ICOs are so popular.. They Got a 100% Dedicated Magazine Now!

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If we aint in mainstream now then i dont know what mainsteam can be.

Currently in kiosks you can buy magazine dedicated to explain what are ICOs, check interviews with current CEOs and such.
The ETH craze made it to the media.

For starters - no this is not a joke.. its real.


Here is the cover.

Here is the portal.

And a Video

Not enough?

Im sure you want to read it all ;)

You can and legally - https://issuu.com/icocrowd/docs/ico_crowd_-_issuu

Write in comments what do you think of this idea or what interested you most from reading the magazine.

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There are far too many ICOs now and most dont really offer much more than an opportunity to lose your money.
It's starting to look a lot like bubble territory as there is no reason for most of these to be worth the valuations they have as there are no fundamentals.
That's not to say a crash is imminent as to quote Keynes 'The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent'!

Have you seen WTT token. It is backed by hardware, there is more information here: WTT

I used to read "Word Up" Magazine, John F. Kennedy Jr.'s magazine "George" and a number of other publications that came and went. You know what savvy investors in the FinTech and cryptosphere like to do after digitally securing their private keys, doing due dilligence on a discord server, reading posts on steemit written by the actual developers of the ICOs they are looking to invest in and monitoring the exchanges for shifts in fundamental trends.... they like to read paperback articles written by people with no real skin in the game or no transparent pressence on a blockchain give them a watered down commercialized version of what they already know on a weekly or monthly basis. They like to read what Old Money's take is on the revolution..."invest heavily in XRP".

Thst said, more adoption is always better than less adoption.

Did you also used to rhyme tight, play your cards right, and smile when you face was up in the Source?

I'm not a fan of ICO as whole, but it's still a good investment if it's a good study, it's important to me what technology is behind the currency itself and what community it contributes to. However, you should not risk money that you can not lose, and the correct investment will come back many times, which is very difficult nowadays with the regulatory banking system.

Wow. Had no idea that ICOs were getting so mainstream now that there are special magazines. As a newcomer to the crypto and Steemit scene, I am still learning all this. Recently invested in ETH but am still reading up more about ICOs. Your blogs will be a guidance. Thanks for sharing.

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This means only one - BUY THAT ETH!

Magazines are very useful, the magazine still exist even though there is a very popular online media now

Magazine! Love it

That ico magazine cover doe!
Reminds me of the bre-x gold ming company story. Good post

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