Top Cryptos for Today, Suggestions & Reasons to Buy or Sell

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So we have 12000+ USD on BTC but no one noticed, since we are busy with other cryptos doing crazy moves.

Lets have a look what happened today and reasons behind it.

  • IOTA i have spoken as good cheap buy 2-3 days ago, if you did it.. then you are in profits. They just announced new partnerships and seems they are going up. Amazing leverage trading on BitFinex for this.
  • YOYOW we could call "STEEM clone for China"/ The ICO was on Bitshares DEX and @jademont and @abit are working with the project.
  • MONA is a coin for Japan dont know much about it but its old and solid.
  • NAV is another anon coins, hit ATH in USD right now.
  • VeChain which you can get on Binance is rebranding and adding masternodes.
  • Einstenium i would surely speak as its pure p&d
  • the others depend on your research.

Wait for bigger drop on those

  • ADA Cardano
  • LTC Litecoin
  • BCD Bitcoin Diamond
  • QTUM
  • FUN Funfair
  • RCN Ripio Credit Network

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Have you heard? boxmining is doing an interview with Basic Attention Token founder tomorrow... you know the coin will pump after that. Buy before it's too late


I have a stash of BAT - looking forward to the pump happening :)


It depends on what BAT can still offer though, there are plenty of news and huge announcements going TBA.

Please read my article on my top picks for December:

what is bitcoin diamond ? I can't keep up with all of these new coins! why so many? :(

Among all the Top cryptos, I am well interested with YOYOW. I can see that this will be integrated to most blogs or news site since every interaction will be rewarding to its community which is very similar with steemit. However, due to this blockchain, the difference will be on how it will be implemented. Since it can be integrated in most sites (based on my understanding), it will be more widely used than steemit.

By the way, for those unfamiliar with its acronym, YOYOW stands for "You Own Your Own Words" and it is a blockchain for social networks. :)


@tusharvasave I love your article mate, its very correct and im a very happy investor in iota as i bought in 5 days ago :) ....only sad i didnt put more haha.

article I wrote, please support:

Also everyone please read the EMC2 newspaper i have link below:

EMC2 WILL BURN THROUGH 55 MILLION coins in 3 days time!!

and @robertpaul could you enlighten us with your knowledge of YOYOW please? how would distribution work?


Yup, EMC2 is getting ready to do a hard fork and reduce the number of coins available and the amount that will become available. Also, they have been hinting at some huge announcement on the 19th.


hahaha 55 MIL BURNNNNN!!!!!!
yea although be wary of these announcements, as it is soundly strategic to have this "huge announcements" to try limit the amount of dumpers after burn date. It is shown on other cryptocurrencies that announcements are not a huge bull factor as some announcements have been just to announce another announcement date!!!

But of course it does depend on what they have to announce on that date too


Thanks @robertpaul for the great breakdown of YOYOW, at least we know a bit more about the coin and what it stands for.


Interesting acronym, thanks for sharing this!!


best coin is electroneum bro

exciting market, by the time I wrote this reply: IOTA started dipping , probably most people fear missing out on further btc action.

Thanks for your analysis. It helps in making decision in delving into the much crowded crypto world.


you are right. many times in trading we don't know about coins. so if we know about such good coin we can invest them and earn profit. this post is really give good information. @kingscrown you are great. you make lot studies about cryptocurrency. thanks for sharing this post. and @rahemanali thanks for ths comment. well done.

Stellar lumens also seem to have a rise , due to its teaming up with satoshipay.


Stellar lumens have teamed up with various financial organizations across countries. Stellar has a brilliant future for sure. I would rather support Stellar than Ripple.

your information gives a positive issue for the beginner in the world of digital currency .. continue@kingscrown

Are you serious that "no one noticed" bitcoin going over 12K. People are actually going crazy. You have the noobies who think it's insane because they just bought in a few weeks ago at around 7K and have almost doubled their money. Then you have some people who have been in the market for some time now and are up in USD value but are down in BTC terms and are questioning if they're at a gain or a loss.


you're right, I get asked around the office daily if they should put their salaries into BTC ? I am like what are you guys on about ? :D


hey. thanks for comment. but bitcoin will cross 15000 USD. Because Bitcoin prices increases as other coins increases which depend on bitcoin. hence, It gives profit at anytime. but we have to hold them. for more profit.

Why wait for bigger drop on QTUM?

No one really knows what monacoin is, looks like a meme
Thanks for sharing

Wish I had taken Cryptocurrency seriously 5 years ago!

you are expert in math

But, my favorite coin is ripple


mine too :) but I have also some Stellar


What makes ripple your favorite coin


I can tell you what makes ripple my favorite coin, it solves a serious problem for international finance and currency flows. There's $90 trillion worth of global wealth in currency and it's always moving. Plus at least $250 trillion worth of private assets that banks can lend against. Even if that's an overestimate, the potential of Ripple to manage those currency flows -- which underpin international lending -- make it a potential game-changer.

That's why the developers are working with big financial institutions and why they minted 100 billion XRPs. It's also an edge from regulatory standpoint. And, they're releasing coins to the public very slowly, to keep prices level and gain trust of potential users.

It will take a while for the big players to get comfortable with the blockchain, but once they do Ripple is going to be huge. Probably not $15,000/per huge, but easily $20 or maybe much more.

Unless, of course, something better comes along.

Nice article as always @kingscrown.
But I am bullish on Litecoin. Litecoin has a great future. Currently everyone sees it as a duplicate of Bitcoin but we have to keep in mind that LTC is showing a safer path to BTC. Litecoin showed that Segwit can work better considering the future of the coin which motivated Bitcoin to follow the path.
Also Litecoin is coming with SmartContracts and Color coins similar to Ethereum tokens. Also it is in plan to have private transactions on the same chain.
BTC won't have all these feature as it will always remain the ALPHA and prime store of value.
Personally I am bullish on Litecoin, as the next release shows up it will grow parabolic the way it did when it was $4. Hoping for the best on the valid information available.
Invest wisely by doing research.

Where do you think bitcoin will drop, and how far for how long? Do you think it'll hit 15k?


Good question, personally, I would expect bitcoin to keep going up at least until the bitcoin diamond fork happens (if that does happen) - maybe bitcoin can reach between 19 - 20 k . Then I could see the market falling all the way down to 7 -8 thousand and then we should get a bit of a bounce back before falling into complete volatility when the big exchanges introduce bitcoin futures. Time will tell though :p


I completely forgot about that fork... I was wandering why the rise was that crazy :D Also do you think The Big Bang Theory episode dedicated to bitcoin could have had a big impact on the market, and if so, don't you think that will soon be corrected?


haha yeah bitcoin people love their forks XD

I mean probably... I think that the whales will expose some weak hands soon, but I don't think that will be an overly dramatic pullback/correction.

I would suspect that we have until about Q2 2018 before bitcoin fall out of the sky - defiantly buy some then for the bounce back and then sell...

That being said there are better coins, iv got money on funfair coin to show some serious profits by Q1 2018 - this is when the casinos will be allowed to buy in - online casinos =lots and lots of money XD

Ultimately time will tell though :)


hi there, any sources about this somewhere mate ?


Thanks for the PDF, but Without reading it where would i be able to grab some Funfair. See what happens before you do a little research. lol its on Binance.


It is listed on Binance, Bittrix, and coinspot :)


cheers mate well after a bit of thinking I just got myself some lets crossfinger and hop the moon is bright in 2018 cheers ;-)


Awesome, I feel like bitcoins price surge is pushing a lot of the altcoins down today, so it's a great day to buy crypto ^.^

@kingscrown How much of a drop on ADA, do you think, before it's a good buy?

Was able to get into IOTA Monday 👍

haha oh mate i completely agree with you there, bought iota last week :)
sold a portion a big too early though hahaha
I think Dash should also be wait for a bigger drop list too. They just implemented 2 mb today with new partnership and have big annoucements for future

Thanks for your insight! I will take a look at IOTA, I've heard good things about it from others too. Currently holding mainly BTC, ETH and LTC but I'm looking to branch out more.

Thank you for the charts.. Watching patiently myself... =)

Thanks for the heads up on ADA. I've been watching IOTA rocket up all day long. Crypto changing the game!

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This is amazing, obviously something the world has never seen before. I'm (58) years old, and it hasn't happened in my lifetime, I've only watched fiat stock markets crash hard. I look at cryptos as an alternative to the old system that has gotten us to where we are; being debt slaves!

I don't like admitting that I still watch YouTube videos, as I'm trying to get away from Google, Facebook, Amazon, and a few others, but I do still like several YouTube channels, as that's the only place the guys that I like post. David Hay, a good crypto guy had a video that he posted today where he had turned $5,000 into nearly $17,500 in the last (100) days. None of those investments were Bitcoin either. The cryptos are here to stay!

Thanks for your post.


Cryptos are changing the financial market. I think the futures market trying to trade bitcoin as a commodity is the archaic system trying to be apart of this rush, but it won't work. They'll go out with the trash. Think of all the money that may have been taken out of the stock market so far to be put into cryptos!


(scratches head)




Yes sir! Just like (hopefully) sites like Steemit and Dtube, will eventually put an end to censoring, all-controlling, abusive leftist sites like YouTube and Facebook, the crypto market will eventually put an end to the scam of fiat currency. The world is finally waking up!

Thanks for the information. Do you have anything to say about XRP?

I've read this in REDDIT:

"I’ve researched, researched, and researched some more and I truly don’t think market cap is a good argument for a coin like XRP. I believe that XRP having a high price is beneficial for the stated use of the coin. Say you’re making a $1,000 transfer from a bank in the USA to a bank in Japan, if the cost of one XRP is .50 then you have to use 2,000 XRP to complete the transaction. These 2000 XRP are taken out of usage for the time that this transaction takes to complete, albeit the transaction speed is very fast. But imagine with widespread adoption, with multiple banks moving trillions upon trillions a day, all of the sudden with a low price like .50 there isn’t enough XRP to complete the pending transactions. But say that the price of one XRP is $200, that changes the amount needed to complete the transaction to only 10 XRP, leaving us with the ability to complete more transactions in the same amount of time with no wait period for freeing up XRP. So it doesn’t make any sense to me why the price of XRP is “supposed to stay low” because I truly believe it’s the opposite with widespread adoption, and to achieve what Ripple has set out to achieve, their coin has to be fairly high. Market cap is irrelevant to this argument. This was kind of just an off the cuff rant, due to all the FUD I’ve been seeing the last few days. And I’ve not been in the cryptosphere for very long at all, so please correct me if I’m wrong!"


i hold it but dont follow


it's like saying I farted in the air, but don't smell it. I love your style.


@kingscrown are you on facebook?

This is great! Thanks! I actually saw the recommendation for IOTA -- what exchanges carry it? And what do you think of OMG?

When lambo? RIGHT NOW YA'LL!!

Feels like I'm a kid and it started raining candy and ice cream from the sky but a lot of the other kids somehow haven't noticed yet

I gotta get iota before its too late........

This is interesting. Thank you for your information.:-))

Es totalmente cierto mientras la mayoría esta pendiente de BTC, ETH, se pierden de otras criptomonedas, tal es el caso de IOTA, PIVX, LISK, yo invertí en las que nombre hace unos meses atrás y hoy en la mayoría multiplico por 5 y en otras mas... saludos buen articulo.

BitShares - it is about to take off for sure!

great anaylis.Thanks for sharing.i like and following.


hi nice comment. well done. you done great job. your post are amazing. thanks.

I found this useful. Thanks for sharing

Now it is time for electroneum (ETN) to grow more and more.

I have some $100 to spend. What do you think is some good choice to buy now ( no guarantee, I know)

I appreciate with you need to to take part them @kingscrown

Iota blew up like craaaaaazaaaaaaay!!! And where the hell did Cardano come from. I want in!! Altcoins babaaaaaaay. Wooooooo:)))

I suggest buying because the currency will go up more and more as I see it in the chart of the trade and its candles will rise

I see the digital currency can skyrocket, and also can go free, like steem and sbd, why be so? .. because I have interpreted a currency is an honor for the currency itself. why do those who have parties do not seek a way to maintain that honor? has it indeed been in a particular politics? Thanks so much


I am the cat in the hat

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I bought some IOTA 2 weeks ago just to diversify my Now if this continues for 2 more days, it's my main asset.^^

Thanks for the analysis. What about eBitcoin, BitShares, Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash?

At this moment, big and small monies that have been sitting on the sideline are rushing into the crypto market for fear of missing out this gold rush opportunity.

And what about steem ? STD seem's going up again

thnx for your inquiry
this post help all crypto user or crypto master.
your information helpfull bigenner all crypto user

So we have 12000+ USD on BTC but no one noticed..

Is not impressing anymore, I suppose. Everybody knows (think) bitcoin is going to 100k or 1 million.

wow. great suggestion and nice information about those coins. thanks for sharing such valuable post.

Thanks for your analysis :)

Your analysis is so nice,keep going

thanks for posting,..what do you see FUN correcting to?

Thx for info

Thank you for the information.

Why big drop in your opinion about ADA and QTUM?

Drop? Let's see.

Lets just hope they keep going up. lets make it rain!!!!

Einstenium is going up and fast because of the upcoming fork and burning coins tomorrow. The main idea behind the project is to enable academic studies to improve crypto

Cheers for the analysis.

It is a good life in crypto today. yay!


I think you shouldn't wait for ADA Cardano to drop its a sleeping giant!

First of Monacoin is my baby and I called the 6 months ago we are now sitting on 20 usd for a monacoin, IOTA is a hold, Monero also called that one at $80 not surprised there, I also called lumens of a palm beach confidential call! payed off very well.

Thank you for sharing the valuable info.

great analysis this is going to be really helpful

Crypto is spitting hot fire these days; Big Daddy BTC is a runaway train, like cold fusion gone supercritical, Dash is quietly accelerating in its own lane and our very own SBD is rocketing out of nowhere. This is an amazing time to be in crypto, folks!

I almost feel one would have to try really hard to lose it all in the crypto game. Get in on some good stable coins and sit and watch if you don’t have the time to trade. Cryptos are taking over!!


Hey J, good to see you again. What's your current favorite for a stable crypto?


Well Btc isn’t just goin to fall off the face off the earth. My feeling is stay in the top 30 on coin market cap. Check them out here and there. BTC Eth EOS omg and steem is all I have. Would like to get a little in a few others too just waiting on some funds😉. Look at the growth that has been made in the past few months in all the coins. The total market cap just keeps growing. People get in and buy BTC. Then they hear about others and start moving their money around continuing the growth of others.

I attained 32 cents worth of bitcoin about a year ago and just forgot about it. A few days ago i checked my virtual wallet and it's worth almost $15. Wow! I'm even hearing by 2020 that a single bitcoin will be worth around $1,000,000.... this may be the opportunity of a lifetime. Investing a small amount of $ could give a huge return. I'm definitely trying to learn more. The thought of it is exciting! Good luck to all, ty

You are all treating these crypto currencies like stocks and commodities.
What gives them their value is that they are a currency.

I doubt any of these will actually thrive in the long term except bitcoin.
Litecoin especially won't,

They are simply being pulled along by the Bitcoin but in actuality is almost certainly a bubble. Why? With Bitcoin you can actually buy a large number of things, these other crypto currencies have yet to be used as a proper medium of exchange

IOTA is going crazy. It hit the same percent gains in the last month that Bitcoin got in the last year.

what about YOYOW ? what is the website of the social network, I didn't find it on the main website !

On our region Firstcoin alot popular? But its not promisin whats your oppinion pls.

thanks for update another crypto post I appreciate your post @kingscrown

nice to have these information

Seems fear is there considering price. No matter how far it will move, crypto will rule

Thanks for your good analysis about cryptocurrency.

A lot of ppl are talking about IOT as the next big thing, but I still see room for Bitcoin to move up. Check out my analysis guys:

I have seen crazy profits from IOTA. Was lucky enough to invest about a month ago ..
Saw similar profits from Cardano also, which looks like another winner.


sweet! I got some IOTA and wow! lol...So far so good

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Sure wish I would have bought some IOTA last week. I need to find a good source of predictive crypto news.

good info thanks :)

@kingscrown I have been following your posts on steemit for quite a few months off and on with steemit. I have been through some serious ups and downs in crypto and mostly downs. Obviously if anyone is not discriminating and careful your crypto will be taken from you quickly. Can you tell me where i can get help in crypto or can you give me some advice to make up my losses in investing HYIP. yes i know really terrible idea. I would love to hear your input

I wish I had more coins..

XMR has also went up like crazy in USD, I saw an article about it's probable sudden increase in price due to some A-list singers promoting and accepting it as payment or currency for their music recordings and albums. It's crazy how this coin was just 2 dollars 1.5 years ago.

will trade home cooked baked goods for bitcoins

Interested in YOYOW. need to figure out how that is doing and if possible be a competitor to steemit?

I can not believe how fast XMR is rising. Needs to fall so I can buy some :p

btc woul be cross $15000 ???

IOTA will be worth to invest even in the whole december. calculating with round about 10 - 15 $$$ in jan '18

dpend on your luck buddy !

As a newbie in the cryptocurrency world, I will be keeping an eye on your feeds and posts @kingscrown. It definitely seems like the right place to learn. Cheers and keep up the great work!

btc easy $20,000 in next mid-year

Bitcoin Cash might be heading to support, might be a good time to enter.
View my analysis:

Am beginning to enjoy your analysis more and more. Anyway Wats your take on ethereum, cos I want to invest on that

thanks for sharing our insight about this. Crypto-currencies really change lives and changed living! Bless you!

Is Siacoin a good option to invest in right now?

great post

Buying Cardano and Litecoin as soon as it drops!!

WOW, I love the Crypto's and I will Buy LITEcoin on strong Pullbacks in Price. Just be Patient and buy the pullbacks.


Same! Think of ltc as the silver and btc as the gold. LTC will always be undervalued the longest, but will break out for the highest gains! It was originally a Bitcoin fork designed to be 1/4 the price of Bitcoin.


Crypto beginner question, why is a drop with Litecoin expected ? Thanks!


hi. price of litecoin is also increased. it will not dropped. because many investors invest in this coin.


Get on IOTA


iOTA has been rear to me so far looking forward to its future


litecoin increased slowly

I am a bit new to crypto world and just curious, when people buy these coins do you look at market cap or anything related to the coins? or you just buy it because it is popular. I recently have a chance to just look at all of the market cap and most of them are more than 500B dollars, that is insane compare to the stock market.