PART 2: Bitcoin is in a Bubble? Hell yeah! So what Wall Street? You loaded yet, bro?steemCreated with Sketch.

in #bitcoin3 years ago

So, what happened since I posted the Streets DOMO observation at 19k?

READ PART 1 here

You see exactly what was the original plan by the heavy boys stepping into Crypto in an elegant way:

  1. Spread FUD
  2. Manipulate markets to accelerate the overdue correction and aquire as much Bitcoins as you can at correction lows
  3. Inflate Altcoins in BTC terms (which were aquired at Altcoin lows) to generate more Bitcoins
  4. Spread more FUD to buy more Bitcoin in temporary lows and keep the Altcoin Bull Season alive

and what is about to come soon

  1. Create some mega FOMO after we blast through the 20.000

I cannot imagine a more beautiful and elegant way to aquire as many Bitcoins as possible, without causing the Price to triple.

Well played.
You loaded, yes bro!

A little illustration of Streets DOMO interactions.

Street FOMO.png


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