IS BITCOIN OVER PRICED ??? Must Read Article

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Well there are lots of people out their stating bitcoin is overpriced but we don't agree to them . Why ???? Well Well check out below global data
Total market cap of ::
Apple. : $1007 B
Amazon : $893 B
Alphabet: $867 B
Facebook: $507 B
Bitcoin. : $130 B
Dont you think Bitcoin is just starting !!
Still you think Bitcoin is over priced ??
Gold market : $7.8T
Stock market : $77T
All money World wide :$95.7T
Real Estate : $217 T
Global Debt :$247 T
US national Debt :$21.2 T
Bitcoin : 130 B (just a drop in ocean)
Still you think bitcoin is overpriced ?
Yes !!
You know Jeff Bezos , Founder of Amazon , has money of $140 B that means he can buy entire supply of 21M Bitcoin .
Even crazier , if you put Gates & Zuck in there , they could buy every single project in crypto
Still you think bitcoin is over priced ??
Yes !!
Total Bitcoin 21M
Already Mined - 17M
Lost forever - 3M
Almost 70% of Bitcoin are owned by just 11k individuals
You would fight with billions of people for just 20.7%
So you think Bitcoin is over priced ??
still Yes ?? Bitcoin went down from $19k to 5.8k !!
Well Amazon went from $86 to $6 in the bubble & is $1400 today . It took 8years to recover back to $86 .
How long your holding ?? Not even 8Months .
Still you think bitcoin is over priced ??
Still yes ?? Bitcoin pump was insane in last year ??
Bitcoin pump in 2017 was 1,400%
But it was far from currencys top perfroming year....!!!
In 2013 $bitcoin Grew 5,488%
In 2010 $bitcoin Grew 20,566%(from $0.0015 to $0.31)
comment below weather Still you think Bitcoin is overpriced ??
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Yeah it's right Bitcoin has to go long

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While I do believe in the adoption potential of cryptos, using market cap as a driver is irrelevant. You cannot compare a company like Apple or Amazon that provides true value and technology to consumers on a daily basis and has been around for 20+ years to a payment remittance mechanism like Bitcoin that was initiated in 2009 and shot to the mainstream less than 2 years ago. Your argument is sound but the reasoning is flawed IMO.