Here is everything you need to start a Large Scale Project, Minting your own Money

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Here is everything you need to start a Large Scale Project, Minting your own Money

Run Step by Step Below Commands on VM Instance, Ubuntu 14.4.5 Trusty Tahr, 2 vCPU with 8 or 13 GB Ram:-

Creating Your Own Mining Pool

sudo apt-get install git

sudo apt-get install redis-server

sudo apt-get install libboost1.55-all-dev

sudo apt-get install nodejs-dev

sudo apt-get install nodejs-legacy

sudo apt-get install npm

sudo apt-get install cmake

sudo apt-get install libssl-dev

git clone pool

cd pool

npm update

nano config.json

Replace XDN Wallet Address:
ddeTPyKKxV4dSfpnPG9H5HbLXnRmJ2HKvVG3u6zwvJYY1TkSwoVRNJYgUw7wMnJH82FS8noajsHKGiN ABUygXMdm1oKjojAHf

node init.js

You have probably heard of Ethereum, Ethereum allows people to create Smart-Contracts/Tokens, right? Bitshares was the first Coin to do that, and the Bitshares Tokens are called User Issued Assets (UIAs). The OpenLedger Platform is a Decentralized Exchange Platform, where Nodes are help open by people who are Voted for. So no single person or Company really operates it, it exists on a Blockchain.

Here is OpenLedger

Here is the Cryptofresh Blockchain Explorer, which keeps track of the Transactions on OpenLedger.

All of that is on the Blockchain.

Here is the OpenLedger Github Repo

Bitshares UI

So, that is the Smart Contracts and the Exchange.

Now, more recently Steemit was made. Which is like OpenLedger, but Social. And it is like Reddit, where you can Vote.

Here is an example of a Steemit Fork

Steemit Copied Synero


Here is the Graphene Blockchain

Here is how to use it

And we are just trying to create any kind of Social Media Platform on the Blockchain.

Here are some examples

Social/Social Media Blockchains

Graphene Bots

Creating your Own Currency, Guide:

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Web site mining
(Monero,Ethereum,QuazarCoin,Bytecoin,FantomCoin) ..... app , easy to use

Web site


This is not just for mining, this is for creating your own Steemit and Bitshares Clones/Forks, and using the Graphene Blockchain to create new Websites. And the link at the bottom shows you how to create Cryptonotes.


Forknote Cryptonote Guide, with ALL the Errors