Bitcoin all time high Hit 8300$

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Bitcoin hit 8300$ all time high in the history of bitcoin and expert and analyst says it will now move to the 15000$ so its a big challenge for steem community if Bitcoin value boost day by day Steem value will drop and investor will love to hold bitcoin instead of steem power .Stable price should be needed here .
On other hand Lite coin which was upto 0.02 now crash hard like steem coin and drop below 0.01 ,All alt coin holders now considered the power of bitcoin ,recently bitcoin cash was in advantage of hard fork news may be it was fake news but it was very helpful for bitcoin cash lovers people hold more BCH to get something incoming produced token .But now BCH start crashing in some days BCH was moved to amazing way point no one could able to guess it .
The point is what is the future of bitcoin i remember the moment when btc touch 1200$ and people was amazed that how electric currency can be more costly then a real gold ,but bitcoin prove himself all the way and gain the intrest of asian ,americans ,europions even arab countries were found involved in illegal trading of bitcoin recetly some arab leaders found hidding their money in bitcoin .
Market Cap
16,693,400 BTC
Volume (24h)
547,026 BTC
Circulating Supply
16,693,400 BTC
Max Supply
21,000,000 BTC


New day new high! Don't miss opportunity!
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LOL love it

Bitcoin will reach $10,000 By Dec. 31 , Now is the time to gather as much as possible!

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I think it will be 15000 $ on jun 2018....

General public are starting to notice and buy bitcoin. The demand will increase prices. I wouldnt be suprised if it hit over $20000 in 2018