If you were not aware in 4 days you can have 14%+ more of BTC for free.

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For people who read about BTC daily this is nothing new. Initial part of the post is for those who are not aware.

On 1st August people who are not happy about where BTC is going (im not gonna go into details, there could be a book about this 2 camps) will launch Bitcoin Cash. It will be free for everyone who has BTC, you will just have to use private keys from your normal BTC wallets and import them to Bitcoin Cash clients.

Some exchanges will do it for you but to not wait and be sure you get your free stash its a good idea to move most of funds out to a wallet which allows keys export.

I would suggest everyone Electrum - its lightweight and decent - https://electrum.org/

Some exchanges said they will add BCC balances to their user accounts and some even confirmed opening the trading.

Also from news i see HitBTC will add it too (yes the exchange that has STEEM!), BitFinex and Bittrex will honor the balances.
and also Trezor and Ledger hardware wallets are safe spots.

Currently BTC is at 2677 USD and BCC at 388 USD

So if current prices stay or ratios dont move much it will be little above 14% free money after selling.
You can keep them and wait for some pump too.

Just be aware - exchanges may stop withdrawals at 29th/30th until even 2nd August so if you want to move out - do it on time.

Current BCC Trading

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All BTC wallets will also be getting sharedropped BTCX, which is Bitcoin migrated to the Graphene blockchain technology (3s transactions, 10,000 transactions per second, no more mining bs)

As @cob mentioned, it's called BTC-U

That's incredible. Im stashing all my Bitcoin in cold storage and looking forward to my free Bitcoin August 1st. Lets just hope this doesn't collapse the price of Bitcoin. I dont think it should. If I have my Bitcoin stored on my ledger wallet what is the procedure to get the 14% extra?

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HODL Bitcoin!!!... and f**k BCC... ;)

You are clueless. Hold BCC and FK BTC you mean. BTC has been hijacked by blockstream. Figure it out.

BCC is an attempt to gain dev control. BTC off chain scaling is not a bad thing.

The people pushing Bcash has no ulterior motives, right?

How is your BCC going mate..? 🤣still at $200? our BTC is still up 40% this year ;)

Support this!

That makes sense.

well i really think holding btc to get just 20% doesnt worth it, its better to just hold the alt bcos i see them pumping hard after august 1st

There might be several it seems

Fallow me latest cryptocurrency trading update.

Don't keep your BTC on centralized exchanges if you don't want to be another "btc-e" victim. Don't get fooled with the +10% free money. Nothing is for free these days...(almost)

From what I can tell, its not BTC-e's fault, but more likely the US Govt has taken their servers.

Well, the guy that created Mt. Gox was the same guy that owns BTC-e. I'd rather not take the chance.

Dont tell me. Really? I thought he was behind bars!

Nobody can shutdown DECENTRALIZED exchanges like bitshares https://bitshares.org/

Never say never. If a significant amount of darknet proceeds begin flowing through DEX, it will be attacked one way or another by the authorities.

Very helpful information about Bitsshare.org and exchange.

liondani, why is eos not on bitshares?

You mean why bitshares is not on EOS... and the answer is: "because EOS is not yet ready."

Why do I have to sign up at Bitfinex or Hitbtc to buy EOS when there is Openleder/Bitshares? Is there a reason why there isn't a trading pair for EoS?

how do you even buy EOS?

He wasn't responsible for the Mt. Gox debacle?

I haven't seen any evidence for that. It's just that he and BTC-e were very laid back about anonymous users. Anonymous users with lots of coin. Bitcoin stolen from Sheep Marketplace moved through BTC-e. I've seen allegations that he's tight with Bitcoin Fog. So anyway, it's likely that BTC-e was just the logical place for the Mt. Gox thief to cash out.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Bitfinex hacked coins also came through BTC-E at some point.

but for 9/11

It's there fault

Here is a step by step guide on how to get your Bitcoin into the safest kind of paper wallet possible:

Thanks. Just what i needed

I can only agree and I think this is a good advice in general. Never leave your money at exchanges. We have seen Mt. Gox, now BTC-e, although both circumstances seem different (Mt. Gox was a scam, BTC-e was likely taken down). But when your money is gone, you don't care much why right? Always stay as much on the safe side as possible. By that I mean risks are part of cryptocurrencies but unnessesary risks can be easily avoided.

seems legit, but where shuld i have my coins? I do not have mutch values, but some btc, some eth and some etc. all in poloniex.com, whats my best option?

Try some mobile wallet, e.g. Coinomi

coinomi will support bch ?

yes, it does

I'm using Exodus. It is a light wallet for many currencies. https://www.exodus.io/

For cold storage (offline) I like hardware wallets like trezor or ledger nano s


For my mobile I currently use Jaxx but it locks up sometimes.

Move it to tether short term.

Keep a small amount u need available for purchases or trading on exchange but have most offline. Print out the info and lock it up. Paper wallet only way to go

free money is just a bait this is the reason why a lot are being scamed...

free money is bait, don'not let yourself get scamed....

Can you explain what you mean about your comment?

ohh yeh bro . totally agree

yep I agreed with you @liondani

This is actually a viable and important story for Steemit. I suggest all to take the time to read the attached links.

Hi there, I have written something about the story behind the "fork" on 1st Aug. Would you have a read and give me an upvote if you find it helpful? Thanks a lot. https://steemit.com/steemit/@joyochung/the-war-behind-btc-and-bcc-and-how-you-make-money-out-of-it

BCC Futures Has Already Crashed :) !!!

As predicted! It will be $5 by September

Thanks for sharing.

What happens when the exchanges have to tell everyone that they have more claims to BTC-C than they can provide?
Look into a proper, FULL upgrade of Bitcoin, rather than a fork like this. Look into #Bitcoin-United.

bitcoin united is interesting, thanks!

i know of it, even spoke to @stan today but we dont know yet if its gonna launch and how - so still better to have keys outside of exchanges due to that

Agreed just take your BTC off exchanges and wait. When Ethereum forked I waited at least 30 days before trying to do the split to make sure everything was working for others before me.

BTC going up now could be attributed to fewer coins on exchanges as people are removing them. Also others could be buying more BTC to capitalize on the BCC fork.

Its all good in crytpo land this is what a free market is suppose to look like. Many of us have no idea of how a free market is suppose to function because we have never experienced one before crypto came on the seen.

Eventually all this bad money i.e. scam coins will be washed out in the laundry as good money i.e. solid coins, good projects replace the junk.

Great great point! And thank you for the insight! Is it worth it to get bcc for any btc that we are holding? Or too risky? And youre so right about the free market thing!

Thank you and yes it should be worth it as it's free money. I suggest wait it out before attempting it just to make sure it is working. You may not make as much as doing it asap but for me the risk of trying to get those extra coins early is not worth it.

Yep, a sound plan. It's what I'm doing as well. I'll be buying some more BTC before the split and then moving everything to my cold wallet. Then I'll be sitting down with my popcorn to watch the show over the next few weeks and when it's all over I'll be holding both my BTC and Bitcoin Cash and start playing agin.

Love the free market comment, you're so right that many of us have no idea what a free market actually looks like!

Thank you and yeah popcorn and free markets thats the ticket.

You don't understand what a free market is if you actually think bitcoin is a free market. Prices are controlled every single day in hour swaths of up in price by $200 followed by brief moments of down $200 in price and it usually happens several times a day. It's all quiet now in "anticipation" of the 14% "free money" that is coming your way on Aug 2nd or shortly afterwards. Don't forget..."if" the price of BTC and BTCC (BCC?) both drop you will be able to blame it on "manipulation" But teh ave crypto believer doesn't even know what "actual" manipulation looks like. Just watch this live ticker using the 3 hour window and you will see "manipulation" via the large volume spikes when it is time to "daytrade" the rallies and selloffs. Go find something more manipulated than crypto prices...I dare you to. :-)


I dont think a free market is defined by it's lack of manipulation. I know that there are backroom deals, pump and dump groups, fake exchange orderbooks and much more.

My point is that when anyone anywhere in the world can publish the code for an alternative form of cash with out permission. This is a sign of a healthy market and the closest thing we have to a free market.

I always use a cold hardware wallet for my crypto -( I use Trezor) - I am going to hold both my Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash - Long-Term everything will be worth so much more ;-) Retirement ;-)

I actually think Bitcoin cash could do very well long-term - ultimately although it is just another alt coin it has the best brand available - they call them selves bitcoin people are gonna use them! in a year's time they will be in top 5 for sure.

Let's hope this goes off without a hitch! I still think that if BCC takes off, this will be at the expense of BTC, especially from a mass adoption perspective. It may be short term gain over long term loss! I hope this doesn't happen but I don't see BCC going to the moon at the same time as BTC!!

That post is 5 months old and more relevant then ever! Thanks for sharing.

I don't see why it would. Lots of exchanges are decided to not mess with it for now, and those that do risk being alienated for it.

One can look directly at https://www.bitcoincash.org/.

This is where the post's 2 out of 3 screenshots were taken from and where you will find all the Exchanges, Wallets and Services which asked to be added as supporting Bitcoin Cash on their official web site.

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Thank you for sharing such informative post to us. I think bitcoin price is not stable and it always rise up today and then drop sharply tomorrow.The reason behind is the people do not have much confident in cyptocurrency so the price is not stable enough.I hope you could share more about cyptocurrency

Currently bitcoin is on the way to success.
Naturally if there are some parties who feel disturbed.
But we as part of bitcoin need not worry with it.
Which is important we stay focused with our plans.
I'm sure bitcoin will continue to the peak of its success.
Advice from me, stay cautious in taking steps and decisions.
Do not be easily tempted by unclear ideas.
Remain confident in your own steps and decisions.

On 1st August people who are not happy about where BTC is going (im not gonna go into details, there could be a book about this 2 camps) will launch Bitcoin Cash. It will be free for everyone who has BTC, you will just have to use private keys from your normal BTC wallets and import them to Bitcoin Cash clients.

Thanks for great info!

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So is everyone betting on a ETH/ETC scenario? Where will the price of BTCC go?

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i am SO overwhelmed, i had HEARD of this on a steemit post few days ago but didnt think thsi was hgoing to be one of the new bitcoins

so will we have FOUR Bitcoins now? Bitcoin Unlimited, Segwit, UASF and UAHF ?????? And Bitcoin Cash is the User Activated hard fork???

WAit so HOW are we getting FREE money?!?!?!?!?!

can anyone explain this?!?!


Here is my only criticism of ur blog (and i know its not ur fault, the exchanges were calling this BCC first not u) please lets not use BCC for bitcoin cash, It should be BTC-C or BTCC why would you even use BCC? That's wrong we have never written Bitcoin as "BC" and we alrteady have a top altcoin named BCC caled BitConnect

Please, let's not start confusing people anymore than they already are and lets use BTCC for Bitcoin Cash

SOmething about the name of this just doesnt seem like this fork will ever take off, bitcoin cash? wtf who came up with that? i dunno why havent we heard of this until now?

Bitcoin cash can be credited to the greed of these 2 guys: Jihan Wu and Roger Ver

Where is my torch and pitchfork? This whole thing is ridiculous.

I wrote a post about that. If you keep your BTC at an exchange that will support BCC - you don't have to do anything. They will credit your account after the split for both coins. https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@emble/why-you-should-transfer-all-your-btc-s-from-your-exchange-to-hitbtc

No free money ! Anyone saying that doesn't get this!

So would it be a good idea to sell my BCC immediately and buy more BTC with it?

Some precisions about Electrum:

There will be an Electrum wallet solution for Bitcoin Cash as well. Contrary to what some people believe, however, this project was not endorsed by the Electrum team in an official capacity. Instead, someone took its source code from GitHub and ported it to support Bitcoin Cash. A third-party fork of an existing wallet solution like this one always requires some scrutiny, since its legitimacy is as yet unknown. It is still good to see someone attempting to create a solution, and the community no doubt will appreciate the effort.


Thank you for this @kingscrown very helpful

Great post @kingscrown to bring awareness to this upcoming & important event in Bitcoin's history.

I have already created a helpful guide that anyone can use to ensure they get all the free coins coming to them in the fork right here on Steemit:

Helpful Guide & Complete Compendium to the whole NEXT WEEK of BITCOIN: From Price to Fork(s) and MORE

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@kingscrown really informative looking more for good stuff like that

oh. really not wat i expected. is that official?

@pfa yes it's on their blog: http://blog.kraken.com/post/1150/bitcoin-cash-and-a-critical-alert-for-bitcoin-margin-traders/. Plus they put it on twitter, which is even more official! ;)

I wonder if Jaxx wallet will support BCC

It is! :)

I just wrote about this yesterday and got tons of flack for it lol oh well It honestly is promissing if everyone moved to it you would have a 8 times larger blockchain to handle 8x the amount of transactions which means overnight much lower fees which is the 2nd big reason people used bitcoin in the first place.

is this happening on 1st Aug? Better stack the bitcoin

People need to remember that the only reason this HARD FORK or SPLIT is happening is because the community believes a better way forward is different than the BLOCKSTREAM DEVS who took control of Bitcoin Core!

I urge everyone to research the censorship on /r/Bitcoin and see the stifled development of Bitcoin Core.

That is the SOLE REASON for these other chains to exist. No one CAN TRUST the REAL BITCOIN ANYMORE!

The sooner everyone realizes that BLOCKSTREAM is FUNDED BY THE BILDERBIRG GROUP -- the better!


these comments are wild; one comment says move them off exchanges (I never keep mine on exchanges) - other comments say put them on exchanges that will honor both; (smh) -- too bad they won't just leave it alone --

Not 14% cause bitcoin cash is already dumping, but yes, free money.

resteemed. Hopefully this makes a lot of folks some monies.

A lot of Bitcoin is moving lately to the wallets and exchanges that will honor BCC!

It's weird - if you'd asked me 3 days ago I would have still had vague ideas of a panic sell coming up in BTC that would affect the rest of the altcoins. Suddenly today it's crystal clear that no one is going to be selling Bitcoin when they not only expect it to go way up after August1st, but they know they're going to be getting free Bitcoin Cash alongside it! Now there may be a big selloff of Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash after the split or maybe they'll both just keep going up. Here I have been liquidating cash and getting it ready for "the flashcrash" that never happened!

Question: do you think my BTC is okay in a Jaxx wallet and I'll get my Bitcoin Cash in there?

Good question i was wondering the same thing about blockchain

No one is getting anything for free

Hi guys just so you know.

It will be called "BTCC" not "BCC".

BTCC is officially correct

Would be possible to claim the new Bitcoin Cash with Bitcoin Schildbach Walet? Is this wallet safe as can't find any information about it?

If exchanges show no initial support and only later bring in functionality are they going to be taking the BCC connected to the bitcoin of users for themselves?

i suppose so.. they are greedy as well ;-)

No that is not the case

Amen! 🙏

No they are not

Oh, that's a very ingenious way for Bitcoin Cash (which I never herd of short of last week) to get hold of peoples private keys. Not saying it's a scam. But it could be ;)

That is exactly what it looks like. Anyone excited about sending that info out to get it is insanely misinformed or just doesn't get it

Im not so inmerged in btc news, thanks for the info.

Excellent little article. Those who truly understand how bitcoin and the blockchain works will benefit from this greatly

ALWAYS keep your currency in your control and don't be lazy and leave that currency in online wallets. You are always better off taking the currency offline and keeping it secured that way until you need to trade it or sell it off.

Also, regarding this whole Bitcoin Cash created by the fork. It would be nice if those that hold onto Bitcoin are able to get some extra money from this fork coming up August 1st. But it can also be a flop altogether so just keep that in mind as a possibility, since this is the first time we have encountered something like this with Bitcoin and it definitely won't be the last time.

Electrum already said they won't support BCC but you can always export your private keys ;)

Thats exactly what i mean, move BTC to wallet that lets you exports keys ie Electrum

Will my private key for BTC and BCC be the exact same? For example, I load my BTC back to an exchange and then I can load my BCC to an exchange (where it is accepted) using the same private key?

Great question! @kingscrown claims you will need a new client wallet that supports BCC but details are still very clear.

Very informative post @kingscrown I've tried my best to keep up with all the news on the fork, but you brought some points to my attention I've missed. Also for anyone who's interested in understanding the two camps and how each chain will work, I found a great article. Easy to follow and understand: https://thenextweb.com/contributors/2017/07/24/ultimate-guide-upcoming-fork-thats-splitting-bitcoin-community/?utm_content=bufferb4862&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer#.tnw_RxY5pGu8

Good suggestion using Electrum wallet. That's what i plan to use for some of mine.

Great post but i myself support the idea of storing away your bitcoins until thing are normal again , just for security purposes

hello, I live in Myanmar Country.You are post is
nice and upvoted.I like it

Greed will destroy you. Be careful, lads.

Start Stackin those % Gainzzzzz lol

really interesting bro.

please follow me

Thanks for the info. I would like to know is this something this is on a certain basis such as quarterly or annualy or it just happens for no apparent reason?

Thanks again for the info.

This is a very great post about BTC. But If bank stops it to exchange into dollars than how can we get our payment? Will you please post about this? It would be helpful to newer users like me.
Thank you @kingscrown.

Your posts are very helpful. thank you

Bitcoin cash can be credited to the greed of these 2 guys: Jihan Wu and Roger Ver

Great creation regarding digital currency Bitcoin

Everything you wanted to understand about potential August 1 fork but were afraid to ask.

follow.gifts.gif : https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@neno13/why-the-heck-bitcoin-might-split-in-two

Will be getting some free Bitcoin Cash so I'm not complaining :D

No u won't , nobody is getting anything free.

All I got to say is this:

Courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood Shia LeBeof.

Good to know!! but I don't think I'll move my Waves to BTC just for the profit of BCC... no one will know for sure what will happen, right?