Does Mass Adoption Require Centralization?

in bitcoin •  3 months ago


It's the hottest news in the Bitcoin world: ICE is creating a new company called Bakkt. It's launch is planned for November of this year.

Let's take a look at what it's all about.

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Bakkt could be a real game changer.

Sounds very @good! thanks for your kind @information

So ICE is making their own cryptocurrency called Bakkkt? (Did you add the extra K? because it looks like one more and that's a strikeOut)

So why would they not call it Snocone or IceBlocks or something like that?

Besides, why do they even need a #cryptocurrency ?? Huh? explain that....

They have been taking kids away from parents and forcing raids on restaurants all in the name of illegal immigration...

So this is how they get rid of the kids? You gotta buy their crypto to purchase the kids (probably from adoption agencies with religious designations) and then probably pay an arm and a leg (literally, same value) for shipping?

I'm waiting for #Amazon #crypto

At least I can probably still get free two-day shipping and save myself a leg.


Previous Criminal Records For Entering The US Of Course


No, they aren’t creating a new cryptocurrency. They are created a Bitcoin to fiat exchange and facilitating bitcoin transactions with Starbucks.
Also not ICE the immigration agency, it’s the Intercontinental Exchange.


I'm glad you responded to me like I'm one of the kids that ICE has detained...


I saw in an youtube headline that Starbucks has said "no" or something.. but didn't look into it... since (Zethr) is on my mind / blog.. VERY beautifully hair you made in the video with that ZenGuy... :)


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Crypto is branching out at incredible speeds while attempting to run down all possible paths. This evolution will include all tactics including centralization.

Great video, thanks for sharing! I believe that we need to move away from centralisation.

I would say no, decentralization is what is needed for mass adoption. Nice hair in your next post :)