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Hold or Fold?

So what's the answer? Do I transfer my bitcoins to a hard wallet and wait to see what August the 1st brings. Or do I cash them in and wait the whole thing out? Or I guess I could just leave them where they are, and ride out the storm that way.

Nobody really knows the best answer. But after long deliberation, I'm going with option 2. At least that will leave me with scope for the future. I don't see bitcoins going anywhere but up in the long run. Might as well give myself the best chance possible.

What will you be doing?

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I'm moving to a TREZOR wallet within the next few days. I actually just posted about it lolol. Thanks for posting.


Just read yours. There must be a load more in the same boat.
What is Trezor Wallet?


Trezor is a bitcoin usb hardware wallet that looks like a token. It is an extremely secured wallet for storing your bitcoins. You can check for more information.


Thanks buddy.

Honestly no one knows what tomorrow holds. I think the best is just following what your mind tells you but as for me, I am keeping. At least with that I know I aint loosing anything.
I actually thought about it for a long time and then the whole idea that if i hold it, eventually the price will still go up irrespective of what happens in Aug 1. What if i cash out and eventually nothing happens except that bitcoin skyrockets to the moon with huge force? Anyway, what would be would be and we can't always eat our cake and have it. Best of luck to us all!


You're absolut right. Nobody knows. Thanks for taking the time 👍

Both of my holding and flding is on pause right now as the myexcahange is under maintainence right now .. it is true when they say never put all your eggs in one basket