Bitcoin Genesis Block Was Mined 3th Jan 2009. Happy Birthday!

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So exactly year ago at 3rd January the genesis block of BTC has been mined and started change of the world and finances as we know them. Back then BTC was worth nothing and for next year it has been pretty much given away or sold at silly prices.

Bitcoin Markets

Interesting to see that in top10 volume trades only 2 pairs are for FIAT and USD only. KRW/CNY/JPY nowhere to be seen. It looks like Asia trades mostly from/to BTC with altcoins. Does that mean altcoins are now better option than fiat? Thats a change! I have spoken how great Binance and just look how its dominating volumes now. Due to high demand currently you may have problems logging in but go for KuCoin it has almost the same feels as the B.

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2009? It is a typo? not 2018?

Bitcoin has definitely come a long way.
To the moon they say?
I say we just barely lifted off.

with the uprise surge of bitcoin there are alot to achieve

I supported you bros

De la tierra a la luna julio Verne

비트코인 어디까지 오를까.


I tell u man dem

I think less than 1% of the world deals with cryptos so far, just imagine another 5% joining the crypto world, coins at the price of cents will be a thing of the past.

esto es una cosa impresionante esta gente esta cambiando la forma de ver el mundo sin que nos demos cuenta

You have to admire the genius of the bitcoin innovation. A decade in Fintech is like a century, and Bitcoin is still viable, and the first dentralised ledger. Here's to the next 10.

maybe you got it late ;)

Never to later to invest, this is just beginning

Well LN anyone! It coming out in April! My low fees are coming back :)

I wish I had purchased BTC in 2009

thats what everyone says, yes there have been many chances to get rich BUT its not to late, if you wait for the right moment you can still make alot of money with bitcoin so ... :D

Now that Bitcoin is unusable, I think of it as the first Bitcoin Cash block (which of course it was, but we didn't know it yet)...

Happy Cryptyear!)

no registration anymore on Binance. i did it at November 1st and i am happy 'cos of it

Bitcoin changed my life already and is changing the entire world! Bitcoin is the best thing that could happen it this world where freedom doesn't exist anymore.

I would extend that to saying that the ripple effect (pun not intended) that Bitcoin has had in the creation of the hundreds of altcoins will have a large impact in the future.

soy nuevo usuario de steemit quien me apoya un poco

Freedom doesn't exist because of the so called "tax" haha

but bitcoin transaction isn,t taxed is it?

Yes bitcoin does not tax

Think as of 2018 you'll start to get taxed on crypto transactions

Do you know real bitcoin investment that I can invest my money into

exactly u not far from the truth

I hope it will change my life this year

I hope that this will be also very good year for Bitcoin :D

Happy Birthday Bitcoin!

Happy Birthday Genesis Block!🎉🎈

Happy birthday BTC :D

Hapy Bday to the revolution maker here. We Started well are going good and need to go for the better.

the coming century will be named after bitcoin

On the source code we can see the timestamp used for the genesis block :)

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Bitcoin is a sign of our evolution in technology and understanding. It will be the new establishment for transactions. And we will see what more it brings! #Steem #steemit #cryptorevolution #newworldorder #money #freemoney #thinair

Happy Birthday. Bitcoin is where it all started - but steem is the future ;-)

I came to knew about Bitcoin in 2010, then the price was around a dollar.

Happy BitCoin day to everyone... Send your enemies and competitors to the bottom ...Your Highly Esteemed esteemed friend of Highly Esteemed Bicoin fan to all Highly Esteemed Cryptonations

9 Years ago the world was changed with the most silent of bangs. Viva La Cryptos

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Revolution the only solution,
response of an entire nation!

hope we can celebrate a lot of birthdaysparties for bitcoin :)

A word of advice when dealing with alts. I just purchased some STEEM despite it being at an "all time high" because I look at a different metric when buying cryptos and that's the ratio relative to BTC. So despite STEEM being at $8 at the time of this post if you take a look at the price in BTC it's only a tiny bump compared to previous highs of 650k satoshi. If you look at it through this lens it shows that STEEM has a long way to go before catching up to where it was back in 2016. In this market full of uncertainty and people making cryptos worth less than my macaroni art from the 4th grade, having a crypto that has a community behind it full of people interacting and utilizing it makes STEEM a very safe bet. So basically make sure when you trade alts you measure in terms of BTC because if you can just hodl BTC in the first place then measuring in fiat is counter-productive to making the most gains possible!

LOL bitcoin will fall behind ripple, the banks are fed up. They are going to take control of the crypto market and abolish alot of cryptos. whether its 2020 or 2018 they are going to step in and make sure our coins aren't worth squat, they let us have our profits and they aren't aiming to allow us to have growth for much longer. im invested in Verge, trn, ripple, neo, status, district0x, iota, and EOS but as soon as I reach my goal of 1000% increase im gone lol(except for Ripple). I will get hate for this but its not a joke. the whole goal of the new world order is to keep us under the gov, which is under the banks. Our world and everything in it is runed by the banks. War never changes....

have you tried Kucoin?

Bitcoin is the king for now, but other fearless crypto currencies are approaching the top. The btc transaction fees are becoming huge... I'm not very happy to see that.

In Midyear of 2018 there will be lightning network. If that works --> Low performance and high fees are no Problem anymore for Bitcoin. This will make a lot of Altcoins useless.

Until then hodl tight!

Let's hope so! Keep my fingers crossed.

Fees already cut in half that last week or so, hope you are right. We hold our Bitcoin position for just that reason. Ethereum will still be king, but keep an eye on Cardano. One of the only altcoins that is actually a real business.

happy birthday my steemit friend...... If you were with me then I would have given you a very good surprise

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its not too late on his birthday

time for steemit

I have noted the date as the best one to go back to when I lay my hands on a time machine :D

Happy Birthday, bitcoin. Hope on your next birthday you will reach double your current value :)

How is this not extreme rewards pool theft?

It's really amazing and if anyone had mined and HODL since then they would have been billionaire. Only Satoshi Nakamoto has that quantity. I wonder if he misplaced his private key. 😂😅

Happpy birthday
Many best wishes congratulations

Thanks for sharing, quality info

pllease can u explain that curation thinngy

The King of Crypto currency, and a definite game changer which is disrupting the financial arena and many other..

The recent ripple's surge in popularity partly due to financial institution backing shows how these institutions are fearing losing the control of transactions.

Bitcoins... something vague, some countries do not deal with this type of coin, and other countries have no problem with it, actually we have to read more and more to have a solid information to make a decision

BTC is changing lives and transforming the world economy into positivity. It has given a lot of people purpose and life changing opportunities. We rule the world👍

I'd like some BTC cake pls..


Bitcoin was born, and our dreams were born :) We started to make plans to make the right moves at the right time. Some of us won, some of us lost. But bitcoin has always been on the agenda. And it is spreading rapidly. And one day it will become much more common. I hope everyone will win. Today all good wishes for bitcoin. :) @kingscrown

Bitcoins is definitely genius thing

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is making wave in the modern global economy. With bitcoin monetary transactions are improved and banks are losing the grip on the fees and charges on money transfer thus causing an alarm.
Banks and similar institutions must make a move to quickly adopt or make adjustments to be in line with the cryptocurrency.

I hope we get a big share from pastry.Thank you ''Bitcoin'' ! @kingscrown

hahhahahha, am telling you

happy birthday #bitcoin ! Thank You #satoshinakamoto for such a wonderful system that is going to change the entire system . No More 2008 Only 2009 my friend :) #rip2008

I tell u bitcoin is bae

@kingcrown lovely post Many many happy returns of the day Bitcoin
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I'm starting in this world of cryptocurrencies. And I see that Bitcoin is the strongest currency so far

La creación de esta criptomoneda le dio la vuelta al mundo de las finanzas, seguir trabajando para que el bitcoin cambie mas nuestras vidas.

Upvoted and resteemed, thanks for the info.

This is a fool we do, We don't wait for exact time just sell in low price and after some days it goes high but there is option of going low also.

very informative post for me it is late but no problem Happy Birthday to the Revolutionary Bitcoin Happy birth day to the modern ERA
thanks for this beautiful post dear

Valiosa informacion! thx friend

wow 9 years ago and the world is changed forever. Blockchain is the like internet for this generation.

thats the truth

Hola bienvenido a esta comunidad steemit te deseo suerte feliz año espero enero sea de muchos éxitos para ti .

Happy Birthday Bitcoin Genesis 🍺

Back then when Bitcoin was still mine-able with both GPU and CPU.

Time sure flies by fast!

Hope in one day all of you have 1000 bitcoins. :) MUCH LOVE

welcome bitcoin

Thank you for pointing certain things out regarding crypto currency. Altcoin is not bad at all.

Though have heard of the cryptocurrency named bitcoin but it's disappointed I realised my mistake for not investing early on. Just getting started and am cool with it. Happy Birthday to world no1 crypto

What a way to change this world! Virtual coins! The times we live in!

Do I have to get wallets first before I go out to purchase altcoin?

But where is the rum gone? #rum

And still works, built like a Tank! Happy Birthday!

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Bitcoin was created in response to the collapse of the housing bubble, in particular, to how the US government just created money out of nothing in order to save the banks. Bitcoin is designed to irreversible for blunders like the housing crisis.

It would seem that Satoshi had a certain sense of irony about creating a transaction system that is non-refutable that is eventually embraced by the same financial community that gave rise to it.

Bitcoin making all and sundry proud. There are a lot of bitcoinairas now. @kingscrown is it too late to invest in bitcoin? You can do a favour by following me back, thanks.

Bitcoin has a great potential to change the world economy and pretty much everything ....we are living in the new ICO wake up....get your ass down to these innovative market and Start to Earn more...Thank You

Bitcoin Happy Birthday! I would be very happy this day when I came in 2009 bitcoin when I bought a few dollars, today I have a lot of money


Happy b'day to my love. :)

Great post about BTC as allways from @kingscrown

Happy birthday :)
Do we have a chance to get back to those days with a time machine :P

greattttttt post

I follow you, you do not come with me, because I have no money

BitCoin 20% by the end of 2018, total crypto marketcap of $3.000 billion

Happy Birthday Genesis @kingscrown

I love Bitcoin. It is a new era. Before Bitcoin (BBTC) and After Bitcoin (ABTC)

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have changed my life financially, thanks to the creators of these cryptos espcially Steem, SBD and!

A great post.
Thank you so much for keeping Bitcoin's Jumday.
Thanks for sharing

Happy bitcoin.
Dear bitcoin thanks for being so valuable

happy birthday #BTC you are a year closer to your 21M mark

Happy birthday Bitcoin!
Let's go to the moon!!

Happiest Birthday Bitcoin Master!

we would get there soon too #winks

Happy Bitday!
Very curious how altcoins will develop during 2018.
I noticed that you made a lot of SBD transfers to whales. and when I look further I see that many established users are doing so. How does this work? Are you sending SBD to several whales in the hope for an upvote? Do you have any guarantee? I would really like to have some upvotes as well. Any tips?

Happy birthday to you @kingscrown!

Congratulations, Mr. @kingscrown, may God continue to bless you in steemit, and in your life. thanks for your support.

Godspeed you magnificent son of a bit!

Happy birthday bitcoin! Im grateful that I know about it :)

Thank's for this information share.

You are lvl 76 now, I didn't even know that was possible (-: damn

Postnya usual wrote, but many who like, the income of money is also a lot, wah I jd envious 😑

No doubt, Bitcoin and all the alts have been game changers!

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