Learn to Trade Bitcoin and Crypto Currency.

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"Every informed person needs to know about Bitcoin because it might be one of the world's most important developments." By Leon Luow

Bitcoin has changed my life but I am not one to sit on my Bitcoin like I would Gold. I prefer to keep my Bitcoin working for me. As I have mentioned before I like to trade Bitcoin futures. It is by no means my primary way of trading Crypto Currency but when I see a trend happening I like to add a little leverage.

In the video below Adam Khoo talks about trading the stock market like you are the owner of a casino. This applies to Bitcoin or anything else you can trade online. In the beginning I traded based on news and emotions. Then I learned to buy Crypto Currencies based on rumors and selling on the news. Now I have incorporated basic charting into my repertoire. Thanks to Adam Khoo I think I will continue to improve my odds of trading Bitcoin successfully.

Trade Like a Casino for Consistent Profits.

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I am that guy next to you with the arm up in the air saying trade well done @stackin you my friend are a trade dice rollin KING!!! lol. I kind of play it that way too sometimes. More or less though I just believe in voluming up till the volume is about to burst and fill up my Bitpay card and hit old Walmart to feel the joy of crypto success lol. I know so generic of a crypto usage but man when you tell that wally world cashier you are paying in crypto lol...they are so mesmerized by your coolness to control any situation...lol. Great gif my friend...had no choice but to comment


Thats funny! Times are changing fast, its kinds funny how the world don't realize it yet :)


I totally agree. That is kind of why I did the crazy thing last November and told the family no dollar bills are allowed under my roof lol. We went all in as a test family to see if living off of crypto alone is possible even now. Happy to report its not only possible but amazing lol. Once everyone wakes up to that and gets over the fear of the system being right and crypto being a little more every day usage....then we can begin to right the wrongs in the world finally. Though I will tell you this, when the markets are low like they are right now...little more simple living for a 100% crypto every day user but just buy low and go back to wally world when its high lol. We are all heros in my eyes for taking the leap to do something better and put empowerment back into the hands of the individual...great time to be alive


what a story


This is Crypto investing 101 Ha Ha Ha

Thank your for sharing your experience. Trading in any market needs a strategy and money management. Trend also important never trade against trend. In uptrend buy on dips, in down trend sell on rise. When it comes to futures more risk more profit.


hi krishna

This makes a lot of sense to me now after getting a basic understanding of the market, its the smart way to trade.
i have been only holding lately and ignoring the short term money to be made.
this is a perfect video, thanks for sharing

Great post
Now, which companies have these patterns ?

Interesting and exciting post that I will be sharing with my friends who are still wondering about bitcoin. Adam Khoo is actually from my country.

Thank you, trading very well explained.

One of the best things that you could ever learn!

Master @hilarski thank you for your information and your vidio ,,,, if I may ask for your explanation, do you know why crypto market is now so chaotic that steem price will go down.


It is a very small market that is still quite young. We are also heavily tied to Bitcoin that includes Steem.


So does the bitcoin belong to the crypto market also master @hilarski or he has a different market ..?

I am new to this topic and trying to learn more , thanks for sharing !

Interesting video. Thanks for sharing @hilaraki!

Great video! thanks for sharing!

That's what I'm talking about @hilarski, let's see if this video helps me get off this Get Rich Slow plan I'm on ..🤑
Take care & Take Profits, brother!

the only thing needed in this money is the initial investment lol...that's what's I need! I am trying to gain some caps in steemit to achieve this. Thanks for the video.

Nice to hear someone admit trading /buying/selling based off emotions. Cool to see the direction you're headed in now. As a person that's more emotionally ruled, i have to lock My brain with my crypto dealings when the news influences my emotions.

But let's make a distinction between emtional trades versus instinct/"gut" driven ones. Definitely an interesting difference to be noted.

I'm still new at this game but it will be an interesting ride, particularly as we approach segwit2x and 8/01

Thanks for your insight. Resteemed

Oh my got so elementary so smart!I'm getting courios about this! Pls share more I wanna learn

Thanks for this link. I will try to check for it might help exploring new ventures.

Great video. I like the casino comparison which is certainly quite true with crypto!

Thanks for another good and educational post.

Thank you sir! Always with the good and educational posts! Off to watching the video

In my experience, trading cryptos, even Bitcoin, on leverage is very dangerous for both newbies and experienced traders.

You can still make good profits if you swing trade without leverage. And unlike futures, you still have the crypto you bought even if the market goes against you, whereas with leveraged positions, you eat the loss and have nothing to show for it.

Trust me, stay away from leverage when it comes to cryptos.

amazing info. thank you for sharing

The video is a reminder of what I know. I have heard of buying bitcoin but this is first time I heard of bitcoin futures. Something for me to learn.

Thank you.

The player mindset is a losing one.

Edit: Thanks for your post! This information is motivational to me. It explains all my losses! I need to stop going for instant gratification.


True true. Understanding this is the first step to NOT giving your money away in your investments.

Thanks for the good content. Stock market = legal casino. Followed :)

Very information be post. Thank you for sharing @hilarski. Resteemed and upvoted your post.


Thank you @Jars followed back.


Thank you and looking forward to more posts from you!

Thanks for the very informational post
I have experience trading forex but never looked at trading cryptos yet as all my crypto holding are long term investment
Might give it a try soon

I did not start crypto currency very long ago, and if you can share your thoughts on how best to play in this market! Tell me how to contact you and continue communication on the topic of crypto currencies, and of course Bitcoin

This is a great video for beginners although I recommend anyone who has English as their mother tongue plays the video at 2x speed.

what are bitcoin futures and where do you trade them?


I use Bitmex but please be careful and do not trade recklessly. I never trade with more than 5X leverage.

https://bitshares.org/ is a decentralized Crypto exchange

May I get your expert opinion on the bitcoin and steem price that is happening today. For me and my readers. Hope to see you in our conversation.


Nice post, resteem it.

Useless video. The guy doesn't make sense. He confuses moving average with support levels. Then he throws random probabilities for a trend.

Well I also think trading especially cryptos is gambling, and I think most people lose, but the only ones who are highlighted are the ones who make money.


I stopped losing money over a year ago. I stopped basing trades on emotions.


As far as trading or investments in general, I've noticed that if you do the opposite of what your emotions tell you to do, I do better than when I listen to my feelings.

Upboats for everyone in this conversation . :D

Great information. Yes this is a big step in history.

Thanks for the share!

Thank you for this. I've actually been looking st different strategies into how to be profitable at Crypto.

Thanks @hilarski, anything you suggest is worth watching, cheers my friend.

If you haven't already you can add another tool to you toolbelt, the trading bot. Works really damn well and it runs 24/7. Just have to monitor it occasionally to adjust for markets.

This was an awesome video to watch and I'm looking forward to applying these tactics to see what results they bring. Thanks for sharing this and I think it's worth a re blog. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Thanks for the post, nice explanation.

nice post, thank you for sharing, good luck for you.

When I started trading a good friend of mine gave me a very good advise. If you can't read the candlestick graphs don't start trading. So basically I was watching the market for weeks and read up on how to read the candlestick graphs especially how to see trends. That taught me well and at this stage doing well in the crypto market. Also trading is hard work very hard work. Never underestimate how much effort it takes to be a successfull trader.

follow me my account pleas @selvet

Thanks for the short and sweet post and the link as well :)!!!! Its useful!!!

Great post, one thing to remember is maker and taker fees, so make sure you adjust entry and exit points accordingly. Where are you trading that you can do stop loss on crypto? Bittrex doesn't offer it.

Good content. Will resteem.

Lately I been so busy with my SBC project that I figured I would swing by old @hilarski 's post to see what has been when I finally found a moment. Gla d I found that moment to catch this great video share. Man do I remember the early days of trading and stressing so dang much off the emotions lol. Like you I am always up to admit I am not always perfect with my trades and firm believer in constant research so I find posts like this as just as valuable now as it would have been in my early entry days into crypto. We should always strive to find that strategy that best suits us in any given day and be able to adapt because lord knows this market can get wild on us at any given moment.

With that said, thanks for always sharing great content to us here, between you and my good friend @barrydutton I would be very disheartened to not have informative guys on this platform willing to share inside knowledge so we can all made good on our own success stories in crypto. Glad I found a moment of free time to swing by in my hectic schedule lately.

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Excellent video, awesome info. I will have to do more research on this dude. Thanks

I like the sound of that, trade like a casino. The house always takes in the money.


Are you buying up BTC this weekend?


Nope, buying Flashcoin on Cryptopia.


Much appreciated. I am in the process of signing up to Cryptopia now.
(wow there is a marketplace integrated into the site, thx!)


I still have 50 flashcoin that you gave me a while back.

Great post my friend :)

To complement I think of create some posts on my blog teaching how to do value investing for cryptos!

Thanks for sharing with us!

very well said !!

very interesting topic and very educational. will go over it again and again to really grasp the method of how to trade since i'm new to this kind.

Great Points !!

Bitcoin is always going to be one of the best performing cryptocurrencies in the future. Invest now and secure a great profit! Check out my blog for a guide for the best bitcoin trading strategies


Great Share, might give it a go

Am watching, thanks

Thanx for the info. Added to my knowledge base!!! :-)

I really enjoyed this video, thanks for sharing, I am starting to understand how all of this works.

I wish I had seen this before @hilarski haha.
I already went through some online courses recently to educate myself about the CryptoSpace.
They have been really useful and it is even better for a beginner like me like this time in the market.

Thank you for sharing. This is really helpful..

Crypto is the future, and many people who dont learn about it or how to trade it will be left in the dust.

i have no luck in to casino

Post is very useful, thank you sir information, worthy of thumbs up. :) I follow you please follow back @hilarski

I am also increasing my knowledge about trading day by day. Some great tutorials on youtube are very helpful in it.

Nice post. Nice to see I'm not the only one who thinks like this. There's a lot of exchanges out there. I found that coinmarketcap.com gives quite a decent overview. I really advice people to take a look at: https://www.coincheckup.com This site is really helpful in my coin research. I don't know any other sites with so much indepth analysis. On: https://www.coincheckup.com/coins/Bitcoin#analysis For a complete Bitcoin Indepth analysis

Thanks! I like the way he breaks things down. I also noticed he doesn't over-trade, that's sooooo important for newbs to wrap their minds around! Look for ideal setups!

It seems to me, by analogy with the computer and digital technology, that in the modern world everyone should learn to understand not only Fiat, but crypto=))

Super simple tips in that video for someone new to trading, it certainly opened my eyes on a few points and helps someone just starting out.

Thanks! I've been interested in cryptocurrencies for a while, so it'd be great to actually start getting involved.

This will be very useful to everyone investing in cryptos! Thanks for sharing this @hilarski :)

great experience ,i have resteemed and upvoted

Thanks @hilarski~
I Found this post to be very valuable.
I have gone through a couple days worth of crypto posts and put together a special episode of ~(Q2C2~)~ featuring my favorite crypto related posts in this super volatile time of which scares many.
I chose to feature this one as I felt it would benefit many.
Thanks for all your contributions to our community!

Nice ;)


very good earning tricks sir