Will Antshares Double After Tonight's Antshares Conference?

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So did you know there is a huge Antshares conference starting in about 10 hours in China? Of course you didn't know, otherwise you would have bought ANS below $2 last week, rode it all the way up to $14 two days ago and probably sold some for a very healthy profit.

So what is the big deal about this conference? What is Antshares anyways? Click Here if you don't know what Antshares is.

Well, Antshares will be revealing their New Antshares branding and explanation of their new Antshares smart contracts 2.0 system; all the new Antshares user cases, Nest SmartBase and release of whitepaper, new Antshares strategy roadmap. In addition they will be revealing all the strategic partners.....etc. Sounds exciting? Well of course because Antshares is the first public Blockchain in China and many have compared Antshares to the Ethereum network here in the US.

A lot of early investors of Antshares are particularly interesting in what Microsoft is going to say with regard to their partnership with Antshares. Some also speculate Jack Ma from Alibaba will be a surprise guest speaker since Antshares has been working with Alibaba since 2016. Link Here

Lastly, let's look at how Antshares been trading......
Currently, there are only 4 exchanges trading Antshares(ANS). Below is a snapshot of June 20th trading volume... as you can see, Antshares is the top crypto in all 4 exchange by volume. Notice 3 out of 4 exchanges are in China, which means a lot of people outside of China still haven't heard or invested in ANS.

In conclusion, will this Antshares conference spark more interests? Will global crypto investors jump in to buy up Antshares at $10 during or after this conference? Will Antshares be the next Ethereum? If you missed the boat on Ethereum, Antshares might be your second chance.

Learn how to buy Antshares(ANS) CLICK HERE

Let's keep our eyes on the ANS conference.

Click Here For Countdown Clock

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Great post man, I got high expectations for AntShares especially with their involvement with Microsoft and Ali baba just makes it more appealing to me. Chinese Ether here we go!

UPVOTED. Thanks for the info!!

Looks like its coming down.... right now its at $7.08 not sure

I agree, I bought a mere 17 shares when it was just $3.50. I'm hoping you're right and another surge is in our future!

I think tomorow is a very interesting day.

Can't wait to buy my Lambo. To the Moon!!


moon with ANS.jpg to the moon?
I am there!

It's got a healthy bump today up 24 percent right now on Bittrex 2 hrs before the conference. To da moon!

Interesting. I'm in the mood to take a risk I think I will buy some ANS on Bittrex.


smart man... I know it's still a gamble but so are all the cryptos... but this one is still unknown to the west and being supported by Microsoft, Alibaba and most importantly, the first blockchain supported by the Chinese government. .so ....

Thanks so much for this branded opportunity info. From your outline and speculation i hope Antshares is the next to ETH. Am convinced to try it out now.

I am glad to learn more av about this company. Very interesting investment opportunity. Especially the comparison with ethereum. I think this crypto will have a nice run higher.

There will definetly be a pump in the price because of this conference. Worst case senario this will be a great ST trade.