Munchee Decentralized Food Review Social Platform ICO Incoming!

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I like this one because its about food (that i love) and its an actual app already (private beta!), not promises of making one in future and getting audience to it. But is it as good as it sounds? Lets have a look together!

Munchee is a food review network which wants recipes and restaurant to be find in easy way without much reading or scrolling. Yes you read good, its an actual product that just plans to go decentralized now. So lets first look at current product.

Munchee in 2 Sentences

So to make you understand easiest, its a mix of Yelp, Pinterest and Instagram for food.

If you have iOS you can already test the app in AppStore.

Sou you browse pictures made near you, read reviews, add yours and save ones that are interesting for you. Simple and clean in design.

Munchee ICO

Problem they want to solve: no incentive for users to post reviews or pictures, big not fair ad costs for companies, ease of manipulation of reviews.

Blockchain and own token solves it all. Its transparent, cost efficent and every action can get paid easily.
With current centralized platforms operated by Yelp, FourSquare, etc., it is impossible to prove that there is no review manipulation. The lack of trust is there. In fact, Yelp has long been accused of review manipulation.

So One of the key reasons why Munchee could opt for using blockchain for authenticating reviews is to guarantee that no posts will be censored, altered, and hidden. The system will totally be fair and transparent for all members. This is the best way to establish trust between the consumer and business alike.

Munchee Model

The platform will generate a unique economy around the Munchee mobile app by rewarding users with MUN tokens for quality content creation and also incentivize restaurants to offer rewards and promotions to Muchee users.

MUN tokens can be used by users to redeem food and services (including delivery) from restaurants within the app or are fully transferable and can be sold on an exchange.
Restaurants can also use MUN tokens to pay Munchee for adversing and promotion on theonlatform.
The result, will be a strong, decentralized, economy built around a community of food lovers within the Munchee app.
To find out more and do research start at -

You can review their team there and notice advisors ie from KyberNetwork (one of hottest ICOs lately). But i dont want to say everything - do your own research (DYOR). There is enough time to decide.

In days like today when everything dumps its good to calm down and do some research on future things ;)

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This is starting to sound like the .com buzz word era all over again...


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Thanks for the intro to a new app and ico. Being in the CA Bay Area, I can definitely see a market and demand for visual food sharing on social media!

A food review blockchain..? I'm not sure what benefits this has in being decentralized. What middleman is being cut out exactly? Are food current food review websites censoring users? I understand it's fun to earn tokens, but what incentive is there to buy whatever tokens they are distributing? There needs to be a market buyer for the tokens to be of value.

What's next, a book review blockchain? A movie review blockchain? ... Why not just build it on top of the STEEM blockchain instead, anyway? Especially with SMT's on their way.
I can't take projects like this serious to be honest. All those 'this is a coin for X' make no sense and are bound to fail in my opinion.


Totally agree that this is a perfect use case for SMTs...I have no idea whether or not it will be useful or successful.


I like the idea.


read the guide of mine, cheap ads and encouragement for users to post at all ;)

Thanks for the post ! is so interesting project .

Very informative post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

thank for your great information and post.

Thanks a lot for all this info, I keep following these news and am not surprised to see this effect occurring. Good presentation again, thank you

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So Kyc is ideal to know where innacuracy of facts. Lets use this to try and fix the next election. 2 billion spent. Imagine that spent to buy voters. To do that campaigns buy steem and people get paid for participation. ?

Lol in love with your zeal at making a difference in the digital market..Everyday new technology is being made, and ideas are necessary and useful when equipped with actions...even though this app might seem similar to other apps...Its uniqueness and simplicity makes the difference. Seems like a great app development to me...and thank you for sharing this opportunity with the Steemit family...I just followed you...don't have enough to upvote this post..but I would just say thanks and appreciate if you can follow me back and upvote


So Kyc is ideal to know where innacuracy of facts. Lets use this to try and fix the next election. 2 billion spent. Imagine that spent to buy voters. To do that campaigns buy steem and people get paid for participation. ?


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I agree I think this is a cool idea, food is a huge topic these days, especially the whole health food craze. 😀 😃 😄 😁 I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!

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looking good

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This sounds interesting. I will have to check it out. I am not a fan of yelp, it also froze up on my phone so I got rid of it. Hopefully this one will not freeze up. Thanks for sharing.

I'm sorry if this will be a stupid question - but what is the benefit of having all this coins as payment instead of just using dollars or bitcoin?


Good post !

Thanks for post. i like and Following. @kingscrown

Thanks for the insight. Upvoted resteemed!! Always on the lookout for new ideas.

Thanks, but i think it is similar to yelp and ubereats apps which i already have on my phone.

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Great to see you are posting

Sounds really promising, do you have info about the people who started it? 😀 😃 😄 😁 I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!

You made a lot of great finds. This may help as well

This is actually very smart! Thanks for sharing!

Nice post :)

Thanks a lot for all this info, I keep following these news and am not surprised to see this effect occurring. Good presentation again, thank you!

Very nice. Video

Cool now I can throw 0 star reviews for every bad munchies I get !

It's the Blockchain of Things!

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This sounds like a great idea. I will check it out further. Thanks for pointing it out

very needed video. thanks for searing/...,


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