Doing the opposite of what this guy says tends to yield good results

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Jim Cramer is a smart dude, but a terrible market timer

If you followed this guy's advice over the years, you'd be in the poor house.

He did manage to make money in crypto and supposedly bought a farm with it, like literally bought a small farm.

But that was back in late 2020 when everything was running up.

Ever since then his calls on crypto have been bad.

Here's his latest:



This was put out when bitcoin was 30% lower.

The funny thing is that he didn't even say to get out of Chinese stocks, he scale out of them, while he said to completely bail on crypto.

Ever since the crypto blow up started in early 2022 Cramer has been full bear.

In the short term though, it has been profitable to go against him.

In a few days/weeks/months he will probably say it's time to long bitcoin again, which will probably be the near term top.


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Thankyou for this information, your calculations against his words are pretty decent

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