Steemit now trading on Huobi one of China's largest crypto exchanges

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Steemit now trading on Huobi one of China's largest crypto exchanges

Chinese large crypto exchange:

"Huobi was founded in September 2013. It is one of the largest digital currency exchanges in China. In August 2017 Huobi along with OKCoin invested 1 billion yuan ($150 million) of idle client funds into “wealth-management products". In September 2017, It was reported that Huobi and OKCoin would be stopping Yuan-to-bitcoin trading. In November 2017, According to reports, Huobi launched three tokens: 0x (ZRX), Kyber (KNT), and Airswap (AST) on their global trading platform, In December 2017, according to Cointelegraph Japanese financial services conglomerate SBI Group has announced a partnership with Huobi to engage with cryptocurrency. And Huobi is aiming to open exchanges in Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea."

Currently trading at $4.30 USD.

Want to know more about steemit sort though here.

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Great info on Huobi...this should only help the Steem continue to rise. Look for price to reach my next target at $4.50 and with the inception of Smart Media Tokens, I think we will break the all-time high by the end of the year.

What are your thoughts where price is heading?

I have been in the crypto space for many years now and believe cryptos have not even started their big rise. So I think nowhere but up for steem. Because cryptos can be shape-shifted into each other so easy I call all cryptos the same I explain here. I perdicted a 10x increase in that article that came true. We will see that again and probably many times that occurrence in our life time.

Wow, to hodl for that long takes special patience and super belief in the system. Nowadays people sell at the slightest whiff of FUD or rumour which are mostly spread by shills.

It's the belief in the crypto system that did the trick. The belief in the system made you to hodl, and you are right to say that it does take patience to withstand it. Belief in your decisions and the system does the trick

yah i agree with you

You are right. crypto system does trick.

i also agree with you..!!

Yes, I did diversify.

That's the best thing you did my friend. Buying solid assets will prove beneficial for you in the future. And we always know the price value of these kind of assets never goes down, still 80% in the crypto space is brave. I don't have the guts for that. Wish you luck for the future mate. Cheers

I don't call it brave I call it protection. Inflation or reset is coming and only fools are holding paper contracts and or FIAT money.

Yes I agree, what's the point of holding fiat currency if that will remain as it is after years and years. And the value of your recently bought assets will multiply, maybe double or even triple who knows. But you did the best thing, and my friend this is business ,a good business person.

Yes sir,I also support you.

Many many thanks Greenman sir.

That's the best best way to about it; spread the risks. I joined a bit late recent. I hope to diversify with time.

I don't believe for a second that anyone is late as of yet! Cryptos represent something like .0004% of global money supply nowhere to go but up.

You just echoed the sentiments of many people in the crypto world. The adoption is still way too low. I also heard some major firms are planning on investing in cryptocurrency come this June. Also EOS launching in June will push the price of EOS way higher than it was. Appics just concluded their ICO, I believe with steem getting listed in many echanges plus the SMT about to launch, we may soon experience the all time high of December 2017. I'm still super bullish on bitcoin.

You are right, I agree with you.

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i am all time support

Sir thanks for share this post ....I am your big fan

thanks sir,you also is great.i love you all post.

Just read All cryptos are the same and you need to get in now because they are extremely low priced for the invention of Computational Trust!...great article and I agree, I think there is a lot of waste / inefficiencies in the banking system, which is why Cryptos won't go's like the Internet circa 1999 again...meaning early innings...

Do you think when the Markets crash within the next 12-18 months, the Crypto space will crash as well because right now the Markets and Crypto have been correlating over the last 12 months?

NOTE: Bitcoin represents the candles and the DOW represents the blue area.

I anticipate the SPY will crash by more than 40%.

I agree with holding Gold...I see gold continuing to move up, although Silver would be a better play based on the Gold/Silver ratio currently vs. historically. And really the only thing that counts is holding physical Gold or Silver.

I'm confident Gold and Silver will move up, but do you think the people will buy into Crypto when the Markets crashes.

Bitcoin was created due to the mistrust on Wall Street in 2009, so do you see the Crypto space going up or not going down as much as the Markets when it crashes? I know Bitcoin will do well long term, just not sure what happens in the next 12-24 months.

At least I will be able to buy Put Leap Options on the S&P 500 when I get my sell signal with comfort.

I love silver too. I have gold but don't see huge moves until big crash as pension plans are not allowed to hold physical gold. So the institutional investors are not looking at gold much. Silver is running short of supply for industry that is different deal.

Funny how we were just talking about this, I just came across this article on and it states:

Fundstrat’s co-founder, Thomas Lee, tweeted how his company “hosted a small group of institutional investors” recently. It was a “mix of crypto and traditional macro [hedge funds] long-only.” It was a chance to informally survey basic sentiment about the market shortly after the end of tax season for the United States.

Of the nine questions, they included: if cryptos will rise during a recession (65% Yes)

We shall see in due time.

I love silver because,
Many organizations are using more silveres. Because there is usually the power of the silver bearer.
So gold is being used instead of gold.

Appreciate all your comments, feel we can vibe all day long over a cup a tea...until next time.

Yes. During the crash I would rather hold cryptos, gold, land and silver though than most other asset classes. After the crash moving back into the DOW quickly would be wise especially if the crash is in the range of 40-90%.

nice post sir

sir,your comment is very great.thanks share.

That's the best best way to about it; spread the risks. I joined a bit late recent. I hope to diversify with time

@greenman, it takes personal discipline and faith on a system to keep Bitcoin for that long. This is what is called Investment.... When the big rise begins, non-investors will be full with regrets. Steem is the deal of the day

sir,really great news.

wow very excellent comments @greenman

Wow amazing info sir @greenman .....
I follow you just now on the recommendation of one of my best friend @john692.
I really enjoy your posts which I read few minutes ago. I will read about all of your posts and also put comments on it.
I will also interested in your future posts. Thanks for your cooperation and support.

Up! lol I thought we would hit $5 today but maybe it will be tomorrow. I would guess that we hit $10 in May or June.

wow very excellent steem post @greenman

I wonder if the steem price increases. ..
Maybe we have to wait a little litter. ..
And we can take information from @greenman Sir

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Yes sir,,,,There is no doubt about it

It's the belief in the crypto system that did the trick. The belief in the system made you to hodl, and you are right to say that it does take patience to withstand it. Belief in your decisions and the system does the trick

Yes i agree with you.........................

That's the reason steem is rising so much right now.
Imagine what the launch of SMTs will do, man I can't wait.

SMT's will take it to the moon

Oh, they had suspended it but it's now available again? Is that the reason for yesterday's second pump to 4.3? It sounds very charming :)

I love the way it grows and I hope it continues that way so that our time investments can have high returns.

hmm i also agree with you too.

Steemit is really growing fast

I guess it because of its uniqueness from other block chain sites and many look up to Steemit example

yah i agree with you really very good crypto exchanges
I got a lot of benefits

May the Steem Power be with you!

I think it's only the beginning..


Hi @greenman, I noticed that you previous post was downvoted. That was a fully value packed post for me and I believe for many other crypto enthusiasts. I felt bad for it. You're doing a great job and you got my support. Sharing this post with my 1313 followers. Will vote it later when my power is bit restored. Keep up the good job man. We need it.

Steem On!

i hope steem terget are $10 in this month.....

See to lol cryptocurrencyU5dr28veFBfHEcuNWVR9kAxEw8vtgBy.gif

great post and writing sir @Greenman upvote and resteem

You are the best @Greenman
thanks for the post

Wow this is really great. This came like a dream the first time it was announced a few days back and suddenly when it was supposed to start trading, we heard it's been postponed.

The initial News was well accepted by the market as we could see a bullish trend in the price of steem and sbd and since then it's been up up up.

Steem Price has gone up since this news broke the internetband I think its good for our great platform . We expect more like this .

Somehow i want to believe that the recent crypto Fest in London helped boost steem this much.

I am fan of Huobi crypto exchanges website.

I think it's time for steem to go up now! I'm trying to trade a bit but I don't know which is the best coin to buy in the market. @greenman would you like to suggest any that you think is going to benefit in short/mid term?

I think there is a steal of a deal with karatgold coin do some research and hold for 6 months as you get 35% more coins on Dec 24th etc. You can buy here without the 35% deal and You should be able to pick it up for under half a cent each and the coin is 4% backed by real gold and their goal is backed by more gold. I think it is going to be a great way for gold bugs to join the crypto space. Disclosure, I am not a financial advisor and I bought a ton of it! Good luck. It is a ERC-20 coin so you just need to have a wallet like coinomi.

Thank you! I think this a great concept if it's backed by some real gold. Will surely take a deep look into this. Thanks again @greenman

Folks can buy even just $10 bucks worth the beauty of a new digital asset world! Won't be long where I can trade you my IBM shares for your Microsoft shares with no big middleman fees.

Yes! I hope so and believe that's where technology will lead us to.

I hope you do not take much time to succeed.

you will success your target.

please sir see my introducing post.

sir,your comment is very good.

we got a little idea about the currency.

Interesting information, thanks for sharing @greenman . resteem

This Huobi news has changed a lot for steem.Steem has got some serious movement.After i joined steemit this is first time i am seeing steem is crossing sbd by this margin.This is a great news for all steemians.I think steem will cross 5usd very soon.Let's hope for the best.

giphy-downsized (10).gif


crypto's are future, it's too important information, i need this one. thanks.

sir @greenman..i don't know will read this message or not...but i wanna say something that is sir you are not active in steemit.platform..i dont know what do you think about it...
but we love you sir so know what many people say about you...
actually i am from bangladeah....
sometimes you feel that for earning money we comment you..yeah absulately right.

but we have affection to you..and we want to see..

if anything wrong , forgive me....
best pf luck for you.
wish you all the best...

More exposure to a population that is very willing to take risks to achieve their financial goals...and for the thrill of it....this is great news!

IMO with the amount of news revolving around institutional investors looking to start moving money into the cryto space this is just the beginning. I won't be selling any crypto in 2018 and probably not 2019 (unless something gets crazy) as I am looking at 2020 and beyond. All these little ups and downs mean little to me currently.

I had made a post a bit back about how I look at my earnings and view everything SBD and steem earned as if it's worth $20. Honestly if I didn't think it would have skewed the comments of the post towards "your crazy" vs "interesting way to view it" I would have said $50 or $100 as I think they are both possible by the time I'd consider selling.

I think it's very good for us. Thanks for the info. resteem.

Disappointment - a feeling of dissatisfaction with the unfulfilled, the collapse of hopes and dreams. All this was felt by the girl when he took out the phone :))

It was the glory days, my friend, that we hope to return to it one day

A little Artwork of @greenman

this is a great step taken by steem, steem on huobi is already touching stars as the we can see steem is rising, at the time of writing steem is having 4.25$ as of now, great news for steemers, SMT will get it to next level, almost on $15 @greenman

Trading on Huobi, its China largest exchange, hope steem will get a lot of benifit from it, the hike in steem prices from previous days is because of Huobi I think, steem should expand his platform by trading with such crypto exchanges, It will benift the platform as well as us. SMT tokens along with huobi is gonna rock. This time steem is more than 4 USD, before some days it was 1.5, a good move took by steem. People should not comment more than once here.

hey boss @greenman
i like you everytime..
i like your any post..
you are great persion..
i love your post..
resteem your post sir..

Its for you @greenman...i edit your photo as a animation....

Steemit is one of my favourite website when i start using steemit i leave other websites like Facebook instgram etc I really love this website in few years steemit will be the biggest app around the world

This is hopefully just the beginning. However, I caution those thinking of going out and FOMO buying into STEEM to be cautious. It is quite common for a coin to "moon" when added to a new exchange, so expect the price to come down somewhat after people take their profits and the excitement dies.

Having said that, this is great news. Steem's first USDT trading pair, it's a huge achievement nonetheless.

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this is a great news I think the price will be more than 50$ in next months

I haven't used this exchange yet

I would love to give it a try

Infact I heard it for the first time through your post

Excellent news. Steem going back to $8 and beyond. ....

Look at that Volume.


this is why steem is standing so strong in previous 2,3 days.

This is one of the biggest revolutions in the world of Crypto!

Now I understand why steem is heading to the moon. Let the moon ride continue, we are steem hodlers :) 🚀

............ First-rate news for steemains,

Steem rate has gone up considering this news broke the internetband I think its excellent for our awesome platform . We assume more like this .

U5dt8BFauhjGURqh8Rn38guHXV9gmrZ (1).gif

Amazing post Mr @greenman Blockchain is awesome RESTEEMED and shared in the facebook group And thanks for the catalytic support

Huobi can understand the power of steem and include the steem as it trade now. I'm very pleased to see the growth of steem. Hope next month it will be 5$.....Steem is the power like the Thor💋

That's the reason steem is rising so much right now.
Imagine what the launch of SMTs will do, man I can't wait.

Hi Sir @greenman How is the case I hope you are fine I have missed a lot and I have a suggestion and it is upvot me in every post via steemvotr website and I will send you 30 sbd a week instead of nothing and wish you would accept this suggestion and thank you so that i will not accept and will pay you refund before the operation

In the past year, trading volumes on the stock exchanges cryptocurrency China far exceed the trade on other exchanges. Unfortunately due to the difficulties of translation and complete closure of the Chinese market information for all running exchanges in China it can not be given in a sufficiently complete form.There are three major exchanges in China cryptocurrency that generate turnover from 80 to 92% of the world market cryptocurrency. Relatively small ,, ,, Exchange, comparable to the major exchanges in Europe can not be seen, and go directly to the leaders of the industry.

Chinese exchanges continue to fight for first place in global trade volumes, trade cryptocurrency for the yuan is now three times higher than the transaction in dollars. Analysts and stock operators argue that the dominance of China in the Bitcoin trade is largely due to macro factors and specifics of China's economy, given the kind of investment climate in China and warned that the current volume indicators can mask an accurate picture of the volume of trading on Bitcoin.

Technical Director OKCoin previously expressed his opinion about the specifics of Chinese investments stating that the range of assets available to retail investors in China is relatively limited and is under strict government control.

There is not a lot of assets or businesses where else to invest, and this, combined with the increase in purchasing power leads to contact Bitcoin.

While macroeconomic factors may partly explain the Chinese leadership in the Bitcoin trade, some paid services imposed on Chinese stock exchanges, can give additional impetus to increase the number of transactions.

Such services have been introduced such as trade structure OKCoin, after which trading volumes have grown strongly. Since users are more trade, they accumulate "reward points" that allow them to take more yuan for the margin trading, trading freely borrowed funds CNY-BTC on OKCoin and Huobi.

China's government regulators and the PBOC (Peoples bank of China) has allowed the three main crypto currency exchanges OKCoin, BTCC and Huobi to unfreeze cryptocurrency withdrawals. Yes, I realize this was announced a couple of days ago but did you notice? If you do a little detective work and read between the lines, something BIG is happening with LTC. China's ruling on unfreezing withdraws had the following stipulations. The withdraws have cap limits as follows: 10BTC/200LTC/1000ETH daily. Now let us do some math. 10 BTC at, let's say $2500.00, equals $25,000.00 per day. 1000 ETH at, let's say $230.00, equals $230,000.00 per day. 200 LTC at, let's say $27.50, equals $ 5,500.00 per day. Wow, China is allowing it's citizens to withdraw $25,000.00 per day of BTC and $230,000.00 per day of ETH but only $5,500.00 per day of LTC? What does this tell us? Chinese government has a long term plan to adopt LTC as their main crypto currency of choice for their silk road, Euro/Asia economic trade pack. This is HUGE! They want LTC to have price stability with careful steady growth. This is vital for their long term economic plans. All other crypto currencies are too speculative with volatile price swings. LTC is their choice! The small withdraw cap on LTC will help price stability and maintain manageable steady growth. Getting LTC now is the best value for the dollar by far. Buy and hold LTC and you will have created generational wealth that will go down in the history books. Why, because China plans to bring 1.7 billion people out of poverty and provide cheap smart phones to allow them to participate in the silk road economy, using LTC as the currency.

@greenman, We all know **Huobi ** wanna largest cryptocurrency exchange in China. With there decided to add steem their exchange wallet steem price goes higher. It would be happy news for all.


It's time to steem go sustainable price due more liquidity coming from several exchangers.

A majority of today’s cryptocurrencies get into the market through an ICO channel. Similarly, a large percentage of crypto investors are only aware of Initial Coin Offering for crypto ventures. However, there are also non-ICO tokens and cryptocurrencies. Huobi Token (HT) is a non-ICO product from one of China’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Huobi Pro. While most of the crypto world is getting excited about ICO, Huobi Token is slowly showing the potential that a non-ICO can also have within the market. And why should Huobi token deserve your attention? Well, judging from the token’s performance I do think it does deserve particular attention. Initially, since its inception, the Huobi Pro surged to almost 98% only an hour into trading against the USDT pair. The spike ended once the crypto’s price hit a high of $1.98. The underlying issue is that the overwhelming interest in HT stems from several features of the project that investors see as beneficial. Consequently, I do anticipate these aspects to help further increase the value of the token and hopefully its adoption

I think Sbd willbe listed on binance and huobi and will be Huge , thanks for sharing resteemed

Upvoted and Resteemed

crypto carrency are now growth up and Steem price are hopefully up thats so great news...

Steem is really rising. The market cap yesterday was mind blowing. Huobi this is a good way to go for steem

Welcome come back to Steemit @greenman...

@greenman Glad to see you coming back

That's the reason steem is rising so much right now.Imagine what the launch of SMTs will do, man I can't wait..i like your post..thanks for sharing boss..resteem your post..!!DQmVZSShHswccXvk2ZwVU3aX6SjmoepcNn7tdhCLCnw6mVj.gif

Amazing @greenman. blockchain is awesome resteemed and shared in the face book group And thanks for the catalytic support. Steem rate has gone up considering this news broke the internetband I think its excellent for our awesome platform . We assume more like this.


images (12).jpg

Thank you for the great news, now our ecosystem will move even further to the top of recognition! Resteem

@greenman You have eanred a random upvote from @botreporter because this post did not use any bidbots.

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@greenman i think you enjoy the giphy

Greenman serace google some photo calculation
download (1).jpg![images (3).jpg](
/images%20(3).jpg)images (10).jpgimages.jpg

Long life steemit ✔✔♥♥ super good news.

I noticed Steem prices started appreciating when Huobi announced on it site that Steem will be traded.

Glad to see you coming back.

This is really nice, after the delay its now done. Am sure this would have lots of positive effects on the price of Steem and probably Sbd

steem is growing faster and faster day by day

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Dear greenman thanks for your informative post about crypto. I am obedient to you for your 3 vots in my post at 23 days ago.

Soon steem will go moon @greenman.👍👍

Thanks for sharing

thats really a great news for the whole steemit family that we are on the top their is china also love to listen such news aboutr steem and steemit and why not steem is the fututre of cyrpotocurrency.thanks @greeman for the info regarding huobi and if we launch the smart media token the progress will be twice of first time commenting on your post and you got anew follower!

Welcome to cryptoU5dsUcX1CC765FSpB3LdvAQr1BtVc7B.gif

@Greenman is the great man nice to meet you

photofacefun_com_1517331110.jpgimages (10).jpg #Love you!



This is great news for,Steem .. look it at go.

BTC going to up........Go ahead!!

This is a really great post about cryptocurrency.

You are right,
I believed that, In future crypto spread out in the whole world.

Steem trading in one of the biggest exchanges in Asia is great news. I've always predicted the upward trend and tend to power up as much as i can. I'm hopeful SMT will come into play soon then watch the price of steem sky rocket... See you in the moon @greenman

Hello @greenman,

Extraordinary good market news & the future ahead looks promise. Incredible post & now the Green Man seems like Rainbow Man ;)


It's great to enjoy your news, sir! And hopeful Steem can fly faster again. Best Regards @seha76!

With take above decision from steem price go mooning. We have lot if hopes after this uptrend. Pat time we all disappointed with every crypto market. Currently steem and EOS being better position also BTC very near to 10k.
Your update highly recommend @greenman.