Want to Buy AntMiner S9 from Bitmain? The only way to pay is with Bitcoin Cash!

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The fights over Bitcoin whales is not stopping and now the biggest manufacturer of Bitcoin Miners - the famous Bitmain has stepped game up in the race.

Antminer S9 Specifications

Antminers were always decent, you cannot say bad words on Bitmain machines (when you finally getthem delivered). They hash as promised.

Currently, they are selling batch that will start shipping at 21-30 November 2017.

But what got interesting is that, the only way to buy this awesome miners is Bitcoin Cash!

Current Profit Prediction

By using some average data we can see currently machine would make around 19.22 USD profits (after cutting electricity cost) a day. Currently Bitcoin Cash would be the most profitable with old coins like DEM and TRC taking next places.
Mining Bitcoin directly is currently the 4th option.
No other miner sold on the market right now beats this ROI.

Bitcoin Cash Markets

HitBTC (that has STEEM!) and BitFinex (biggest USD exchanges) are really rocking volume on BCC/BCH pairs. Korea is also doing great, especially that this country is the new force in cryptocurrency volumes.

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who is actually buying and running those AntMiner beyond China ?

I am aiming to get one.
Currently running a S7

where are you come from? Would love to see a Post about it regarding how much you earn and how much you pay for electricity.

Oregon, USA.
Currently $0.07 kwh

I do plan on showing off some stats in the future. It's always good to compare.

are those normal electricity prices? This is incredible cheap compared to Germany. I paid 0.26 cents per kwh. Please do, I am interested in stats.

Iceland :)

companies or even regular people? Do you know someone?

I only know companies... no regular people hhaha... but I saw few “regular” people running them on youtube

perfect place for mining plus its amazing country :) skoll

yeah for real

Lol, I will buy a miner when BitcoinCash is called "Bitcoin"

Are you mining? Will be interesting to see how this industry plays out and if China miners keep growing strong or if other countries catch up.

would be if i have one of these babies, my Jalepeno ont cut it no more

check on ebay,i wonder why some guys from the usa are selling antminer s9's after mining for just 2 months.nicehash shows estimates of almost $400 a month with an s9

Big mining farms like Genesis and all other cloud mining services.

I put together a quick video of me purchasing a antminer from Bitmain.com

I purchased 6 Antminer L3+'s and 2 S9's from a US reseller: www.bitmainminerusa.com
They take credit card and even bitcoins. Shipping was free and I got them on time as promised.

Only question is has anyone overclocked the Antminers? I'm all for squeezing out a bit more profit early on while the miners are most profitable and I've read some articles of people doing it without any ill effects (more so the L3+ than the unstable S9).
Only question

Great post

I love their miners. I have used Antminer S3 for more than a year and mined 5 BTC, unfortunately I sold them less than $300 each. Lesson is mine and HODL:)

This is why I'm just hodling BCH... don't bet against Jihan!!!

Well, because there are a lot of actores in this whole power game who are totally against Jihan.

For sure. I'm still not going to be against him lol.

thanks for sharing,
The mining is continuing for future demand. They are projecting for future

@mohammedfelahi isupport with your comment 👌
@kingscrown very good material 👍

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I wonder why this special treatement may mean to the price of Bitcoin Cash. Any major positive positive news about the currency drives its price upwards, right?

there are no specific news about bitcoin cash currently. But sometimes Bitcoin gets bad news and with that Bitcoin Cash is rising.

Bitmain must pump his scamcoin. I hope they will fall, so it will be best for the whole Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market.

You are looking at things the wrong way

how so? Bitmain is the company who developed/uses asic boost which is only possible on bitcoin cash currently.

they are promoting BCC because legacy core has become too centralized and doesn't represent the people's will anymore. the fact that you consider it a scamcoin is funny to me.. when I consider segwit to be pure garbage.

BCC is the true Bitcoin, the sooner you realize it , the better for you

Are you kidding? BCC (or BCH) is a delusionary coin where only miners are minting money. These guys including Roger Ver is partnered with the profits. There is an unknown miner who has never been revealed. It's a greed coin. Invest wisely. One tip is follow people like Andreas than Roger, it's like a brilliant mind than a dumb lucky investor.
BTC is Satoshi's vision and not some coin which is forked due to greed n politics.

Segwit is NOT Satoshi's vision, my friend. You are mistaken.

Edit: It was fervi who called it a scamcoin, not @geronimo

Don't want to be rude or an arrogant fellow like Roger but you should try to understand what Segwit is?
First of all in Bitcoin's case Blockchain is a data structure which holds transactions. So every block that gets mined can hold transactions ( and its related data). This block size is capped to 1MB for the original BTC blockchain. What Segwit does without hard forking the chain is; it separates out some data (like signatures) into another location to increase the transactional storage capability of the existing capped 1MB blocks. So now more transactions can be stored and it also enhances the Blockchain with new capabilities which is whole another topic. This is supported by brilliant minds who have looked after the Blockchain since its initial phase only focusing on technology and not just mining.
Tip for you: everyone have different opinions but follow guys with broader views and brilliant minds which is favoring BTC. So do your research and then think if you want to keep your BTC or grab BCH. I wish you good luck my friend and hope you succeed completely in this crypto space. Cheers mate!!!

A cartel of miners wasn't Satoshi's vision either. SegWit toke 95% concession to lock in. Increasing block size is only a temporary solution. An acceptable hard fork now would be one that should address the block header

well said :)

I never said it is a scam coin, so please be careful with your assertions. I totally understand why people are against Segwit and cores dictatorship(censorship everywhere) and I understand why people want to have a currency which is actually useful in real life.

But in this power/money game there are much more players who just want to make money(@themystic described it really well). So be careful out there, those big players(core and bitcoin cash) don`t care about anyone in this awesome crypto community.

I believe BCC was not born of greed, but of the lack of innovation coming from Bitcoin Core.

A true open source project makes progress, a thing that Bitcoin core has been lacking for almost 2 years now. Progress.

People are tired of an outdated blockchain when new ones are popping up everyday that have the potential to rewrite the internet as we know it. They want innovation. They want low fees, big blocks, high malleability -- with NO centralization.

Blockstream has conveniently brainwashed the entire community into thinking segwit is "the only way " and "absolutely necessary" when that is far from the truth.

The truth is, BitcoinCash is the closest thing we have right now to a TRUE BITCOIN (one born of the true Satoshi's vision)

A blocksize increase can be hard coded in under 1000 lines of code. Why are we basically injecting a hack of over 6000 lines and disintegrating the fabric that gives it a true decentralized nature. You could argue with me all day about segwit, and act like I don't know what I'm talking about. But believe me, I do.

BitcoinCash is not perfect, but it's FAR from a scamcoin, and in my opinion -- better aligned with the open source communities views in general and the will of the people.

I think the true decentralized Bitcoin we had all hoped would take over the world is actually dead. Btc = ded.

Lol, so the innovation that BCash i.e. BCC did is making the block size 8MB and then tilting the original logo. Why are people promoting such coin?

They also removed the dirty hack that is segwit. A hardcoded block increase is 1000 lines of code, not 6000 like segwit. Segwit is garbage. Go learn about it.

has become too centralized and doesn't represent the people's will anymore.

I think selling coins by users shows where they wanted to be from the beginning. They sold BCash to Bitcoins, not vice versa. This means that Core policy is better for them.

dude he needs more profits. Bitcoin cash from the dumps

Nice manipulation on Bitmain's product using only BCC

it won't do good. Who is actually mining.

yeah very few and most of them are unknown, be careful guys with your investment.

people who know the price will continue to climb ? hmm

naw.. It too expensive to mine. It probably miners who will have to pay by bitcoin cash which is not going to inase bitcoin cash by much

You sound like the same people saying to turn off your miners when btc was "only 600" or such.

Funnyyyy guy, the world is running amok with ideas, especially in the realm of renewable energy. There are many people out there mining, even small timers, and many who have made a lot.. and not by listening to people who say it's 'too expensive to mine'. Lol

There were people saying it was "too expensive to mine" when price was $400 and an S3 was making .015 btc per day.

Good one.

Thank you l like post

To fast sold out. in 45 min all gone!

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Every time a new miner such as an AntMiner 9 is incorporated to the Bitcoin network all the rewards for miners decrease, mining profitability is consistently decreasing so unless the ROI is super low mining is such a risky way to earn Bitcoins.
Anyway, if anyone is going to try to make profit with it I wish them good luck since in the cryptocurrency world you never know what will happen tomorrow.
Great post @kingscrown !!!!

i see on the bitmain site that they only take bcc which is bitcoin cash on this next shipment but i see it listed as bch on some exchanges and see that bcc also stands for bit connect,is anybody else confused by this?

hello, my 1st post on steemit.
I have the same problem; i send email to ask on bitmainhelp, but still no answer.
In shopping chart on shop.bitmain.com/user/orderDetails.htm is posted:
Exchange Rate
1 BTC = 4782.4 USD
1 BCC = 330 USD
1 LTC = 49.97 USD
so i think BCC=bitcoin cash ......but prefere to wait an answer from bitmain

BITMAIN answer me:
BCC=bitcoin cash
so i pay for S9; now waiting for late november

Nice! I believe the best way to get bitcoin into mainstream is for vendors to only accept crypto...also we need a better way to buy bitcoin... a lot of places scam, or end up exiting... or being hacked. It would be nice to have a viable option, even ebay would be nice as they guarantee delivery and also it works as its own escrow service in essence... obviously buying with credit cards raises the chargeback issue.... meeting in public is a good idea, but only works in cities.... rural area do not have many trusting options.... anyone have any good service they use? Also the whole decimal value system is insane... they need to figure out a way to make it less extreme as normal people like myself do not want to do some hard core math to figure out a payment... granted I am an idiot, but so are many consumers "0.003648" does not appeal to me at all... round solid numbers is the way to go... perhaps having a virtual token ontop of bitcoin so lets say 0.973648 would be a 50 cent token... of course that adds other issues... hopefully someone way smarter than I can figure out a way to do that.

I use Bitpay at my bar to accept Bitcoin... It makes it easy , secure and instant.

You are not an idiot... I am a regular consumer also and it does put me off to look at decimal places to the extreme... I agree with you, there has to be a solution develope soon to appeal to mainstream people, I am a mother and it is hard enough to go shopping with the kids without having to figure out extreme decimal places, also it leaves room for too many issues to arise...

Satoshi addressed this in his initial writings. He said that, even though it may sound absurd, you can just drop off the decimal places.. or move the decimal place.

So therefore, .0000007 would become 7 bitcoins, and 1 would become 1,000,000 bitcoins. See what I mean? It's all about where you put the .


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great sharing mate...gonna start trading bcc tho..would be awesome if had a dozen.of those...

Thanks for your advice...

I am so glad to know that bitcoin is fast rising day by day and it is also gaining ground in some areas,like you said it is the only means to get a product

I want 5 of these for Christmas!!
Thanks , Santa!

Can't wait, this is going to be incredible!

we can buy them now? thought they sold out

google auth unbundle is making life tricky to buy one :(

Great results! Thanks for sharing

bitcoin buy! thanks so sharing

Thank you for your important information...

good idea sir,,,,.

It's ridiculous, why would they refuse other payment method such as bitcoin, international wire transfer and service which let you pay with altcoin easily.

Because BitcoinCash is the true prince :)

The problem here isn't whether BCC/BTC is the real/best bitcoin, but limit payment method could reduce their own sales. Unless they hate BTC.

It seems you are promoting BCC by demeaning original Bitcoin. Answer my post which is contradicting your "Segwit vision" statement.
Please don't spread this news stating BCash is the true coin. This is what BCash team does and we are getting it totally as they are trying to demean the original BTC.
Guys, do your own research and never believe anyone (including me) if it's your hard earned money.

I'm promoting BCC by showing the true colors of Blockstream and the "core devs".

The fact of the matter is, if you blindly support BTC, you don't know all the facts.

So, you are aware of the Blatant censorship of reddit by Core devs?

Are you also aware that the core has pretty much been taken over by a privately owned entity called "Blockstream"?

Are you aware that that same entity has been intentionally slowing progress, and introducing things like segwit, which are against the true.. actual nature of bitcoin?

I suggest you dig a little deeper into this subject, for there is far more than you seem to care to even try to grasp.

Sure I would. BCH team is against SEGWIT2x because it will kill ASICBOOST which will ideally kill the Cashcow of the miners. Here is a recent example of Cashcowism. The following 2 unknown miners have mined 65,000 BCH ($26MM) and have not moved them.

Here are the screenshots;


The only reason BCH team is against SEGWIT is because it will kill their business and the unimaginable revenue from it. This is politics.
SEGWIT is enhancing and upgrading the original Bitcoin without any hard fork. Miners are being greedy and selfish to not let it happen. I have given you the proof above. Cheers mate!!!

thank for your great information and post.

This may be helpful as well.

Bi thought BCC was bitconnectcoin.. and BCH was bitcoincash... The post cleary is written BCC and not BCH.. Please someone should reconcile this

informative post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

This one is a bit over my head. The mining hardware aspect of this industry is not one I am as familiar with.

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Good post,thank you .

interesting.. sounds like a great mind behind this!

i was looking to build a rig with this

Thanks for posting this! Great info.

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That's a dick move from Bitmain IMO, things definitely heating up before Segwit2x drama

What a spectacular post!

I think this goes a long way to put into perspective the amazing possibilities that the SMTs offer, and you described it in a wonderful manner.

Thank you for this!

I live in Australia, too expensive for me to run an Antminer unfortunately!

Hello Crypto community:)

Could someone give me a rough idea about how much would i need to spend to run a bitcoin server at home do i have to invest more then $2000 and it would be great if you could list the equipment with the prices.

Also any links would be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance:)

Good info, thank you!

s3 is only for free electricity.better to use them as furniture. Then d3 is a real power) believe the Dash!mine and hold.

wow nice pos

wow nice post

The mining is continuing for future demand. They are projecting for future.
thanks for shareing.