Is Electroneum Mobile Mining Profitable?

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People basically think that, crypto mining means expensive hardware that can costs upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. But It's now possible to mining crypto on your smart mobile phone.

Let's talk about Electroneum mining; Electroneum is a mobile crypto currency. It is the first cryptocurrency that allows users to mine coins with a mobile phone. This new feature will allow millions of smartphone users around the world to get started with cryptocurrency mining.
You can see their Ecosystem

Electroneum global community growing day by day. Already they have 2003780 registered users, 48371 telegram members, 125000+ twitter followers, 150000+ facebook followers worldwide.

How to Mine Electroneum

  1. Download the app to your device and create an account on the Electroneum website.
  2. Log into the app using your credentials.

3.Go to the Miner tab at the bottom and click the Start Mining button.
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Data Usage:
The app will also not use a lot of data. Data will be required to communicate with the server for account balances and transactions but will be kept to a minimum. If you use wi-fi for this mining, it can be more profitable for you.

Is it profitable?
If you use Samsung galaxy series mobile phone ex: Galaxy grand prime; you could be mine 5 ETN per day and more. If you use mobile phone with more powerful processor you could be mine 10 ETN per day and more. It is more profitable when you mine electroneum with more devices.

At this time ETN price $0.011941 .

Experts are predicting ETN price could be $1 and more at the end of 2018.

If I personally say about this coin, I love ETN. I have already an ETN mobile mining firm. Why I love ETN and why I started mining ETN? Simple answer, Because I believe in ETN platform and I hope It will give us more profit in future.

Thanks for reading

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so 5 cents a day... which is less than the electricity that your using... unless your not charging at home with hopes that one day it will be worth $5/day.

At this time ETN value is too low. But if you hold it long time, It will be more profitable. Maximum number of people who are mining ETN and who are invested on ETN platform, the main reason is next few month the value of ETN could be rise. Experts are already predicted, the BTC worth will be $50000+ in end of this year if ETF approve successfully. So, when BTC value increased, ultimately ETN value also increased.

Etn is too low in price these days. What do you think how much hike it can go to??

I think it can be increased more at the end of this year

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I think it will be more profitable in next couple of month.

How did you create your mobile mining firm?

Should I mine dogecoin ? Bro be in touch

Yeap you can. If bitcoin price rise, ultimately not only dogecoin and also every coin price automatically will be rise.

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