eSteem - announce release of desktop app!

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eSteem - proudly announce desktop/pc version of the app. After several month of work with eSteem mobile application as well as eSteem desktop, we now present you initial version of desktop app.

Desktop app has all features mobile application has and plus more. Source code has been optimized and modified to utilize personal computer screen size and features.

With a community support and help, we have 15+ languages available on desktop app as well.
This should give community easy access and use of unique features.

  • 15+ Languages (English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Greek, Bulgarian, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech, Hebrew, Polish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Chinese traditional)

  • Realtime notifications, Notification manager.

  • Easy Editor

  • Bookmarking favorite post

  • Save Later drafting

  • Surfing/Reading, Posting, Commenting, reBlogging, Sharing, Transfer, Market View, Followers, Search, Compact/Card view, many more features.

There are many new features in a roadmap specific for desktop users. Cross access and multiple draft, bookmark, images managing on both desktop and mobile app.

In next releases, expect more improved editor, image/draft/bookmark managers, desktop specific layout improvements.


Just download archive from list below for your PC operation system specific version and extract archive. Open executable. You are good to go... :)



SHA256 checksum of the files with a link to download







Caution: download only from official github releases or build from original sourcecode

In future releases, we will move updates through Mac AppStore and Windows AppStore and Linux (ubuntu, mint, etc) AppStores. Download eSteem mobile here or visit homepage

Issues/Feedback/Feature requests

Please report issues if you find any to github. This is initial release although with few days testing, there might be unknown issues. Appreciate if you could report them so we can fix/improve.

Thank you for reading and hope you will enjoy using eSteem!

vote witness good-karma#26 to support project development


If i'd like to use eSteem on Chromebook, which download should I use ?

I know, I know, I'm being a total pain... but can you make a Chrome app for Chrome OS users? c:

Maybe in future 😊

i really wish Chrome OS either ran Android apps or could run executables but nope, they had to make it hard for everyone.

make your chrome os a linux os :|

Downloading, and wating for version 2.0

Wow.... that's great update... And Indonesian is there ^_^. I will download it right away..thanks

yes, Indonesian and many other languages are available. Have fun! 😉

Feed is a little buggy in fullscreen, posts jump around while scrolling. But other than that, everything seems to look and work quite sharp!

Thanks for feedback @taskmanager! Yes although it is not a bug but as you scroll down new feed is fetched and posts rearrange itself to fill the screen. In future updates it will be improved.

This is great. I'm downloading now and will give it a try. :)

Thanks @dailybitcoinnews! Let us know how it works for you 😉

wow! great job! this is my very first comment (aka post atm) from a eSteem ... so cool. everything is so familiar yet so different (definitely need to improvement but I can see its value different from a steemit website). glad I made a decision to help with translation - making me feel like a tiny piece of it. yet, there is some finetune to do (will try to make it better next week). currently it seems some images cannot load properly.
edit note: editing from steemit website as I cannot find a button to edit this comment. also, cannot find a place to upvote a comment - I am going to do it to @barrydutton 's comment.
edit note 2: I think there is something confusing with the follower/following part and it is even more confusing with Chinese due to language issues. before I can further modify the translation, maybe you can check this part with current steemit usage? thanks!
edit note 3: under user's main page, you use 'posts' instead of 'comments' on steemit. seems 'comments' are better?

Thank you @deanliu! Please do review language and feel free to modify it so we can update in future releases for both mobile and desktop app. #esteem-features tag has some posts about hot to use some of the features offered by eSteem, please check them, it will help hopefully. Comments and sub comments accessed by click on main comment and click hold and swipe left to open some options.

cool! here comes the first upvote! :)

Will this thing be working when isn't available (DDOS or some sort of attack on website)?

Yes it is stand alone application just like mobile version of the app. In Settings page you can set your websocket and continue using. 'i' icon gives help and recommendations.

What are the advantages of a desktop app over a website?

Glad you asked, Desktop app is also, in a way, website. But it offers different feature set which websites doesn't offer. You have better control over you keys, you connect any websocket you want, you have realtime notifications, you have in-built image uploading, you have some of the unique features like bookmarking, image gallery, follower search, user, tag search, setting profile and cover pictures, 15+ languages for different communities etc. etc.

Cool. I'll check this out soon

Hey brother I want to commend you on your hard work. Thank you so much. Happy new year!

Great work, great contribution!

ho an is in linux too! cool! =D multiplataform!

This is great! Can't wait to try it out.

I've started testing the esteem-linux-x64. This comment was made in that app. (Words and characters count <3)

I've used the image uploader. (Great!)
Where my image is stored?

I've starred the Github repo and will make feedbacks there. 

Thank you @tibonova, soon we will have image manager for each account so that you can access your uploaded images and manage your image gallery quite easily!

Is the mobile app working alright?, I tried it on 2-3 phones ,I could not login with any of them

What platform is it? Android or iOS, it should work with your master password or Posting/Active private keys. Have you tried latest version?!

I have the needed key, I tried them on Android 4.1.2 ( don't know the version of other one). I put the username and the key, when I want to press the bottom, I get nothing, no error , no action, literally nothing, and it is the latest version of steemit , maybe it is android version I don't know

You mean latest version of eSteem, I hope, otherwise we might be talking about two different things/issues. After you fill out username and password, please ensure to tap on blue Login button. If you have screenshot, please do share, that would help. Thank you!

I uninstalled the app and installed it again from playstore , now it is sticking at this point for 10 minutes now:

maybe it is just my cellphone

Oh right, thank you for screenshot... please remove first @ letter, just use your username meysam

This reminds me I need to sanitize out @ symbols when accepting usernames in my steem-based software.

now I get user/pass incorrect :)), I am sure my key is correct, I could login with it through the browser

maybe I should try desktop one and let the mobile version be as it is

I think, we can use small improvement on login page by having show/hide password feature so you can check if password entered is correct one. There might be extra character at the end or beginning. Please try to type in manually, if nothing works, i have made note of this so that we can improve logging in process in future updates. thanks!

typed it manually , something is wrong I guess, show/hide feature is going to be very helpful, thanks anyway for your attention

...And the revolution goes on! All for one and one for all! Thanks a bunch for sharing the results of your great work with us all. Namaste :)

This is just great, awesome work there.

Great job!

I am commenting from the app , so far it is working fine!!!

Nice @steemalf! Glad to hear that...feel free to share your opinions and feedbacks what you think can be improved, what new features you would like to see, etc. 😉

I have found a couple of small things things
I am getting this error (Linux 64) when browsing on trending ...

thank you for reporting! took note of that and will review that and fixes will come soon 👍

Awesome job @good-karma! Can't wait to try it out :)

which for mac pro...I am member but never this helps there is hope for me .. I have my fingers crossed.. @steevc told me to check it out. :)

Try out, the one with mas... which has inside archive should work.

I would think it must be the darwin one for Mac. I've had a quick look using Linux, but need to try it when logged in. Looks good anyway

Yes you are right some features only available after you logged in. For truly testing app one should login and see...

I will when I have some more time to play

I got a Java error when I tried to install/run the the .exe file. Running Win 7 64

Thank you for reporting! Do you have Java installed on your machine or screenshot of error would be really helpful?

Congratulation for @good-karma for making this happen.

You are welcome. Just announced on our newly Facebook page.

Nice! Love it! really happy so far and proud to be part of this community :D good decision to join..
Maybe someone knows that this is already available but if not I am interested in it for the future: is there a possibility to select more than one tag so i can choose the shown content by all my interested tags? that would be a lot easier for creating my individual newsfeed :)

We have feature in roadmap that allow you to do just that, subscribe to specific tags and get notifications

Sounds great! :D

just discovered this today!.thankyou

you're welcome, checkout mobile version of eSteem as well. :)

Thank you 😊 appreciate the compliment! Let me know how it works out.

Thanks! Especially nice that it's available for Linux as well!

Hey jaki, I haven't tested it extensively on Linux, please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback.

I have queatuons. Which node does it use? Can users add or change it?

Thank you @clayop for comment!
By default steemit websocket is set and user can change it in Settings page. There is also tip for users who don't know what websockets exists. They can change language and multiple other settings there, i icon gives short info about particular setting.

Screenshot here:

Thanks! Btw, you can connect to local running Steem websocket as well.

Yes, I think thats a very way to aviod censorship (e.g. ip block against steemit node).

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eSteem - announce release of desktop app! @Steemit #Blockchain #App #SocialMedia… /

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Thank you very much @hilarski! Appreciate it a lot!

So far the app seems to work well. Lets see if this reply I am just writing in the app-editor will appear under your text on the correct position. :)

Wrong place: I wanted that appears under your answer ... But I guess it is not a problem with Linux but it's just me who still need to learn how to use the app properly. :-)

There are #esteem-features posts that give you some idea about features and how to use them. Check them out...

Wow this is great. I have a whole new Steemit experience today :)

Thank you @eroche! :) Glad you liked it, it is just a beginning, stay tuned for future updates. Exciting changes are in pipeline both for mobile and desktop version. :)

Great, I have added some initial observations to github but overall its working great so far. Thank you for this great work. 

Are you considering integrating Steemit Chat into this app also?

There is private message feature in works as well. More on that later... :)

Thank you for the feedback! Moving on to next updates, we will slowly improve desktop version to more specific design we have in mind. Initial version took most of design patterns from mobile version, so that's why you are right some features are not as intuitive, but improvements will come as we progress :)

Great work thanks again.

Using the eSteem Desktop version right now. :-)

Nice work!

EDIT: Seems if I want to edit my post it shows me an empty editor. Not the case with replies though. (Linux64 version)

👍 😉 Cheers, glad that it is working...

Is a very good idea for those who can not understand English well, and as the idea of ​​the chat of steemit follows?

Indeed, chatting or private messaging is in development soon we will post update on that, stay tuned 😊

I can tell the main account of to receive the notificiones about the project? and eSteem notifications works separately and they are different by design. But data is same from blockchain. eSteem doesn't have database on a server to store your notifications, it is realtime!

Please do, got some feedback from early testers next release is in works... any feedback would be helpul ;)

Hey, good job making this app!
I'm a mac user and cant use the paste function, in the login. So I have to add the pass manually, but its a stream of 50 letters and digits, I'll wait for the next release

Noticed the same thing. We need to be able to paste!

next version will have this and other new features, stay tuned!

Working on copy paste functionality, next version will have this and other new features! ;)

i have downloaded and tried to install one by one, but they don't work on my Pc.

hello @good-karma
i want to aks you about this apps, why in may pc (windows) do'snt can open. what a problem ?
help please

@good-karma the download links are broken (for me at least) it seems anywhere on the internet using s3.amazonaws downloads has broken where it gets about 2% done then fails from network error. Tried in multiple browsers and a few attempts at general download error solutions to no avail. Any chance you could setup an official mirror?

Hi, it is working for me... You can also try Direct APK download from our official github if you are Android user.

Hmm, must be some local problem on my computer, or maybe they have my dynamic IP current address blocked, I have noticed that domain always fails downloads. I'm going for the windows desktop download, and if it's working for you then maybe I can use a friends PC to download and transfer the file that way :) Thank you for letting me know, I have asked about that domain in some other places and only crickets chirping (no responses) great place here on steemit ^_^

now tested.. unfortunately trying on another computer seems to have same result :c
the download starts, manages to complete a few MB of data, slows down, waits forever.
This always happens before 10% is finished for any file hosted at that domain.

My download manager links to some redirect on s3.amazonaws where the files are stored that shows XML errors:

and then after some time the download fails from timeout

tested on 2 computers, 2 Ip addresses, in different browsers, etc.
is there any other place to download the windows desktop version?

You are trying to download desktop version 1. Please wait v2 release which we are currently working on. v1 is outdated and not maintained.

ok, interesting to know v2 is coming. Some good news about download problems is I have found a solution:

use service to download the file directly into google drive, and then download from google drive to local machine. I think something about s3.amazonaws doesn't play well with slow internet speeds, and using remote downloading in this way bypasses the timeout because they have such high speed internet for their cloud service. ^_^

I will be following for v2, looking forward to that

Is the desktop app abondoned and why does not @good-karma answer questions? There is a problem with the app and we are helping you by pointing out to it dude, please return back the favor :)


apologize in advance for this complaint.
I've downloaded eSteem-win32-x64 esteem for laptop, but I've been waiting about 20 minutes more to login my account,
what if there is something wrong with the application.
please enlighten him
thank you

Hi @good-karma, I have downloaded the e steem app for pc, but why such a network failure, seen from the photo already several hours still like that, please help him


i try but not response, any advice for me?

please help me many many time i try this one.but i can't .so if you help what i do. i know this good but why i can't do this.
thank you

Is there a MAC DESKTOP version?

Hey @good-karma is there an update for the desktop app, I love the android version but I'd love to make use of the features on my desktop, unfortunatley I cannot log in, I've tried on my windows PC and linux laptop, but seem to be stuck on loading once you input your private keys. is there anything you can do? thanks :)

Unfortunately desktop app is outdated and we are working on new release version. Old version if you see loading stuck you can go to Settings page and change websocket address to wss:// and restart app, this should help with loading...

Thank you good sir, I will try that out later, keep up the good work.

I got the same problem until I followed the instruction above. Now everything works as expected.... go to Settings page and change websocket address to wss:// and restart app....!

Any chance you will release the Android app in F-Droid?

Hey ashaman, we have APK file for direct download from our official github. Reviewing Other App Store listing is in todo list 😉

That works too! Thanks!

omg ,why didn't I know about this the desktop version! I have been using steemit like crazy for the past month, downloading right away.

Great to find the desktop version for eSteem here. Thanks to @rocking-dave for pointing me to this link! I was searching for it on the eSteem website but failed to locate it. But where can I find the most recent version. These files seems to be too old and primitive to me.

I'd rather prefer a portable version, if there is one, for my desktop. Have you got one @good-karma?

Have heard much appreciative words for eSteem app. Would love to check it if there really is an updated desktop version available. Thanks for all your efforts in putting up this amazing app!

i got problem sometimes when i post (click post buttom), it stucked on loading and can do the posting,..while other operation are working well,like voting and commenting are normal, but posting is hard

I just found this excellent article in google website. This is very usefull informations for all of Stemians. You are one of potential contributor for us. Thanks a lot my friend. All the best for you. keep writing. Regard from Aceh, Indonesia.

I've been closing and re opening the app, yet nothing seems to be loading up. Do I have to login first? And is there a way to do it without using my master key?

Hey, you should be able to surf around without login, let me know details of your device you are not able to do browsing. Login opens up some features though. You can login with Advanced option where you can use your posting and active private keys instead of master key.

if i direct use with google

good job man. I will try this.

Why esteem for WINDOWS can not login, please fix it ? @good-karma

NoScript says it detected a Cross-Site Scripting Attack when I tries to download the Linux and Windows versions?!

So why should we use desktop application intstead of the online version? Evan the mobile app isn't working well .

The 64-bit version is not working, its keep on loading and loading only.

Desktop version 1 of app is deprecated. I would suggest to wait new release or change web socket from Settings page to wss:// and restart app, it should fix loading issue.

i have tried to install it also..but the same problem also happens on my PC/...It doesn't work well..Help please.

hello dear @good-karma, I ask you about esteem desktop. has cauld used now

Why can't I get past the login?

I enter my username and posting key, hit enter, and then it spins on forever.

Downloaded the x64 release from here for my 64-bit Win7.

Also, suggest making the posting key the default entry key, and then offer the master key option in the advanced switch.

I am in the same situation...

I Collect and amaze for self esteem in the near future can release desktop esteem application. I would appreciate the fantasies and good works of the makers and editors of esteem apps. Thank you esteem and good-karma and the whole team

sadly after finally managing to download, it doesn't work (infinite loading screen at login)

I will be watching for v2 and hope for the best, thanks good karma for your work, the android version works pretty good, I am looking forward to having esteem on desktop ^_^

Yeah, you would probably need to change websocket address from settings page. wss://

Hi, @good-karma. I have tried downloading the eSteem app for PC, I have Windows 7, I tried the 32bit and the 64bit but in both I have a problem: When I open the app, it just keeps loading the new posts but nothing appears. When I try to sign in then it is loading and loading but nothing happens.

Hi, We are working on new release for desktop app that's why v1 is discontinued. Although you can change websocket (wss:// from Settings page and restart app it should continue to work. But few features are outdated because there were few hardforks after its release.

Oh, so when will the new desktop app be released?

Main development focus right now is on mobile version and after upcoming release we hope to get some extra time for desktop development, no hard deadlines at this point...

Hi @good_karma, I have tried to download the desktop version to my PC but I'm having issues with it. It says something about having problems with the encryption. I also noticed others were having problems with the desktop app so I thought I would ask before I went any further with it. I have also been having problems with the mobile version off and on just fyi. Not sure if there's a place to report the bugs to or not. Many thanks for your time.

wow sir @good-karma this is soooo coool , thank you very much for your hard word and your team .

sir sorry this is what happy when i try to login may account. its stock now for morethan an hour. [esteem windows app.jpg](

Semongga steemit selalu sukses.

izin downnload my bos..

search on google about esteem desktop can link this, surprise .. thanks, @good-karma i will try to download