Don't use vote-selling bots: use @promoted instead. A bot that upvotes you when you burn money!

3 months ago

We have all seen the rise in power of the dark schemes that are selling their votes. @randowhale, @booster, WhaleShare come to mind first, but I am probably missing a few. These exploits work for a simple reason: you get an about equal return on your investment 7 days later, and as an added bonus you get more exposure in the hot / trending tabs, which usually results in even more generic upvotes/money. Fantastic...

I'm sure I'm not alone to believe that we need to reduce these exploits. And offering a better, more honest alternative could be a solution. The promoted tab in is supposed to be what people use to promote their posts. Many users probably don't know it, but the price you pay to promote, gets burned. This is a good, sane way to promote posts on STEEM, and it grows the reward pool. Today, instead, people use the vote-selling bots that give a better near- instant return on investment.

Introducing @promoted

I ended up doing this because my genius friend @fabien recently created the account @promoted, and was looking for someone to run a voting bot with a twist... Instead of selling the votes, it upvotes if you promoted your post normally and burned your SBDs. The bot doesn't make any profit, it just boosts you if you burn money. As an added bonus, you also appear in the promoted tab!

Bot Details

  • Maximum: 10 SBD burned => 100% upvote
  • Minimum: 0.001 SBD burned => 0.01% upvote
    Very easy to understand I believe.
    EDIT: Actually, we are constantly changing the settings for the best, soon the @promoted account will post with more information

How to get upvoted by @promoted

Just use the promote button at the bottom right of the post you want to boost.

Step 1

Step 2

Voilà. You will receive your upvote within the next 10 seconds.

At the moment the bot upvotes give much less (about 15%) than the promotion amount. That's because @fabien delegated only 40K SP to the account, which is very low compared to other voting bots.

Helping the cause

  • use post promotion instead of vote-sellers
  • delegate SP to @promoted (feel free to contact @fabien about it)
  • run your own similar bot -> github source

Current Delegators

fabien2017-07-09T16:07:5181522927.660326 VESTS0.43209491860150334
robrigo2017-07-10T17:42:335000000.000000 VESTS0.02650143551650834
ekitcho2017-07-10T18:38:1550000000.000000 VESTS0.2650143551650834
arhag2017-07-10T19:35:0052146098.000000 VESTS0.27638929071690493

If we manage to raise the power of @promoted, and offer a better alternative than the vote-selling bots for users, they will burn their SBDs instead of sending it to people manipulating the current hard-fork's weaknesses for profit. By using the promote button, the burned money will go back into the reward pool, to everyone.

As usual, feel free to comment about how this makes you feel, good or bad.

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Would be cooler if they didn't misrepresent themselves as saying they make no profit when they very clearly make curation rewards while simultaneously condemning Whaleshares as "vote buying" when we only release the whaleshare tokens through contests and rewarding people who have benefited the community and the beyondbit token as a means of creating funding for various crypto projects by giving them tokens to upvote their posts and only make curation rewards too. Furthermore, since our tokens are only released to minnows participating in contests as a means of helping the community instead of whatever posts are being promoted which is clearly an effort to maximize those curation rewards I find the remarks about being not for profit incredibly deceptive.


personally, I kind of hate the fact that promoted posts "burn" money. enough crypto is burned off already just by people losing their keys and such, so why "accelerate" the process. perhaps this made more sense when the annual inflation rate of STEEM was 100% or so annually.

I think I might appreciate the promoted feature more if at least those funds went towards perhaps some sort of community stake-weighted vote on how best to use the funds (projects, charitable efforts, etc). And by "happenstance", that's sort of what it seems whaleshares is trying to achieve! :)


I'm just reading this now - I am new to all of this crypto stuff as well as to steemit. What does the term "burn money" even mean? Trying to learn and constantly lost here :)


as if you would destroy a dollar bill by burning it, you destroy crypto by sending it to an address (in this case @null) where it's basically lost forever, and cannot be used by anyone else.


That is a completely new aspect of this world to me. Thank you for the explanation but I'm not sure I get the analogy.

Are you saying that @null will never spend it and so it is lost? Why will @null never spend it, or by what mechanism does he/she/it destroy it? How would that be different from someone who is just holding steem money of the various kinds without spending it to boost their power or whatever?

I'm not sure I understand how the money is created in the first place and this is another side to it. I really appreciate your replying. Thank you.


because @null doesn't actually exist as a user, any money sent there is forever inaccessible to anyone! And that's also my point, it's no different than someone just holding STEEM, EXCEPT that they can eventually choose to spend it. Unless they lose their keys, of course, at which point it's also as good as "burned" (ie. completely inaccessible forever, or until quantum computers figure out how to crack it)!

Regarding money creation, think of the STEEM blockchain as a new sort of "blockchain government". And how do governments create money? They "print" it into existence, out of "thin air". That's basically what the STEEM blockchain does as well. However, it is done very precisely according to a specific algorithm agreed upon by the community and the witnesses they support.

All new STEEM and SBD go into the reward pool and are delegated according to the rules of the system. So, unlike say the Federal Reserve, each of us actually has a say in how that newly printed crypto money will be distributed to the stakeholders in the community! How great is that?! :)


Anything that diversifies me out of fiat is fabulous to hear! This is why I am on barter platforms as well. Thank you for that very good information and I am pasting into my long doc of info to understand.

What is the benefit side of the destruction for null or for anyone else?
Why would null not want to spend the money?
How to you get to be a non-existent user in the first place?
Are many users non-existent like null, or just is this one or one of a few?
Why would this system allow the destruction or is there no way to stop it and that is just a risk in this type of currency?

So many questions!


@null is having so much money at the moment that his wallet can't be even loaded :) :) :)

But i agree and i understand concept of @null, non-accessible account with wallet defined in config for steem blockchain.


And who is going to decide, where this money go ???




I like this !!!!!
I am celebrating 2002 followers and just gave 11000 SBD Back to @null and therefore to the community @edje
Just for a nice feeling to say thank you


You kind of missed the decimal point haha
it was 11 SBD :D
grüße aus Wien


Transfer 11.000 SBD to null 51 minutes ago
Ja ja ja 😱🙄🤓
Hallihallooooo zurück nach Wien
Freut mich !


Its great to see the vote bots diversifying and increasing competition in that space. A really interesting dynamic introduced by the last HF.

It will be interesting to see how this all pans out.


It's a great job..........

For the record, Whaleshares doesn't sell votes. We don't sell anything. We are a community and only release the whaleshares token through contests and by rewarding people who have helped us. Beyondbit was created purely to fund various projects and aren't "sold" or traded on the exchange by us either. The tokens that are traded on the exchange are ones people acquired through these means that chose to trade them. We believe in libertarian free-market capitalism so decided that they are free to do with them as they wish. All we get out of it is curation rewards so essentially it is a means of delegating curation while creating synergy between Steem and Bitshares, 2 similar blockchains with different use cases that we love. With that in mind, saying that this doesn't earn a profit when it will clearly make profit off curation rewards is also misleading. I see no problem delegating the curation of your SP to benefit the community as this is exactly what we are doing too and think this is a wonderful idea that might actually get people to use the promotion feature. Would have been nice if you didn't condemn us as "vote selling" when we have never sold a single token and promote yourself as "non profit" when you are earning the same curation rewards we are though.


Many good points here

Very, very good idea for 4 main reasons.

  1. The promote feature is not that great and is haphazard, you can spend 50 SBD and get nothing in return.

  2. It was very difficult to tell exactly HOW the promote button helped your post.

  3. It was underused because of the above two points.

  4. This initiative now gives people a reason to use promote, plus there is direct correlation with their investment and the vote they get.

In its first incarnation, @randowhale was great, because 2 SBD, even at the lower end of the voting power, gave a good return. However now it seems unlikely that you will even get your 2 SBD back.

Anyway, I'm not against vote buying, but I am for fairness, and that's why I like this, is it is fair, and at the same time helps the overall system.

Well done!


Yeah i just used 1 dollar and it was all i had and only got .35 cent... the randowhale is much better.. but its like sustainability you gotta make sacrifices..

I'm sure I'm not alone to believe that we need to reduce these exploits. And offering a better, more honest alternative could be a solution.

I don't know if I agree with your opinion on the good/evil that these vote selling bots present. I'm curious to know why it's any worse than any of the other things that happen surrounding whale accounts with large votes.

Why do you see these as a problem? How is it any different than whales voting for their friends constantly, huge curation trails, or gratuitous self voting?

At the moment I'm fairly indifferent on the morality of selling votes/voting power/delegation, and interested to see how the markets evolve. I however don't see anything worse happening now than in the past year.

Edit - Just to add a comment about this bot itself - glad to see the others getting more competition and you've got a nice twist. I do however think the post promotion system is somewhat worthless - and I doubt anyone even really reads it for the most part. Would love to see data on trending page views vs promoted page views.


I believe the vote-selling to be less of a trouble than past exploits (voting games for example), but it is one nonetheless. It is unnecessary service that only exists because a hole in the system exists. @randowhale added a random factor in the thing, which was smart, but I don't believe people use it for gambling when there are dozens of more entertaining gambling methods online.

Self-voting/friend-voting is easy to detect and is a consequence of the brutal change on the last fork. It's pretty bad in my opinion but it can be fixed easily by changing back to another non-linear reward, or something 50% HF18 + 50% HF19. Community can point fingers too but I don't think this is a viable long-term solution, we don't want to have useless contents just to 'flag' abusive users.

Curation trails I'm unsure about it. I don't think it's great for promoting the best contents but in the end this is how the world works... L'union fait la force. Still, I don't use it personally.

About the exploits on STEEM, I believe that this will be an ongoing cat-and-mouse game. We improve the mechanics of the STEEM game with updates, then someone will find a new exploit, until we find a solution and make an update, for someone to exploit again.

It is very similar to online game cheats that need to perpetually evolve to not get detected, and how anti-cheats need to perpetually improve their detection as well.


It is unnecessary service that only exists because a hole in the system exists.

Hi mate, sorry that comment suggests a real ignorance of market mechanics. Voting bots exist and are incredibly successful because they are necessary ie because there is an incredible demand for them. The fact is, it is incredibly hard as a Minnow on Steemit, HF19 may have even made it worse as people sit on their VP now. For many people just starting out, the only way to get anything from a post is from a voting bot.

Having said that, I think people milking the voting bots for every drop by upvoting their own comments is a real problem. This is why we introduced the selfgoat on MinnowBooster. If you are upvoting your own comments, people are going to see a picture of a goat licking it's own ____ all over your comment section.

At the end of the day, a post can only get a single vote from any one bot. I think comment upvoting in general is a much bigger problem and drain on the rewards pool, and should be removed all together and replaced with a tipping system.

Either way, I think this bot from @fabien is a really cool idea and finally makes the Promotion feature actually worth using. We welcome the competition.

Full disclosure: I am a mod on MinnowBooster Discord server and have around 170 Steem invested in the project and 200SP out on delegation. I earn a daily slice of revenue from my invested Steem and daily dividend payments from my delegation.


Well said. I'm still not sure I'm concerned with people selling votes (it's probably the best incentive to power up I've seen to date...), but I understand where you're coming from.

Best of luck with the new bot and it'll be interesting to see how this all unfolds :)


I do however think the post promotion system is somewhat worthless - and I doubt anyone even really reads it for the most part. Would love to see data on trending page views vs promoted page views.

This is what I've been saying since the first time I saw Steemit. The promoted posts feature is a complete waste of money due to the current way it's setup. If they want anyone to put money into that, they need to figure out a way to get eyeballs on the promoted posts. You're better off running a Facebook ad to a post and having an outside monetization method on the post to make money from it then you are throwing away SBD on a promoted post here. Maybe if they made promoted posts as sticky posts in the trending section then you'd see people pumping more money into using it. Or make the default page after you click a tag go to the promoted section instead of trending.


I tend to agree with @jesta to be honest, but this really could work if you were to get a mega crap ton of steem power behind it. I'm willing to try it just to see how it plays out, and you do get the added bonus of being on the promoted page, but I think the attraction of the other bots is not only the instant return but that it is (potentially) worth it. I just promoted my post for 10sbd and got a (just barely over) $1.00 upvote from @promoted. There will likely be some residual votes from being on the promoted page, but that probably was me literally just burning my money. Most people (especially noobs who don't have anything to burn) are not gonna be into that. I'm curious to see how this progresses though, I think in general it's a good idea and a good thing for the platform.


I agree with you, but I cannot fund this myself, I'm far from being a whale. Anyone can delegate SP to the account to help the cause (or run the bot yourself)

A lot of people were already using the promote feature regularly, we just gave it an extra boost. It isn't much yet, but it's better than nothing in my opinion.

I like your bot! I will start using promote feature now!

I used these bots weeks ago, and I can tell you that I'm at the bottom i have a loss, do not waste your time and money making the rich richer. Thank you for this wonderful initiative, unfortunately there is no way to stop these bots unless some pretty influential whales take action. Yet steemit is a decentralized network and it is normal for people to provide such services, the only way to stop them if we do not buy these votes.


I couldn't agree more. For the current state we just want to offer a saner alternative to greedy bots. If they disappear, I would see no reason to keep running @promoted.

If any whales want to help, they can delegate SP to the @promoted account. We are making a public list of the delegators and will give the curation rewards back to delegators.

I used this now.. It's cool!! @heimindanger

Where upvotes from promouted bot?
I made several translations, but 0 upvote!

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Awesome it is a very good idea from @fabien to improve the value of Steem in the long term.

However, I think the most important improvement is to give a custom vote close to each user's SBD burning. If someone is burning 4 SBD he or she deserves to receive an upvote close to that value. Calculating it is already possible and as long as SP pool allows it , that could be used.

............... you for real , is the 5th things like this i see today ... ! All of you pretend is non profit but when i told the last one go lend some more vote power he told me ,,,,is not profitable ! You are free to do whatever you want with your power ( USE IT , SELL IT , DONATED IT ) just dont try to get advantige making everyone else to look bad ....................


Think you are right patelincho! SirKnight.

Thanks for stopping by my post @heimindanger. I came by and glad I did thanks for the info! @coffeedrinker51

Hey there. Is there an issue with the bot? I've had 2 instances where I've burned at least $1 and gotten no vote from it. I just spent $1.297 and haven't received a vote for my most recent post after a few hours now. I'd appreciate any info you can give, I'm just genuinely curious if there's a specific time where the bot stops for a bit or anything like that. Thanks!


I just fixed a bug, the @null account received an unprobable transaction that wasn't a transfer... And it threw an error as it should have. In my mind the @null account could only have transfers. I fixed the bug, reran the bot from where it stopped and the missing upvotes were all done.

By the way the unprobable transaction was interest on 0.000 SBD. Weird

Great post, @heimindanger. But I don't really understand what you mean by: "Burning money". What happens when we pay to promote our content? I think it just goes to a user on Steemit which is called: Null


null means nothing. This @null account automatically destroys any money that is sent to him. Nobody can control this account or do anything with it.

That's the STEEM blockchain mechanism for 'burning money'. Any burned money, get reprinted shortly after in the form of author rewards / curation rewards / witness rewards.


@heimindanger What is the best amount to promoted, to get some result on promoting ? Thanks @coffeedrinker51

Thank you for posting @heimindanger.

Just tried the promoted feature you have explained above and for one SBD....the post recieved about twenty-five cents.......not too good....what should bleujay do differently next time?


At the moment the bot doesn't give a positive return on investment. We lack sufficient STEEM Power to do that. Just think of it as a bonus on your promotion :-3

great work bro
although there 're few points to optimize to make it a killer concept to contribute to the ecosystem and economics while promoting content

  • the
    Maximum: 100 SBD burned => 100% upvote Minimum: 0.001 SBD burned => 0.01% upvote (rounding up) Very easy to understand I believe. part is not working in my pov.
    There s a voting power issue considering the bot activity it could rapidely go to null and a 50%vote with 100%power could be more efficient than a 100%vote with no voting power left.
    This model can definitely be improved

  • Delegators should have an incentive to delegate their power to @promoted
    this incentive could be just a top-ranking list for delegators (fame), or even an economic incentive with shared curation rewards

  • yeah, probably. Its easy to tune the numbers in the settings of the bot ;)
  • I can manage a self-updating post with the list of delegators. For the curation rewards part you will need to talk with @fabien, I do not own the @promoted account ;)

Yes that's fair, we will give curation reward back to SP delegators.


Hello @fabien, I've tried the promoted button on two posts. The first time it worked but the second time it didn't do anything... I put in 10 steem dollar but nothing happened. I checked nulls account and saw that he received the money.. do you know what could have went wrong? I think I am not the only one with this problem though.. thanks in advance.

There shouldn't be bot voting and voting trails and steemvoter. Is this social media or robot media?
Manual voting and manual voting only is the way to fix the problem here.


I agree. This bot will be become useless once all the other greedy ones have disappeared ;)


I agree @vivacrownking, I'm so tired of everything being gamed on social "robot" media... I thought that was one of the reasons to create decentralized social media, to give the individual more freedom/an equal voice. I wonder whether it would be better to have every vote count as one vote equally, so it's less about who is voting and more about how many voted and in what time-frame (viral), using SMS verification to weed out multiple accounts, and some sort of algorithm to identify "voting networks" to limit groups of people from gaming the system on a consistent basis (a friend of mine belongs to a group who does this on Instagram). I think @heimendanger is doing good here and being transparent.

It's an interesting idea, I often promote my posts along with using @randowhale, so perhaps this will be a more affordable way to achieve the same effect since I'm only spending the money once, anyway best of luck.


Yes, you are basically getting a better incentive to promote instead of using @randowhale since today, and we hope the incentive will keep on growing. Right now it's about a 15% discount on normal promotion.


Is it currently working now or planning to :)


Yes it is running


Hi, I have no experience with randowhale, is the main attraction the lottery aspect of it or help in getting your post trending?


Well, to be honest, I haven't used it in a while because they seem to have changed their algorithm. I used to always get between 20-50% votes which meant that I would always break even, and sometimes even make a few bucks, but recently I've only been getting <1% votes and thus stopped using it. So to answer your question it was the fact that I would almost always either break even or make a profit.

I donated a SBD to the cause and also tried the promote feature for another SBD

It feels more fair, adds value to the idea of promoting post and simplifies it. I think it's a brilliant idea. Resteemed.

Good idea! I try

This bot is getting getting abused by @hrsagar and is totally drained. Check it out here:

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 5.01.35 AM.png


Thanks for the info. I had coded a fix for this a while ago but totally forgot to pull it into production. Should be fixed now! I have set the minimum weight that the bot can vote at 0.5%, which is what lower votes give anyway.


There is a need for queuing requests in a way that it doesn't exhaust the voting power below 50%. Yesterday it was around 20% and obviously it wouldn't satisfy people to use it over any other renting bot like randowhale. Also one user shouldn't be able to take away a lot of voting power for itself. Some suggestions so it wouldn't lose the competition with other bots :-)


Hey I promoted my post with 10 sbd and only get 3 sbd upvoted, this is not fair vote


I have had the exact same problem a number of times. This bot really needs a lot more SP if it's going to be able to meet the demand...

This is the real altruistic bot guys. So glad I found it!!!

If only the top promoted posts would get shuffled in to the trending tab - trending tab should start showing promoted posts every fifth spot. This is how other platforms handle it. Any opinions? Personally I never visit promoted.


Everyone who recognizes the problem, just should browse the promoted tag from now on. It seems to be on the right thing to support from now on!


I'm uncertain about it. For other platforms they usually take this decision for monetization reasons. Here, or any platform that would implement this change wouldn't directly make money from it...

It's a complicated economic subject, I wouldn't be able to rationally argue about it, but I dislike the idea of the trending getting polluted by 'promoted'...


The ratio could be always tweaked. And the monetization would be the main driver here also except everyone would benefit rather than just the company itself. We can't ask users to "please browse promoted for support" -let's be real.


For example dvery 10th spot could be reserved for top promoted posts in the trending feed. Wouldn't feel polluted. And they would be marked as promoted.


Innovative thinking, right there. Great suggestion, @igster!

@heimindanger... Feeling absolutely ripped off right now.

Your post says
"Maximum: 10 SBD burned => 100% upvote" - or is this something you're changing as per a couple lines later?

I promoted for $10.

I got a 33% upvote according to:
promoted upvote @badastroza/interesting-people-20-louis-castle-on-… (33.34%)

I see other user @raul3820 received a 50% upvote just two hours before. Why the discrepancy, and why such a massive drop in vote received compared to what your post says?

Surely a 100% upvote is a 100% upvote, not 33.34%?


Hey @heimindanger - so, when can we get an update on how the bot is actually working? As I'm pretty sure I've not had a 100% upvote once, despite twice sending $10 is.

Here's my latest post

Let me try this badboy out 😬🙌🏼


There you go! @stackin

Sounds like a good idea to me! I will be trying this out. Thanks!

This is an awesome initiative!

Great project I feel completely good about it @heimindanger

Lol thanks for using my picture. Finally some fame! jk. Thanks for the notice though, that was kind of you


No problem you saved me a few minutes of time without even knowing ;)

this is great !!! Why were you down voted !? 👍👍👍NEVER MIND ! I read and found out in the comments!
I use randowhale and booster a lot!

I promote anyway and just received this service. Thanks :)

The @promoted bot is behaving strangely :
first I burned 1SBD to promote a post and I've got 5% vote,
than I burned another 0.1SBD and the bot updated its vote to 0.5%, not 5.5%

Here are the transactions : (first burn) (first vote) (second burn) (vote update)

Great post ... a lot of science that I get after I read this article ... greetings success.
Follow @nafazul

this really is great thing

Hi @heimindanger - where can I find more info about this bot and its current upvote rewards? I just promoted my latest post for 10SBD and received way, way less than what a 100% vote's value should be according to

When I check, I see I only got a 33.34% upvote, so essentially running at a huge loss.

Would be great to hear from whoever runs @promoted (is it @fabien?) on how we can get greater returns. I'm happy to delegate some SP to the bot as well, as I like what it's setting out to do.

I am concerned though - in the case where almost everyone is promoting their posts, does it not mean very little benefit for those using it? And a reduction of SBD if the @null account really is just a black hole for any transfers sent there getting eliminated from the Steemit economy.

Thanks for explaining! :)

is @promoted still valuable? the voting power is too low

great idea i raise my hat for you:)

I like this Idea and since I am not into spending money for votes this may work better than the bots

Thanks for the info. No more randowhale for me. I think it's a good initiative, keep it up👍

I think this is a good project. Let's see what happens in the next couple weeks.

I would definitely try this out on my next blog post.

How exactly does the burned SBD go back into the reward pool? Doesn't it just get burned?


Yes, when you promote money it goes to the @null account that destroys everything. Then it goes back into the daily author/curation rewards ;)


That's where I'm a little confused. If it destroys everything, then how does it go back to daily author/curation rewards? Do you mean more author/curation rewards generates when SBD is burned?


As far as I know, the STEEM cryptocurrency distribution follows a rule. Any burned money will lower the 'total counter', and the money gets added back to the incoming reward pool.

I haven't looked at the mechanisms of the blockchain to be 100% on how it works so I wouldn't be able to explain better than that, sorry :-/


I think I kind of get what you're saying about it will lower 'total counter.' Thanks for the replies. I appreciate it.

I am glad to see people who fight for the community not for themselves. Good job! :)

Just tried this for fun! It works fine. Cool I like it!

I can offer a spanish translation of this post if you want. Would be nice for the spanish speaker people to know about it... I was who talk in the spanish chat about randowhale and booster but this is much much better.
Thanks for creating this @heimindanger and also to @fabien

Edit: I just tried it. Super good! Pay 5 SBD, which were burned helping the economy of Steemit, @promoted voted me for a value of almost 5 usd, 4.45 to be more accurate (basically I got the money back :) ) and my post got into the Promoted section (even if I know that it does not work so much this Promoted section but... it is ok)... I know @promoted will get the reward of his curation and also that everybody who vote before will get a bit more. Til now just a win-win situation :)


As more people uses it, our voting power will go down. But we are managing it.

Feel free to translate to pingouin language, just mention me and I will upvote it :)


I just translate a small part ;) and of course you and @fabien got mentioned as well as the intro post of @promoted :)
Here it is

Bots, bots, bots so many bots...where are all the real accounts hiding.
This sounds like a great well thought out idea. I wish you luck with it. You got a upvote & resteem.

Step it down a little bit for new comers please...i will love to get a grip of what goes on in here any kind hearted human in here to assist a brother please???? thank you so very much in advance.

@bitcoinparadise resteemed this and I seen it. I will keep it in mind in the future. I like this idea better than paying someone to do it.

Will try it to see if better than @booster whale.

you see, that's a bloody good idea! :)

I just love the idea! awesome!
Let me grow a bit to delegate something to the bot

nice Idea :) and also I learned more about promoting :) I have been alway wondering where the money goes :) nice to hear that it get s burned.

This is a pretty interesting idea.
I'm looking forward to hear more from @promoted.

Thanks for this!

Great idea to promote the internal functions by using this bot. This gives a double boost. Will try it out. 👍

Hi - I didn't even know about this, but just promoted my post and saw the benefit almost immediately. There are lots of initiatives to improve visibility and as a newbie, you get sucked into trying them all out - It's hard to get noticed, so thanks for this great new scheme - Am a new fan - Thanks for your help with my post xxx

Great idea! Unless I missed it though... I'm curious how it'll continue to work without additional support from Steemians. @randowhale works because it's constantly getting more and more power from payment, so the increased usage is offset by a larger voting share. As more and more people begin to promote their articles in order to get a vote from @promoted though, eventually the the vote won't be worth anything. They'll be burning 10SBD, but only getting pennies worth of an upvote. Right?

Well recently I used randowhale and it didn't upvote almost at all! I was annoyed. So yes, I agree that we need something more.

Thanks for this post, I have been wondering about all these self voting bots

Good post and yes ungreedy as well.

please guys do follow me and upvote me i'll do tha same

Easier solution is to move promoted posts into the normal feeds of /trending ect. No one takes "promoted" seriously because it is paid advertising. Why would you look there? You wouldn't. Advertisers pay to have content displayed along with normal content, just like in Google search. This is the model that has been proven to work online, it's how "promoted" should function. You just run it like Adwords where the top couple spots get fed in promoted posts using an algorithm to cycle the right ones into it based on what people are paying.

Thanks for sharing! Some info and a link to you post were included in the wiki pages about Promoted Posts and List of Bots. Thanks and good luck again!

Will there be any tutorial on how to set the bot up for your own account?


You check the source code I linked on github and if you already used node/npm you should have 0 problem getting it running in no time ;)


Alright, I'll be on it! Is it fine if I write a step-by-step setting-up guide for dummies?

I think this idea is brilliant. I often thought that the other voting bots were a bad idea, as you're just giving your money to other people to get rich. I hadn't had much luck with promoted before but I'll have to give it a try.

I tried using the promote button but it won't work for me

I must admit using randowhale did seem a bit suspect, so from now on I am going to be doing it this way.

Nice. I've always promoted my posts, it just never really did much good. This is already way better IMHO. Thanks!

Now I don't usually agree with killing whales, but on this occasion I say let's turn rando into lipstick :)

This is absolutely brilliant. This is a great idea. I personally have never purchased an upvote and today I used the promote tab for my first time. Thanks for this and I hope that everyone uses this instead.

Support you

Sounds like a great idea.

you are a true altruist, good work

Bots feel like a symptom to a greater problem.

That problem, in my opinion, is 'How do I get my content noticed?'

If Steemit could solve that problem independently, than we wouldn't need the bots to buoy up content by whoring out Steem Power.

Content discovery on Steemit is poor at best and non-existent at worst, which means every post has a very tiny window of effectiveness. Knowing that, many users boost themselves with bots.

Fix content discovery, and the bots will be less useful.


I think it's getting better with new apps using STEEM. Some will have search, and different discovery types than just new/hot/trending.

I think interest in vote selling bots increased with HF19 greatly.

Hi guys, I think your vote % is off. Its only voting half of what your post says.
Yesterday I did a $10 promotion and it only voted 50% and today a $5 promotion only did 25%.
This is half of what your above post says it will do.

Thanks guys.

The promote button doesn't show on my pages, what am I doing wrong ?


This is an interesting idea

good job, hope this works out. If I understand correctly we are all tiny stakeholders of steemit so a healthy platform is to our benefit.

I would like to support your efforts @heimindanger and @fabien. How do I delegate SP to @promoted? I don't have much but I still can give what I can. Resteemed! Thank you for getting this info out, following you to stay updated :)


You should follow @promoted, we will soon post with the account with more informations, including how to delegate to the cause easily.


Thank you! I will follow now ;)

I would like to delegate some SP to the cause, how would I go about that?
I think it's a good idea and I have been promoting the idea in this post

I don´t get the idea. If I spend money promoting a post of mine, I get my post listed in the promoted area for how long and how? And on top of that, I will receive an upvote from @promoted of how much and how? Man, is this Steemit world complicated!


I know, right :)

I believe the promoted tab posts to last for 7 days. And yeah, @promoted as well as myself (and hopefully more people in the future) will upvote you depending on how much money you burn. If you burn 1 SBD, you will get a 1% upvote basically. 5 SBD burned -> 5% upvote.

New users honestly don't need to worry about these bots or schemes. They shouldn't exist in the first place I believe...


Well, I beg to humbly differ... I was stuck in 45 for days, could not figure what else to do. And then, bum, I found @randowhale. I used a tiny fraction of the Steem I had (which I had not bought myself, had not cost me anything) and in a few minutes I had climbed to 47. I believe augmenting one´s reputation is essencial in this game, ain´t it?


I had never even considered that myself, as reputation goes pretty slow after 50...

But do you think it is normal that you can 'buy' reputation? I don't. Should people be allowed to make real money off it? Even less.

In the end, it's the whole users of steem who pay for these abuses, even if it's indirectly.

I've recruited a few people on steemit recently and as far as I know, none of them used the randowhale and they are doing decently well (see previous my article to find their names).


You are right. It is pretty strange. But the selling of votes is the symptom, not the cause. The cause is a normal newcomer is dependent on the whim of a very very reduced group of people. If they first see his posts, then decide to vote them, he does well. If any of those two things does not happen, then he is stuck.

The initial idea that quality is the name of the game is very hard to believe. Success does not seem to be related with content at all. Does not matter what you write about, or how you do it. It´s just that you get some big guy to vote you. And the way the little newcomer has to achieve that is called @randowhale.

It´s not that I do not agree with you. It is funny to be buying votes. But it is a funny solution to a previously existing funny problem.

Excuse the philosophy. I just got carried away. I do appreciate your post and your concerns, and this post has been very useful to me.

This is an interesting idea. I don't like promoting myself, it makes me feel weird, and I don't like the idea of buying votes either but I might give this a shot at some point.

Although, having said that I don't think I ever look at the promoted page and I doubt I'm the only one that doesn't look at it either, so promoting a post might end up being a bit of a waste, I don't know.

I like

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Good idea, but just one thing. I have never bought votes from Whaleshares. You can win them

I'm trying @promoted! Great idea! Thank you.:)

Interesting - will have to try it out. SirKnight!

This I really like

Congratulations! Nice post @heimindanger. I agree 100%

Upvote and resteem :)

This is a great idea. I've been wondering about the long-term success of "pay for vote" systems when so much of the early days around here involved flagging posts which were trying to buy upvotes with giveaway promises and such. The promoted tab might become much more interesting with this bot around. I think I'll check it more often now. Thank you!

OK wanted to give this a go - as you promoted this it as some sort of community spirited initiative.

I just spent 2 SBD as an experiment - and it looks like I have been voted up a mere 50 cents worth? WTF??

Am I missing something or are you simply running a dodgy gambling bot like the others you claim to be more noble then heimindanger?


I just read it toay, cool! I didn't know that randowhale is not nice, thx Edit: What is your opinion about crowdfundedwhale?

I used promote bottom and send 0.5SBD to the @null, but nothing happend

Tried it, but didnt see an upvote.

Didn't work as far as I can tell. I didn't see any upvote from the bot yet.

hello @fabien, I think something went wrong with the promotion.. about 20 hours ago more or less I hit the promote button for my latest post for 10 steem dollars and nothing happened to my post I still didn't get the upvote.. Do you know what could have possibly went wrong?

Thanks so much for info !

For a noobie like me, these posts are priceless.

Cheers! Upvoting and resteeming

I no longer care. I am just going to write and post and give freely and not worry about the money.

For what its worth, a new user to Steemit is a likely target to services such as randowhale, which do a better job at explaining its benefits in simpler terms. Although this idea seems "sound" and a better alternative, its that lack of understanding that perhaps could be clarified in simpler terms. In short, maybe a follow up post directed at that user base (such as myself), that clearly defines the benefits, rather than comparing it against other methods like randowhale (causing confusion). Just my 2 cents.

Гуд !

It is really a great idea. I like it. Thank you @heimindanger for sharing such a great knowledge.


I've burned cash by promoting. Where is this bot? What is the process? I don't see an upvote from @promoted. How does this work?

Good post and yes ungreedy as well.
Please help me,,

Hello! Good luck 👍 friend!!

Sorry, I want ask you out of this posting context.

I have saved your link

Is about split beneficiary still work after HF-19?

Also If I use, Is only for one posting (I mean I affraid this beneficiary will continue for my next post automatically). Thank you! :)

Awesome - Love the idea - Hope I followed the directions right tho - eek - if not ya got a donation I suppose


01101101 01100101 01100101 01110000





Not just ungreedy but they also making profit by selecting few posts instead of tons of POSTS not Posts.

Hello friend ! Good 😊 luck !

Is this bot no longer functional? I burned 10 SBD to promote a post a few days back and @promoted didn't vote on it.

nice post sir @ heimindanger

you stopped upvoting me :(

^^ this...

there needs to be more awareness how "promoting" benefits this economy! I love the bot you created here.

look who downvotes this post :P

edit is this bot still operational? I was expecting a 1% upvote [here] for 0.1 SBD promotion cost?!? Or did I misunderstand how this works?

so I got here after promoting a post . in the wallet I saw that i transferred money to null ? whats null then if you r the one who promotes ?

another question is this promotion is going to put my post in the promote section too or not ?

am sorry am a bit confused ?!

if anyone can explain !

This is very good idea! Thank you so much for this project!

@heimindanger it's really a great post!! Thanks for sharing!!

Hi everyone,

I know im running late with upvote and comment, but its never late because STEEM POST STAYS FOREVER! Buahahahahha

  • Before we start flaming at each other, soft reminder:
    This is TRANSPARENCY PLATFORM. FREEDOM IS MANDATORY. So, whatever i say, don't take it personal, just discuss (answer, reply, ask back if you have what to). So, before we go into flames, i'm someone who is a user of all community popular bots, which can be seen from my wallet. I'm moderator at discord in MinnowSupport (since 2 weeks ago), based on my online work so when i have the time im online at discord and help community if admins are not around. No benefits, whatsoever, supporting open-source as community should be doing so.

  • So, first of all running a community bot is a shit load of work. Running account, node, software, support, chat, improvements, front-end... You do understand it does cost money ? Including monthly hosting fees, domains, etc. So @RandoWhale, @MinnowBooster , @booster, @promoted (@null) they are all people/teams who invested money (@null actually came from steemit originally) and it's completely normal to earn some token here and there on it.
    Also not to mention, that using of those same bots, exhausts their voting power, which brings us to question:

"When the day comes when bot is low power, how bot regain power tomorrow ?" - Let's take a look at the answer below

If nobody from this community doesn't come and help bot owners and their community to support, they have to invest (now hold your horses) - 20 to 30 thousands of USD so that bot can operate a month giving community legal and fair upvotes.

So, how they all are hurting community but one doesn't ?

Let's discuss:

  • Payment goes to @null but @promoted is upvoting ? I've just done, i think last night, 1SBD promotion, and got less than 70c back. Yesterday @intelliguy promoted with same bot 20$, got less than 15$.
  • Today i've promoted with 1 SBD using minnows for my wife post, and she got over 2$ in upvote.
  • @booster is since steem going down promoting equal to investment, maybe more, maybe less, it's kinda insane last 3 days.
  • @randowhale is suffering from being fucked by renewed config file, randowhale1 adventure, and with competition becoming stronger issues.

Which brings me to business/life related discussion.
If I sit and earn here from thin air, i still do spend my real time in real life doing so, which has costs as well. So, as Steem being open market for EVERYONE, i do also support to have a choice of picking my upvote service bot, since you are all not delivering 100% quality 24/7, and we can't afford all to be your passive investors.

Community, do remind yourself! When bot upvote your post with 2$ and you paid 1SBD. You get from that less than 1SBD in payout and rest is SP (50/50 rewards). So, you are not earning CASH with bots, you are promoting yourself, building reputation, and gaining power as early adopters community.

My personal opinion is that: yes, i agree there should be limits, but minnows already made limits with weekly boosts. So you can order boosts for more than 5SBD weekly, which is awesome. They literally did great point of not having exhausted bot, having community who is using it happy more % of time than before, and give others space to gain power and earn something.

So, before posting, not to talk about running a promoting bot, should do really good analysis about:
1.) The Market
2.) Competition
3.) Opinion of the Market
4.) Trade Value on the Market

Any idea, comment, reply, fork of my reply would be appreciated. I hope i haven't insulted anyone, my intentions were purely discussion based since i do consider BOTS a huge threat for a community. But, you are for example by this post, completely for marketing and earning purposes get 1186 hits, while ME who is trying to scare away COIN KIDNAPPERS of community by this:

and I'm not being seen, even though my information is VERY USEFUL and IMPORTANT to this community, since these bad bot accounts are kindapping currency and value delegated to market to be shared within us honest users of community by doing completely immoral stuff.

So, who is right who is wrong in this community ? Good bots, bad bots, good owners, no owners ?



good article and its valueable for us .when i earn 1 dollar i must promote my post