Is there no one you can contact?

Decentralized anarchy will prove to be a real problem in platforms like these, good point.

This reminds me of being in public school, in the 3rd grade during a food fight at the cafeteria.

Don't leave Steem @haejin . Just take the damage for 1 more month . I think you will get 15k-20k followers in a month .

If this rate continues , one day you will become one of top 10 Steem member .

So don't leave , we will try to give you as much upvotes as we can .

very good information, thanks you for sharing this with us

Just an idea - why doesn't Steemit switch to just upvoting? That would solve the problem, wouldn't it?

I wonder why this wasn't the way they created it. If you get no upvotes because you a jackass, then at some point, you would wear your out and hopefully disappear. I don't see the need at all for down voting capability. It just give a lethal weapon to power hungry greedy people.

Because there is need to balance things.

Isnt zen about balance?

thats why I downvoted you. feel the bern?

No problem with that, since you are in your right to do it.
And since someone else upvoted my comment did an upvote because he wanted too, things are balanced.
And since i dont see the content you post as useful, since its only an embeded you tube video, and you start to recieve a too big reward for so very low effort, i would as well downvote them.

But the problem is that jackasses are getting upvotes, that's why bernie and us try to curb their payouts

Wow guys stop this :( Of course he gets lots of money from our upvotes but it's only because we like what @haejin posts here. Don't be jealous for his success, this guy is a reason I came to Steemit and there is a bunch of people like me

If you add a littlebit of steempower to your account your vote for Haejin will be more effective against the bullies.

well actually @oncyfia if what he was getting was just the funds from the votes of the majority of his followers he likely wouldn't have been noticed for quite some times. It was when the whale started giving him huge upvotes on every post that other whales took note and countered them.

The system is built for that. What whales can upvote, they can downvote. Well actually anyone can upvote or downvote but it's the whales that carry more weight.

Dont forget people. We can use paid votebots too. If someone paid 1SBD to upvote haejin on randowhaleand it went through before the kranky old man uses it to downvote, then we would be saving a 100sbd downvote.

Also if you have a few spare sbd, and are looking to tip haejin, you can use upvote bid bots to vote on his post.
This site:
gives you estimations of what your bid is worth. I often get 2x - 5x of what I pay for their service.

All we need is about a 10sbd upvote to make this post visible again.

I hope the internet bullies won't discourage you from posting sensei.

ADD a bit of STEEM power and you can help Haejin more effectively

Uploading precious BTS -> steem right now... Flagging hateful posts if I encounter them. However I can understand you are considering leaving steemit. Let’s hope things get sorted out. If not, something is fundamentally wrong with this technology :-(


@haejin, heard your a guy that like math.. read this..

Article Link:
Did Bernie photoshop an image to deceive his followers? The curious case of the missing comma

Perhaps not all as it was made out to be, and perhaps an image was altered to incite hatred toward you. But you will have to read the article to find out.

Also I poke fun at everyone equally...:) I'm not biased by any means in my articles and they reflect that as you peruse my blog..

I'm actually a member of the club now as I have been downvote attacked for the article mentioned above..

Take care, I still think your rewards are excessive, but that is the system we have here. You used it to your advantage and I applaud you for that...

so welcome to the club then finally :-)

Yup got my badge and everything....:)


"The curious case of the missing comma" is now missing also!!

Try it now...

Just read it, looks like the whole "war" is based on a lie, but I am not surprised, most wars are started this way and for financial reasons!

True.. would be good for @haejin to resteem it though, as I think his fans would sincerely enjoy it. As well some of the strongest haters that upvoted the posts that started based on that information may feel deceived, unvote them, and turn their anger in the proper direction.

I feel the anger and frustration resulting from this whole ordeal. I know that everybody here says that you should fight, and I think you should too. But, if you leave for another platform or to go private then just know that I and most will follow. And if you take a massive hit on your earnings, then I can only say that at this point I would be happy to pay for your services, provided that we can pay you in cryptos :)

I and many others have already powered up for the first time, and will power up more to fight the good fight!

Please stay! Will get steem power asap as soon as i have enough proft to take some out for this! 🙃

Just wait @haejin . I am sure you will get 100k followers .

If you leave now , we will lose the war . Right now we are losing the battle , but that's ok . We just need to survive this as a community . As we go stronger we will win this !! Nobody will be able to stop you , when you will reach 100k followers .

Add a bit of steempower and your upvotes can help gasinstallatie the doenvotes.

So this situation is getting worse, I wrote about it @haejin to your defense. you are important to Steem and reward is yours. Upvote! Power up people, get some Steem!!

They cant keept this up for long and cant silence everyone

it's not fair with respect to you, I worked for more than 12 years in classical fiat markets and crossed over to crypto-currency. When I found your blog I learned a lot from you how to work with crypto currency price charts, how can you help to stay on Steemit ???

Steemit is about the war between @haejin and @berniesanders

I asked all the Russian-speaking steemians to help you, we are with you !!!

@heajin I can understand your frustration. I love your content and should say that you are doing a great job at educating newbies like myself.

May i ask you an serious honest question? Since you claim that you do this for Free, why dont you just refuse the payout from your posts?

He does it for free. People give him votes. Other people steal his votes. Its like a blind man sitting on the sidewalk, playing his guitar, and people tossing loose change into his hat or on the ground by him. And along comes a thief- and steals the blind mans money. If I vote for haejin- I expect my vote to count. Josef Stalin said" It doesnt matter who you vote for, it matters who counts the votes" And this is ringing true, on steemit. What right does steemit have to redistribute the votes of others? Steemit is losing confidence and credibility.

Check again my friend.

You may not be the one paying him, but he definetly isn't doing it for free.

He recieves payment from you tube ads
He recieves payment from steemit reward pool
He recieves payment from his personal tutored classes

He is definetly not doing it for free.

He does it for free- but some people recognize that his knowledge is worth paying for. I just sent him $20 in ethereum a few hours ago. I didnt have to- I chose to. The people who up voted him chose to- no one forced them. Now someone is stealing from this man- and you try to justify it by saying he has passive income? People and companies are seeking him out for his talent- but your jealous that no one cares about your posts enough. Get a life. tiki tiwari charges $2,500 to mention a few altcoins and haejin has mastered all of them. The people attacking haejin are angry because he is giving away free information they are charging people for. Palm beach report, bill bonner, the cryto dipshit on yahoo with the big glasses- they are no doubt funding the attacks against haejin. The math is pretty simple. Haejin has his own website- and its free. You can pay him for person tutoring- if you want- but its still free if you dont have the money for a personal tutor. I subscribe to bill bonner and palm beach- and they are just copying his work. No doubt about it. He's a lot smarter than you realize- and I think your jealous of his sucess.

Sorry mate, there is no free lunch in this world. Somebody is always paying.
Btw, i couldn't care less if he was a billionaire pissing on his followers mouth. But i do care when somebody actions affect other people in a bad way.

haejin isnt taking anything, people are giving him votes, and the whales are stealing them. deal with it. berniesanders may steal your votes, but I doubt you ever make enough to warrant any action. compared to haejin, what is your contribution to steemit? what sets you apart from the other steemit crybabies seeking a "safe space". I looked at your blog, and didnt see anything of intrest.

First, let me try to explain how steemit work:

X number of coins is produced daily. It is distributed proportional to the upvote power each post recieve. The key word here is proportional. Whoever gets more vote power get more reward.

See the flag up there? click and read the first reason you might flag a post. It is written: Disagreement on rewards.

This means if you dont agree the size of the reward a post is recieving, you may flag. Looks like a big part of the community dont agree that haejin should recieve 2k rewards per day, and that reward should be distributed between ALL other posts that recieved upvotes. So they use downvotes to bring the reward down, and redistribute the reward from the pool.

That includes the reward you recieve too. So, they are not stealing from haejin to themselves. They are putting the reward back to the pool to be distributed among ALL other users. Including you.

Haejin is not doing anything for free. He is taking a big chunk of a reward pool you could also be recieving.

Also, he is still recieving around $300 per day, so he is still fine, even with all the flags.

Let me try one more time: Its not about what he writes. Its about taking too much using cheap spam tatics. People dont like it, people flag it.

You dont like what i post? Good, go look for something you like then. Even if it is only posting random youtube videos, and not actually creating anything.

I read your blog- and everything on it is pretty much resteemed or copied from other sources. Ive been in Crypto since 2015, and you might find this google spreadsheet helpful ---> It lists the current prices of about 300 altcoins, and steem is going to be replaced by yoyow (currently 127 and trading at 0.41$. Taking away other peoples votes is morally wrong, and using bots and whales to influence the outcome is wrong also. Thats why people will begin migrating to yoyow. Today, you get a free lunch- the google spreadsheet. No charge. On this topic, I believe we will have to agree to disagree about the voting, however when the steemit membership plummets, because of greedy whales who "Have skin in the game", but offer no original content or analysis, you may rethink your strategy. Your highest paying posts are plagarisms of other peoples work, so stealing votes from others isnt beyond your moral compass. I hope I didnt sugar coat that too much, amigo.

@haejin ,just don't leave Steemit.Don't give up to your enemy.

I've stated it on other posts, and I'll say it again here to be clear--you just say where, and I'll follow! I have ZERO allegiance to Steemit, and would not even bother with this dreadful site were it not for the tip that you were a great teacher and worth following.
@haejin, I've been here since before you hit 900 followers, I see the value you bring to the platform with your teachings. Others want to lash out at you out of jealousy--that negativity is not needed. Time for platform change? A pay service? You name it, you'll have a crowd ready to follow you. I prefer the "quantum events" birthed from positivity and calmness... Let's get back to that :)

I wish all in the community here MASSIVE profits in 2018!

I joined around the same time too. Your comment earned you a follower. Check this out:

Happy to help. YOYOW, TRON, ALIS has the ability to learn from STEEM even though I still think STEEM with SMTs will be superior. We are where BTC was 4 years ago. That's when the real cracks started appearing. The next year came Dash which was in part created out of frustration. Now Dash will reach at the very worst 10K next year. In the same way we'll see a real competitor to steemit next year.


Please dont leave!

How to report
Make a post using #reportabuse as main tag
The title should describe a precise yet concise description of the abuse: eg "Ripoff of Instragram photo gallery"
The body of the message should contain:

short explanation of what the abuse is
link to the infringing post(s). If there are several post in a series, put all the links in the same message.


We should create a hashtag for upvoting trains to defeat the bots

These fucking cunts need to back off. Why aren't the steemit devs addressing this? This is a major flaw of steemit. The rich get to bully anyone? Ridiculous.

Been a passive reader for a few weeks. For supporting Haejin I have just created an account and started to flag berniesanders posts where he cries about "unfair" rewards. I encourage anybody who reads this and has no steemit acount yet, to do the same. #savehaejin

@haejin 옮기실때 알려주세요 ㅠㅠ 얘들 너무한거같네요; 포스트 항상 감사합니다. 저는 해진님덕에 스팀잇에 입문했습니다.
Let me know when you move. Those downvoters killing steemit itself. Although, thanks for your posts. I registered steemit cuz of you :)

I maked an account to help you out and upvote you!! #haejinteam #stopbernie

Haejin if you can give it a little more time, you will be a bigger whale than all of them combined! Then you can play downvote them if you want or have more power in your up votes! You are doing an awesome job here!

I am a small player and not important in this community, if you go I feel that this community loses one good and experienced player sothis community does not matter to me either

@haejin, since I have been here, I appreciate all you do! I will most certainly follow you into a private venture...Your value and vision is unparalleled...Happy holidays!

I will also follow...

@Haejin...I would also gladly pay a monthly subscription to be able to read your EW and TA reviews of coins. You deserve to earn for your experience, knowledge and expertise and I believe a healthy percentage of your followers would follow you private too. Thank you for all you do and much blessings to you!

Still learning the political powers at work on Steemit.

If you go private, will there be a way to follow you anyway ? Just received 'analyse of stocking trends' and put 0.05 btc on exchange to learn to trade the btc pairs (I read EW and can do some counts pretty easily now). I try to take decision by myself, but your analysis learn me a lot and also make me see things that I do not see myself, then all becomes obvious and I'm wondering how I was'nt seeing all of this before :-)
Anyway your analysis on btc is needed, we can be in a correction or in a big impulse, seeing your analysis helps a lot !!! It really truncates the learning curve.
Thanks a lot anyway, and a Happy New Year for you and your family.

God damn it. Leave him alone, haters!

Dear Haejin, I wish I understood steemit and how to help you. I don't have much in my wallet but I'd happily give it all to you, just tell me how and I'll sent it to your wallet. It is the least I can do. I am 100% better trader now because of you. But most of all I really appreciate your philosophy of doing good. I am so sorry this is happening. The only reason I check steamit is to see what you are saying. Might i suggest that you start a telegram group? You won't make money in the same way, but I do get the sense that you arn't necessarily in it for the up vote money. Perhaps a telegram group could pitch in for donations, and you would be able to pick who is in the group. In fact, there is already a group in your honor, following your predictions, we'd love a vist from you here: Haejin Telegram fans

With great respect, you are one of a kind. Please leave this awful negative place and find a beter one. I look forward to the move. And thank you for all you do.

Dear haejin,
you should really consider Patreon.
It might be better than this stupid steemit where trolls rule
Check out the website

@haejin please if you leave let me know how i can continue to follow you.....I also have realized i no longer am getting as much from upvoting your post....I agree it is all very concerning.....I really hope you stay😇😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

He is here ----> You dont need steemit to access his posts or data. Steemit needs haejin--- haejin doesnt need steemit, basically, this is a classic example of no good deed going unpunished.

very informative thanks to share.i will read these tutoril

As far as I can see, you are making thousand times more per post than many of us. I think you are doing just fine...

Rewards are getting removed at 7 days.

So he does not get anything in this case? I didn't know this was even possible. I thought what was given to you it stays. I see I have a lot more to learn! Thanks, I'm going to do some reading now... Edit: I see lots can change in 7 days...

The system was design this way so that people couldn't game the system. Posts can't be upvoted for the last 6 hours prior to payout but can be flagged up to the very last moment. Downvotes are part of the Steemit ecosystem and are there for balance and to prevent abuse. For the most part Haejin is having his rewards reduced by other users because the reward pool is not infinite. He was due to receive 6.7% of the current pool. There are currently more than 400,000 Steemit users. Can you see how that could cause some issues?

Yes I understand now, thanks. Besides I checked his wallet and he got over 180 SBD in past 24 hours, so my first statement was more or less correct: "he is doing just fine"

In the "special olympics" everyone gets a trophy, weather they cross the finish line or not. In Atlanta, kids that cant read get cheat sheets to pass their finals. Is this the mentality you are expousing, Randy? Show us your Special olympics trophy, make sure its all polished and shiny! The system is gaming the users- when it takes 7 days to pay out and 13 weeks for a power down. Geez! How can you expect anyone to have confidence in a site that controls your voting rights? It was bad enough with the bots, but this is unethical. I wont invest another dime into this site.

Rest assured I have no need of "special participation" trophies. Unlike 99% of users here my username is my real name. I'll make you the same offer I make everyone. Let me know what ABQ MMA Gym and time you'd like to meet for a sparring match(I have mat privileges at all the local gyms) and I'll show you what I did professionally for 15 years. Then you'll need the special olympics.