How ive saved 0,8BTC+ of one user and found bugs in MultibitHD and Breadwallet.

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Few days ago i got contacted by one user here who wasnt sure where he sent his BTC and couldnt unlock wallet that he thought should have the money.
I like to try new things and solve problems (long ago one of my fixes for a popular driver was officially linked on support forums of one company).

To keep this short, we nailed it to the MultibitHD wallet. Sadly it was not letting the guy in, so he started checking many passwords and got hopeless.

I took his list of words and generated possible outcomes, then runned the bruteforce. Computer said it will take it 4 days but in the middle of testing ive asked again for the password he was sure there is. Of course it didnt work in MultibitHD but by using other extraction programs like

This program accepted the password so i knew the bug is in software not in wallet file or so.
After some Googling i found out that more people have this problem. The only way to recover was to get seed (12 words) and import them to other wallet that support same type of hashing - Breadwallet.

After trying some softwares i found out to work amazing and i got the 12 words in no time.

Tried few MultibitHD installations - of course they didnt let unlock the wallet. So the workaround was to import keys to Breadwallet and just move money.

Its a mobile wallet so ive put it on my Android device after 1h - didnt sync.
Ive put it to Ipad - after 1h still syncing. Pretty insane for a mobile wallet to work so slow and need so much data.

Started googling.. Breadwallet after installation randomly chooses (and seem hardwrites) a node. If it chooses slow one or far from you.. You may never sync. Plenty people have this error.

Currently the only way to change node is to fully uninstall and reinstall the app... WHAT A MESS.
I was so close of getting the BTC yet so far away.

Finally at some point i got into a node that synced in 1h and sent the money out.


  • do not use MultibitHD for now
  • do not use Breadwallet for now, unless you already have it working
  • always backup your passwords and wallet files
  • with computers nothing goes ever as planned
  • good IPA beer may save you in most problems

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@kingscrown bread wallet
a very cute name
thanks for the tip!

question though .. do you think we should use just 1 wallet or its better to diversify?

if you have private keys then you can use one and switch if needed but if you have some funny wallet file and a password.. seems backup is a must.

i suggest to use electrum as it has full keys control

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"good IPA beer may save you in most problems"

This is a really important piece of your documentation. Well done!

Im having one now, cheers!

good IPA beer may save you in most problems



Really impressive stuff you put together here man.



Great story. They guy got luck this time and learnt a big lesson. So many people dont secure their crypto and its a shame


My eyes went straight to 'ipa beer' lol!


ha nice one

Great content informative most :)

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I'm always so stressed out when it comes to sending cryptos. Fortunately I didn't have any problems yet and I hope it will stay that way! Thank you for helping this guy, 0.8 BTC is a lot of money! ;)

You will get used to it :)

Let me understand what you doing!
1.MultibitHD is not working properly...I submitted one ticket and they response me after 2 weeks ....ya!they care but they dont offer an solution.. 2.I have the pass phrase from my wallet but no syncing ... 3.your solution is to install Breadwallet and from there to move my coins from MultibitHD?Can you detailed how you do it? I have 0.01012709 BTC in MultibitHD and for the moment I declared lost! For more details Ill be at your services.
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Thank you!

this is a great one thanks big for the sharing

Thank you again for a good post. I personally messed up with my ark wallet, where i sent 1000 ARK to a recalled address where i used my 12 word passphrase, but have done a typo when i imported the wallet hence my ARK is just sitting there, and annoys me every time i open my wallet... Do you know of any kind of software that could generate a list of different possibilities for typos if i know what the 12 word password should be?
I know the list would be long, but just having something that is ordered that i could try out when bored, gives me hope that i one day may see it again.

Yeah generating words will not be a problem but you would have to modify script to use ARK wallet or .. you will have to write it manually. Try the btcrecovery from my post above it has a module to generate .txt files with passwords

Thank you, ill check it out.

Let me know if you got the password :)

It will probably be a long time from now, since ill be manually typing them all in, but i will let you know. (if i remember ;)

Good stuff here, thanks for sharing ☺️👍🏼

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That sounds like a headache but at least your succeeded.

So manny sites with bugs and so litlle time..

I have a lot of anxiety about wallets. What do you recomment? Desktop wallet or a hardware like trezor?

I use Keepkey + loads of copies of my keys/files with super long passwords and encryption on the files

Dude you've made me wiser here, Its sad how someone would wake up one day and lose what he/she used ages to built just in seconds just computer/software bug or something, imagine what could have happened to that popular driver and other people if you were not there with such I.C.T knowledge. Thanks man.

Glad i could help :)

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You're The man sir,

great job, glad to know where to come to if needed to in the future. thanks, upvote and resteemed.

I'm glad you were able to help him out! Many times people just give up and assume there's no solution. This goes to show that a little hard work and perseverance goes a long way. Thanks for sharing :)

Lots of great info

Thank you very much brother for giving us this brief post, we will really help many of all the people who love the cryptones, thanks and my vote is for you @kingscrown

Ok wow, thats a lot of troubleshooting. At least you were able to get the money out.

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Well fone sir, sending you some IPA asap ;)

Good post. Very helpful

Sounds great, will give it a try!

Damn sucks that this bug is around.
Thank you for spreading the word and awareness.

I'm using exodus, desktop wallet and it's pretty great, no complaints as of yet. Thanks for the heads up on bread wallet.

Oh its decent, ive made review of it few months ago here

@kingscrown I am very happy with your post,
You are a good person, you are very considerate
I like you
You often solve problems, and give solutions
Thank you for reminding us of the last point of this post

I love you @kingscrown

Indeed thx for Sharing is caring :P

this is really good

You can learn something new in crypto every day. Thanks for reminding us how precaution is everything here.

Also, an IPA is a great way to celebrate basically anything :D Couldn't agree more!


Good save and great job helping out the community.

today is time to buy btc

I've always done a good job at spreading around to different wallets until I learned which one works the best.

Great find. Resteemed and followed

yow! you are a genius bro. its amazing how you overcame the obstacles and shared with us the process. I'm learning more day by day thank you!

Great post!

Thanks for share with us. Upvote and resteem

Hey @kingscrown , I have a question for ya. Hit me up on discord if ya could, thanks.

You hit me up ;)

Great work man!

Way to go @Kingscrown, wish i understand more of the Wizardry terms though😕

@kingscrown - wow. What an effort! To use brute force to crack passwords takes a lot of patience. Your cleaver way saved the poor guys his BTC! Thanks for your tips on the wallets. Very helpful for newcomers like me. Upvoted.

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I bet a couple of people knew about this, but I only see a post from you. Thank you so much for sharing man. Knowledge is everything, clearly your channel is looking like everything at this point!

Never say enough to knowledge.



very helpful information. Thank you will help me build up my wallet for effectively

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this is a very useful information. thank you

@kingscrown thanks for sharing... great post

Thank you for warning and helping to deal with the difficulties!

So you didn't back out and kept trying till you fixed it. Great!

Great! You are the man!

Oh shit this is some dangerous information in the wrong hands!!!

Woah this is a new business for you???? Like a Locksmith for bitcoin wallets! Take a bounty of 10 percent of the wallet!

thanks for sharing!

Good post..upvote and resteem..

so your saying you can hack into peoples wallets? or only if you know the password kinda? that was nice of you to help this guy out. AWESOME

have a read guys is also like poloniex now messing with users

Brother, I just want to say it's a really nice thing to see you are consistently posting :) Even more that you are responding to your viewers :)

Great job @KingsCrown. I hope to have as my power as you one of these days! Keep things rolling.

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I wander if you can help me. I resintalled MetaMask wallet that had some ETH but when I went to put my pass phrase... one of the 12 words was missing! I don't know how in hell I missed writting down one of the words, shame on me, but that's the situation.

I see two options to recover it:

  1. From the local storage of the MetaMask Chrome extension: may be they are still there and can be recovered?

  2. Some software to guess the 12th word using the other 11.

Does anyone know if it is possible and how to do it?

I'll send some of the recovered ETH to the person that helps me recover it ;)

I like toast 🍞

Greetings @dannyboytosin! smart move joining the platform!


0.8 BTC not much, but worth trezor :)

To me it is mate, made some bad calls and lost my tiny BTCs

I have misspoken. I Believe that if you do not want to worry about security you should buy hardware wallet :)

Not really an Option in West Africa.....