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Enjoy and pass commentswe-love-btc.jpg

This is my first attempt at a poem, I think you will like it. Please, when reading it, read it out, it seems to carry more flow that way, enjoy it, my Steemit friends.

    Bitcoin it will go mainstream.
    The language used created by the geek team.
    Free markets will rule once again.
    Governments worldwide afraid, amen.
    Central reserves no need for their ink.
    Media agenda to kick up a stink.
    Fake news becomes the order of today.
    Bitcoin and Cryptos will be ok.
    Hang on for the bumpy ride.
    Notwithstanding this, our star is on its rise.
    Bitcoin, it will go mainstream.
    You and I to be the cats who got the cream.

All I can say is, I am loving Steemit... please Promote, Upvote, Follow and Comment.

If you have anything, in particular, you want a poem written about let me know and I'll give it a go :)

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LOL, Very good!
But @wandrnrose, you are NOT! ;)
(she's my favorite poet!) PLUS, a real Babe!

U.R.R. for this fine work! :D


@underground thanks a million your a gentleman and a scholar
@wandrnrose7 so what do you think of my poem? It's my first and it took 30 minutes of playing with the words, I really enjoy trying to create humour and meaning with the least words possible. When I am at work or helping out some, of the others, I often say "sorry for the long email, I did not have time to write a short one". I think this is the essence of poetry every word means more because there are less words. Meaning their professional writing standard increases because the words are thoughtful and considered... btw my work is in engineering, law and business, so poetry isnt what I right every day haha.
Anyway what do I know, its my first attempt... feel free to pass comment.

plz folow and voted my posts


thanks... will do and see you round :)

Nice poem @arthur-schopen even is your first attempt at a poem.


thanks @honey-pot things can only get better :)

Beautiful, just beautiful, brought tears to me eyes.


@ferreck haha why was that...I can tell your an emotional man :)
Follow me and there is more to come

Nice one arthur :-)
Upvoted and resteemed!


Could you give my post some love too please, seems it goes into oblivion. Don't know what to do to get more attention for it. :-)



thats done mate