💰 Crypto & Bitcoin - Passive Income Strategy (Wednesday, 23 May 2018)

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Everyday I am sharing with you my progress with my Passive Income Strategy to earn more Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. I've been using this strategy for the last few months now and my cryptocurrency holdings are going up exponentially, completely for FREE! Check out my daily progress and strategies below...

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

BITCOIN Price: 7,910.94


I am collecting the FREE MOON FAUCETS everyday, as the rewards go up by 1% every single day, thanks to the Daily Loyalty Bonus , with other multipliers like the Referral Bonus , the Offer Bonus , the Mining Bonus and the Mystery Bonus for a total of up to 500% increase in faucet rewards for each claim!

Below you can see the CoinPot Micro-wallet dashboard where all the faucet claims go.

Also, below you can see my current holdings for each cryptocurrency, along with the links for each faucet linked to the CoinPot Micro-wallet, so please feel free to use them to sign up!

cpt.pngCoinPot Tokens5840https://coinpot.co/dashboard


At the end of every month, I convert all of the coins I gained in the CoinPot Micro-wallet to Bitcoin, and send them to my main wallet on FreeBitco.in as I am getting passive compounding interest on my Bitcoin balance everyday. With every month's deposit from all the FREE FAUCETS that I am collecting everyday, my daily passive interest payout gets bigger and bigger, and I earn more and more!

Current Bitcoin Balance: 0.00113739

Current USD Worth: 8.90194923

If you would like to join FreeBitco.in, you can use the link below: http://bit.ly/xFreeBitcoinFaucet


I am slowly building up my GHS 4.0 (Hashing Power) on the Eobot Cloud Mining platform by claiming the FREE FAUCET everyday. Additionaly, I am also sending DOGECOIN whenever I am able to withdraw from the FreeDoge.co.in Faucet and exchanging them to GHS 4.0, which adds up quite fast over time, especially since you are able to mine more hashing power, therefore giving you a passive compounding interest and growing your account faster and faster with every passing day.

Hashrate: 4.1941 GHS

Hourly Rate: $ 0.00004646
Daily Rate: $ 0.00111497
Monthly Rate: $ 0.03400650
Yearly Rate: $ 0.40807800

If you would like to join Eobot, you can use the link below: http://bit.ly/xEobotCloudMining


Join here http://bit.ly/xFreeBitcoinFaucet

30-Apr-2018CoinPot WalletFreeBitco.in Wallet 0.00011855
22-Apr-2018CoinPot WalletFreeBitco.in Wallet 0.00011917
15-Apr-2018CoinPot WalletFreeBitco.in Wallet 0.00018560
08-Apr-2018CoinPot WalletFreeBitco.in Wallet 0.00021258

Join here http://bit.ly/xFreeDogecoinFaucet

16-May-2018FreeDoge.co.in WalletEobot.com 34.87960565
01-May-2018FreeDoge.co.in WalletEobot.com 29.83500000
18-Apr-2018FreeDoge.co.in WalletEobot.com 29.90042700
06-Apr-2018FreeDoge.co.in WalletEobot.com 54.84227434


Feel free to check the in-depth guides and step-by-step tutorials below:




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