Are You Investing In Bitcoin, Gold, Silver, Other Cryptos? Then Read This. By Gregory Mannarino

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Not a single day goes by where my email box does not light up like a Christmas tree full of questions with regard to Bitcoin, other cryptocurrency's, precious metals.

As of late, with the wild ride of Bitcoin especially, I have been bombarded with questions from those who are concerned about price fluctuations in Bitcoin, other cryptos, gold, silver.

If you are concerned about the price action of ANY asset ask yourself, are you investing in it? Or trading it..

If you are investing in any asset, the day to day, week to week, month to month, or even year to year fluctuations in it's price should not matter to you at all. In fact if you are investing in say Bitcoin, gold, silver etc. you should be looking at every drop in price as a buying opportunity, and not getting bent out of shape about it. You as an investor in any of these assets, should only be thinking about the long run.

If you are an investor in cryptocurrencies or precious metals, I believe it is safe to say that you understand that the US dollar is a bad long term bet, and in my opinion you would be correct, with this mindset you should embrace any short term price fluctuation and consider buying the dips.

The fact that more and more people are seeking to diversify away from the US dollar, or other fiat currencies, says a lot. People are not as dumb as world central banks believe they are. Central banks continue to inflate, and thus devalue, their respective product (debt) while at the same time suppressing interest rates artificially (not allowing the free market to dictate fair value). These facts alone should make it clear to you that investing in a central bank controlled unit of debt is a very bad long term investment.

So as an investor in Bitcoin, another cryptocurrency, precious metals, forget the short term price action and instead think about why you decided to invest in these assets in the first place.

Gregory Mannarino
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Silver always my friend, one day our time will come. I did venture into etheruem about 2 weeks ago. Bought in at $140, feeling pretty good about that. I plan on letting it ride and see what happens. Hey man, thanks for all that you do for all of us!


I think it's a good idea to hold onto a little bit of physical cash because this was our day-to-day lives revolve around .


That is a good idea it will take time for things to convert from fiat to the new system, and during that time fiat will still be used.


I thought about ethereum in february when it was 17 bucks but the thought of mining the coin was intimidating. I also have the feeling that though cryptos are likely here to stay there are going to be a lot of worthless token brands from shear over saturated competition.


I think you made a wise decision. Bought a lil' myself. Steems free though and I believe it has great future potential.

@marketreport Straight up, your advice is right on. I buy Silver, and I buy more silver, and then - I buy some more silver. Sure, I kind-of hate seeing the way it gets squashed every-other-day by the dumping of the paper contracts. But, then it's just time to buy more. My price-range for a good silver buy is at about $17.00 spot. But, even at $20, you can't go wrong in the long term.

"Every dog has his day." I'm a silver dog - and my day is coming. Until then, I'm using cryptos to make profits - so that I can buy more silver. Silver is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. I just bought a 20' aluminium canoe with it the other day - and I rowed my wife and my dogs up and down the Snake River a few times. It was great fun! It was awesome! And, best of all - I did it with Silver. I did exactly WTH I wanted to do, right when I wanted to do it, because I AM MY OWN BANK!!! Every loan is pre-approved, at 0% interest. And, pardon my "French" here, but it's the best F-ing feeling in the world!!!


Right on!


Hear, Hear! Even though my personal economic situation leaves a lot to be desired, I make it a point to get at least one silver round every time I get a paycheck. While I haven't gotten wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, my silver stash has come in handy dealing with various emergencies.

All one has to do is to research the concept of "bail ins" to realize that leaving one's money as a deposit in a bank is inherently very risky. While there is an extent to which one has to leave some money in an account, I would nevertheless recommend holding some physical cash in hand and definitely some silver.

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I have recently given some attention to this new phenomenon that the Western Civilization is about to be introduced to: "Bail-Ins." It's nothing new. Essentially, it has the same net effect as a, "Bail-Out." Only, rather than robbing Joe Taxpayer, they're robbing Joe Bank Customer. And, since our wonderful governments have passed it all into law - it will be legal.

They get this same $#!t passed into law because they change a few words here & there - and everybody knows that Bail-Outs are total B.S. So, they change the name - that way nobody knows it's still the same old crap. People never learn.

IMHO, when that happens we should take some politicians out, line them up, and re-introduce the concept of the firing squad. I mean, why should our parents' life-savings be raped to save the banks biggest investors?

Buying BTC right Now! What an Opportunity! Loading up on Silver this payday. Get it while its Dirt Cheap! Your right on @marketreport


I'm thinking that they won't be able to suppress the price of silver much longer. Get it now!


Agreed. Buying silver now is like buying BitCoin when it was under $100.


Haha! Dguy! I haven't thought of it like that. Nice way of putting it. refreshing!

Thank you for the tips. Very valuable.

Great advice.. Crypto to the Moon...

Thank you for the insight as always Greg.

Nice post. Good to see I'm not the only one that is thinking about this. Buy and hold for the upcoming 3 years and the blockchain market will find it's way. We really need more insights in the market and previous investment results. This is quite an interesting website I found: I'm using this site that gives in depth reports on every tradable cryto in the market.

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I like to diversify, lately investing cryptos


Smart. Siler/Cryptos (ETH/BTC) - That's called diversification.

Invest in chewing gum. It will be the final bubble to burst because most people don't have the functioning brain cells to walk and chew gum at the same time.


I like that ! ! !

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

toilet paper.... many A-H&$es in in this world.

I like metals love the old silver US $. Silvers day will come. I remember when they were worth only $.

Physical silver

Physical silver is my best bet. It should be at least 10 times higher, than it is now.


Yeah - More like 20X without suppression but our day is coming.



Don't forget to diversify into cryptos, especially Ethereum (ETH).

Way things are going, Cheerios may be a good investment against the dollar.


I'd vote for Cherrios at this point...good for toilet bowl target practice too lol.

Noice...truer words were never spoken. The idiot box makes it sound like there's a crisis every time crypto or gold/silver goes down. But when stocks or the dollar tank they're so quick to point out the reasons why it's no time to panic.

It's not hard to see my bank account go down while prices of groceries go up. However I would consider holding onto some physical CASH as a hedge as well. What do you think?


It wouldn't hurt. Dave from the X22 report recommends that everyone keeps some physical CASH on hand.

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Good article Greg. You really do need to think if you are looking for a quick trade or the long haul. I have a lot of silver that I've bought in the $3.20/oz range as well as some $40's all relative if you are investing for long term growth. Buy the dips, but buy. jbcoin


Yep. I too remember the days of higher priced silver. Much higher but in the long run it's all time high will be much cheaper.


I agree. Cost averaging is the way to go. Your highs and lows will most likely average out better than any blind pick on when you think is the best time to buy.

The obvious advantage of physical gold/silver is that when stashed away properly it is out of reach for the political-governmental Robin the hood (Robing hoodlum) institutions.

Thanx Greg! A nice reminder to keep on stacking!

You called it Greg....Black Rain Falls On Residents After Massive Refinery Fire In Mexico

Investing and stacking shiny metal :-)
upvoted... resteemed

Considering the coming economic collapse, we have withdrawn our savings (that is now earning a whopping .5% interest haha!) and are investing in silver. Our decision had a lot to do with your recommendations Greg. Hope many others are taking your advise before it's too late. Blessings to you.l

Precious metals and crypto's are great to own and diversify out of the U.S. dollar. I'm tired of seeing the purchasing power of my dollar drop year after year. I know one day i'll be thankful i bought some "insurance" against what looms in the future when it all comes tumbling down.

Crypto currencies are leading the charge to the next gold and silver bull market. Eventually the price of ethereum is going to hit an inflection point in which the precious metals will be to ludicrously cheap not to buy over the cryptos.

This is exactly what lots of people are commenting about!
Some say Gold and silver let them down, other say bitcoin and ethereum and such are being propped up as a pump and dump.
Let me join the voices of those such as Greg, BUY and hold your silver your gold and just get some crypto and be patient, you will be happily rewarded in due time, if your looking for quick trades, Greg offers his tips there also.

I am a silver stacker my friend>

Wise words Gregory

Agreed Mannarino! Gold and Silver are my long terms (bitcoin and eth) are my money makers. Today's drop in both are great opportunities. I also have one stock that I trade daily that usually brings me 5-7%, so that 's easy money too. Good luck everyone!

Thank you very much for your advice. Personally I have invested 300$ in Bitcoin at the moment. I will share with Ethereum which for me has a lot of future.

i am holding silver gold and about 5 cryptos some to hold some to play with on the market but silver and gold is my main holdings for the long term

Long the Bitcoin and Shiny Happy Silver... Gold will always be the long term insurance.

Silver. One of these days.....

I'll try to remember your words, Greg. When the PM prices are getting thrown off the balcony next time... :)

Thanks again Greg. The problem is there are a lot of cryptocurrencies created nowadays and sounds a little bit confusing as to where is the best and safest placement is.

Digital cash will be our future there is no doubt about that so let us not ignore the inevitable. That being said sound money has been around for centuries (gold and silver). Fiat currency has historically failed time and time again. The writing is on the wall, look into investing in cryptos and holding physical precious metals. Armed yourselves with knowledge.

So True- Cryptos and Silver (In hand) is where it's at- get $100 face value junk silver in hand- about 71 oz.- or maybe even two or many more depending- will always be able to buy a loaf of bread with a silver coin- and then go crypto- follow your heart- trust your instincts- mine told me to throw some bank at Siacoin - a highly speculative. yet worthy longshot IMO- but I'm def a speculator and love the price range.

Coining this- SC = silver then cryptos- stack enough junk silver to buy plenty of bread and then go crypto. Of course all merely IMHO.

Discern for yourself and do your own research- best of luck!

My only regret is that I didn't keep buying silver 30 years ago each paycheck... lol Absolutely the best darn asset a person can have for the long haul. I keep stacking a bit here and there.

Glad to be back originally Curtis Porchak but now I signed up for a new account .

Glad to be back originally Curtis Porchak but I got a new account .

Mannarino is right!!! I loaded up on ETH and Silver, get it while it's cheap and take advantage of the dips!!

Gregory, have you looked into Ethereum? Likely It will overtake bitcoin market cap sooner than later, and has much more developers building a product on top of the platform, plus holds all the monetary principles bitcoin does. I think it's a stronger or just as strong of a buy as bitcoin. Not sure if you ready of willing to endorse it as a buy, but if not people here just look into it.


Good advice. Agreed.

This is great insight, im currently new to this platform but i think sites like these will revolutionise our concept of monetary systems

Good info. thanks for posting - Upvoted & following!

Gregory, did you see the Simon Black article about the US Congress taking note of crypto currencies and trying to pass a bill that says holders of crypto currencies must obey the $10,000 reporting law, or face complete confiscation?

Keep your eye on the prize! Think long term, great advice Greg.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

On the silver bandwagon even though I have lost quite a lot on volume / price point since I started Feb 2014. I will keep waiting and hoping for the day the dollar dies.....but the way the Fed keeps adding arms to their juggler who knows how many more years it will be . . .

I just bought my first bitcoin and looking change it to steem.

Bought some lite coin, and have been buying gold and silver for long term investment. As Greg says...become your own Central Bank and hold hard assets.

Litecoin is the Sleeping Giant

Everyone talks about buying silver, but what about selling silver? The premiums charged over spot when you buy, and the asking price below spot when you really need silver to move in order to profit. Also, everyone claims that silver and gold are manipulated via naked shorts and paper contracts...if you know the game is rigged, then why invest?


Because It's the only real money. Everything else is currency. (Check the difference between money and currency)

Spot on advice! How many times can I "thumbs up" this post?

Uhmmm, i didnt think so clearly about the distinction between investor and trader until i read this. I'll upvote it.

Right on Greg, I couldn't agree more.

Investing is long term. Trading is shot term. This market does not seam long term. Gold silver and bitcoin do seam like feasible long tern alternatives. The stock market is a casino. Metals and cripto is not. You choose. For me and my house, I choose metals and crypto.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Great read with spot on advice. The reply s to Greg's blog are full of insight and definitely written by people who are aware of what's going on in the world.

Great article. More on options trading !! Hope to see some gains tomorrow

Very well put, a lot people get scared when the prices after they have "invested".

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I have had several of my clients ask me about bitcoin and what it is

Yes for the long run. Hold on.

As you always says ... Everyone need to become their own centralbank,
And when one understand what that mean .. The price fluctuation is of minor importance.

Thanks again Lion. Great Blog and I have decided to cool off on my buying for just today as I think it's going down even further tomorrow I hope! :)

great blog !

Thanks for the helpful insights! Silver and crypto!

Thanks Gregg.

Absolutely spot on advice. Got some new Silver arriving today, can't wait. If I have it, it means the bank doesn't!! Thanks for the encouragement Greg

You might find this altcoin to be of interest; backed by actual assets and production; like gold, but with a yield. Google: MOE Farms SBX

great job, :)