Daily Bitcoin / Steem / ( SBD ) STEEM DOLLAR Trading Systems Research Update / JUNE 30 , 2018

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πŸ’ In an effort to get all 8 trading systems daily updates out sooner I will be posting ( Daily Bitcoin / Steem Trading Systems Update ) first thing every morning after I have recorded and interpreted the data. Then I will post each system individually so you can see the updated charts and spreadsheets on each system .


Below is the updates for JUNE 30 , 2018

πŸ’ System #1 Hold LONG POSITION

πŸ’ System #2 Hold LONG POSITION

πŸ’ System #3 Hold LONG POSITION

πŸ’ System #4 No Trade Today Stay In Cash

πŸ’ System #5 Hold LONG POSITION

πŸ’ System #6 No Trade Today Stay In Cash

πŸ’ System #7 No Trade Today Stay In Cash



Remember everyday the data is updated and the details and rules for each system is posted after this post is up. In order to find the updated systems posts just look for the image for each system to be posted after this post it may take up to 2 hours to get them all posted each day .
Below are the images for each system.



πŸ’ SYSTEM # 2



πŸ’ SYSTEM #3








πŸ’ SYSTEM # 6






The Bitcoin price is from the Coinbase trading platform GDAX .
The Steem price is from Bittrex
The ( SBD ) STEEM DOLLAR price is from Bittrex

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