Coinbase/Gdax Reversing Margin Calls on Ethereum Just Announced!!

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This was just announced from coinbase! check it out AlL crypto fans! THey are reversing all losses

ETH-USD Trading Update #2
This is the second update regarding the ETH-USD trading activity on June 21st, 2017. You can read the first update here.
GDAX is just over two years old and has grown to become one of the world’s leading digital asset exchanges. We launched our first version of margin trading earlier this year and have generally seen strong customer demand and positive feedback.
Our long-term ambition, however, is to be a leader among all exchange platforms and we are committed to serving as the most trusted provider to the world’s largest institutions and professional traders. We are confident that all trades this week were executed properly, however, some customers did not receive the quality of service we strive to provide and we want to do better.
We will establish a process to credit customer accounts which experienced a margin call or stop loss order executed on the GDAX ETH-USD order book as a direct result of the rapid price movement at 12.30pm PT on June 21, 2017. This process will allow affected customers to restore the value of their ETH-USD account to the equivalent value of their ETH-USD account at the moment prior to the rapid price movement. To clarify:
For customers who had buy orders filled — we are honoring all executed orders and no trades will be reversed.
For affected customers who had margin calls or stop loss orders executed — we are crediting you using company funds.
We view this as an opportunity to demonstrate our long-term commitment to our customers and belief in the future of this industry. We will follow up directly with affected customers about this process next

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This is the best news for the crypto world

Great news, and thank you for sharing I am sure that this will dry up the tears of so many. I didn't lose out but I have been sick 🤒 just thinking about all those affected by this.


i totally agree if you can resteem this for me that would be great! trying to inform all those that lost and make them feel better going into the weekend

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This is great!