Bitcoin officialy Legal in India!

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If you remember before the crazy rally India was the first country to have 1000 USD which was a premium back then.

Later they had 2000 USD along with Korea when nobody else had and my prediction of the raise based on this was right - original post here

Status of BTC in India was still not known and BJP's Kirit Somaiya (ruling party in India) tried to make BTC look like ponzi scheme to even make it banned.

But despite it... Bitcoin from now on is considered fully legal. The premiums are expected to disappear and volumes to raise.

Massive Spike on LocalBitcoins

We can see loads of trades already came in at face to face.
If you never used LB just register, you never know when you can make some premum BTC sell there. Its available almost in all countries.


Sadly Indian exchanges are low volume so hard to find their listnings.
Coinsecure has 72 BTC

Other 2 exchanges do not show volumes but we can expect 1/3 of Coinsecure which is the main one there for now.
If you are from India please leave comments about how this exchanges work etc.

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This is great news. I'm from India and I've been using Coin secure from a very long time, they are the best when it comes to selling or buying as there is no middleman. There are around 5 exchanges so far, but more will definitely come.

Bitcoin only rose to fame over here in the last year. More than 90 percent of the population have never heard of Bitcoin or crypto currencies. India is definitely going to be huge for Bitcoin.


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This is great if its true.
So many people in India got cleaned out when they when the put a ban on the Rs500 and Rs1,000 notes .
check the article here.

This is why Fiat currency is rubbish. They will only do what suits themselves. The little man always loses.


India is great country. I guess they very fast join world of new technologies. I don't think that bitcoin gonna move to the moon but that is real good news. Who's next? Waiting for China.


Yes you can buy bitcoin from zebpay also


Congratulations. The bankers must be going nuts!

A country with over a billion people this is a game changer! I am sure this will spike up the price for bicoin to the $5,000 mark! I am super excited for this. Lets give it two days to see the effects on bitcoin


Here we go. With a population that is so heavy gold the sky is the limit for btc and other cryptos


5k all the way !

No my friend. It's yet to be legalized may be you are not aware of the public opinion that the govt asked for infaovor of bitcoins . People were asked to write their point of view whether to legalize bitcoins or not n why in a govt website by 31st may. After that no decisions were finalized. The video you shared is 2 months old and I guess you don't understand Hindi thus the title of the video is misleading. I saw a ray of Hope from this post but we are still in the dark. Cheers!!!


Ya man that's true guess we have to still wait to clearly see the future of Bitcoin or crypto currencies in India.

hi there @kingscrown

sawasdee pee mai as we say here
i am waiting for this release for morocco two
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Oh. It is nice that more and more country start to accept bitcoin for payment and official use! I like these country! For my city, Hong Kong, still many people think that they are scam and told us not to buy it! They are very silly I think!

I share the same belief. Bitcoin's price will be $1 million per one bitcoin in the future. But beware of scammers who capitalize on bitcoin's popularity to fool, scam, and defraud people of their hard-earned money.

The rule of thumb is simple - if an organization inviting you is not in the official list of bitcoin organization or miners.

I have been following the buzz around countries and institutions. India adopting bitcoin is one major milestone given that 1 out of evry 7 humans live in india! Now all it needs is public education on use of bitcoin