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RE: ICOs are so popular.. They Got a 100% Dedicated Magazine Now!

in #bitcoin4 years ago (edited)

I used to read "Word Up" Magazine, John F. Kennedy Jr.'s magazine "George" and a number of other publications that came and went. You know what savvy investors in the FinTech and cryptosphere like to do after digitally securing their private keys, doing due dilligence on a discord server, reading posts on steemit written by the actual developers of the ICOs they are looking to invest in and monitoring the exchanges for shifts in fundamental trends.... they like to read paperback articles written by people with no real skin in the game or no transparent pressence on a blockchain give them a watered down commercialized version of what they already know on a weekly or monthly basis. They like to read what Old Money's take is on the revolution..."invest heavily in XRP".

Thst said, more adoption is always better than less adoption.


Did you also used to rhyme tight, play your cards right, and smile when you face was up in the Source?